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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cover Me - I'm Going In (Youth Delivered After Selling Soul to Devil)

And who is he that will harm you, if ye be followers of that which is good? But and if ye suffer for righteousness' sake, happy are ye: and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled; (1 Peter 3:13-14 KJV)

I think I'm prepared to suffer for Christ just to help save ONE soul - just to impact ONE soul - just to help to make the difference in ONE life.

Quite recently, I've been getting emails, calls, texts from different persons all across the world as to why they weren't getting Dare 2 Be Different's Hope Devotionals via their emails. This little email message was the most recent, received just a few minutes ago.

SUBJECT:  Re: Are you sick??
Hi, you do not know me personally but I always enjoyed those little emails you would send from dare2bedifferent but I haven't recieved one in a long while so am just wondering if you are okay.

Sent from my iPhone

You see friend, I constantly pray that God will provide the financing to help us blast emails to every continent of the world at the same time. I know he will someday. Until then, we have to budget who recieve emails at particular times.

May I publicly say thanks to those of you who support the Lord's work by giving on our websites, buying a HOPE T-shirt in Your Language, requesting an audio sermon or Dare 2 Be Different Souvenir, donating clothes and items, giving groceries to help with our Fun Fridays and Spectacular Saturdays Youth events and more. You keep our ministry going. THANK  YOU!

We always get in trouble because if we do an email blast to St. Kitts and Nevis, then I get emails from Cuba and Kenya and Pakistan etc saying they didn't recieve mails this week. When I focus on the outside world, my very own in St. Kitts - Nevis bash me and say that when I don't send out, I am forgetting to encourage someone who just may have needed that email to impact them.

On a serious note though, I really didn't do much HOPE Devotional writings this week, save Monday. I wanted to spend some time dealing with issues and appointments and some personal business. After some appointments this week, I wish I had taken them sooner and that encouraged me EVEN  MORE, to pre-launch our fundraising efforts to start building our Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre. (Since the report was published, it has gone viral and inspiring people all across the world, to jump on the wagon to make it reality.)

Why? . . . Simply because Our Children Need Help! Our Young People Need URGENT Help! Our older folks are living lives of sorrow, regret, hurt and pain. There is NOT a day that passes where I don't have to help with empowerment, encouragement, guidance or salvation. I'm always busy on my Blackberry, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, cell phone, email or at appointments encouraging someone NOT  TO  GIVE UP.

Quite recently, I received an urgent call from a young person. When I picked up the phone, this is what they said, "Khrystus - I need Jesus - When Can We Meet?" I have never ever gotten a call where someone went straight to the point. Thus shortly after my 11am Saturday Radio Radio program on Dominion Radio 91.5FM and carried live on all our worldwide websites, I fulfilled that appointment.

I won't go into any details, but that young person told me that they had sold their soul to the devil and wanted to know if there was anyway of leaving the cult - leaving the Illuminati. Friend, the young person wasn't totally brain washed, but they were living in FEAR of losing their life. They said that they were told that if they leave, they would be killed. It wasn't such a hard job telling them about what Jesus could do for them. They remembered much of the teachings from attending church and Sunday School.

New things happen EVERYDAY. That was the first time I had a two-person service in the vehicle I was driving. That was a SERVICE!!!! It wasn't a counseling session. I had to wage WAR  AGAINST  THE  ENEMY - RIGHT  THERE  AND THEN. He wasn't going to have this YOUNG  LIFE!!!!

At the end of allowing that person to turn their life over to Jesus, I actually saw an immediate change. When I met with them at first, their face was full of anger and still pain. By the end of our appointment, or should I say Vehicle Worship Evangelistic and Deliverance Service, they were smiling, happy and relieved.

As ministers of the gospel, we are reminded that certain situations and visits, we should take someone with us. Friend, I honestly didn't know what I was coming up against and so I couldn't amply prepare by inviting another believer. Also, if I had carried someone with me, the youth probably would not have spoken because I had to wait about 15 minutes before they even opened their mouth and said a word to me.

At the end of the little session, out of curiosity, I asked. Why did you call me and not the pastor of the church you attend or someone else. The youth said, ever since you started your Youth Rap Radio Programme on Dominion Radio 91.5fm several years ago, I've been listening and wanting my deliverance. I've been following Dare 2 Be Different International Hope Messages. I just had to get the courage today to make a step to CHRIST. That's why I took up my phone and called.

You see, if we weren't following our Ministry's Mission to Spread the Gospel Using the Technology, this youth would have never read any of our Online Hope Messages or watched our Radio Program from our website.

Friend - our Federation needs help! Our region needs help! Our World Needs Help! As I started, so will I end. I think I'm prepared to suffer for Christ just to help save ONE soul - just to impact ONE soul - just to help to make the difference in ONE life.

I move forward with the words penned by the Apostle Peter in 3:13-14. To explain it a bit, he says to us who serve God, No one will be able to harm us once we're doing GOOD. He says we ought not to be afraid of their evil terror plans. We should just remain happy once we're suffering for righteous sake.

All I ask of you reader - of you listener - Cover Me in Prayer - I'm Going In to the Hotspots - I'm going into the enemy's camps with creative ways of spreading the GOSPEL and I'm NOT coming back out without at least ONE soul for JESUS.

When I rise from my seat here in my office, although it's weekend - although it's SUNDAY, my company, will apply some FREE  EMBROIDERY  PRINTS  on some shirts for a group of ten young men. NOTE  WELL: They are not christians - at least not yet. But if this is God's way of letting me reach them, with some FREE  PRINTS, by ALL  MEANS  POSSIBLE - I  WILL.

I already have some of their deepest secrets in the palm of my hand and all they need is deliverance. I want you to know that they have dreams too and ideas too - but WE - The Church - The Society have written them off. We've forgotten them and I'm sure we had quite a time in church today praising God while wounded soldiers continue to die.

I must make mention here, of one of my clients in NEVIS, who a few weeks ago, responded to my Hope Message titled, "Don't Let Another Wounded Soldier Die," and pledged, by God's grace to help me with any Nevis - West Indies Hope appointments our ministry may have. May God Bless the person tremendously for automatically joining our team of DIFFERENCE  MAKERS at and

Cover Me - I'm Going In - There is HOPE  AHEAD for everyone!

Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace
Dare 2 Be Different International - 
President & Founder - Since June 2008 

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