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Friday, May 3, 2013



I won't stay here daily and writing to keep you all around the globe excited because it makes me happy and not tell you the truth.

The truth is, that while it does seem from my writing that I am recovering well, I do NEED  URGENT  FOREIGN  MEDICAL  attention if you want back the real Brother Khrystus. The energetic, excited, bubbly, fun, balance Brother Khrystus that does so much for you.

Let me let you know what you don't know. USA Medical Teams have air ambulances ready to come for me if I decide that I don't want the hassle of walking to American Airlines as soon as I am ready to leave. I want to leave next week, but I have the direct number with me all the time, so if You see me on Fort Street and I don't feel well, just call my mom, don't wait for her to come, but take out my Wallet, my AirAmbulance Insurance Card and just call them. By the time she gets to town, they will be on their way from Puerto Rico or the nearest spot to fly me out.

When I'm well, I'll tell you how you can get that type of assurance and help for US$80 a year and be assured of US$150 per day for 365 days on a hospital bed anywhere in the world all for US$80 a year.

That's good, but them Medical for my condition can run alot if you want back Brother Khrystus after you rejected him and claimed you really loved him, which was all a LIE it seems.

My USA Friends from all over are rallying together the best medical teams for me. Should it be North Carolina? Should it be Florida? Should it be Texas? Should it be New York?

They are getting the best Psychologists and Counselors to help me as they say that a young man of my Calibre and immense wisdom and fabulous workable ideas living in a small island country, is a massive asset that could help to turn the economy around quickly.

Counselors have recommended that in order to heal properly, I have to change environs immediately as the stresses of St. Kitts - Nevis were not good for my health. From living in the same community with my EX, to the pressures of Government Institutions and other reputable institutions, that know that they are wrong and trying to stress me by not paying my due recompense and letting me suffer finacially, since I am right, had the power to not allow me to get better.

I have some other VICTIMIZATION  STORIES  I'll share on Sunday at The Victory Centre - - Things I've never spoken about, so feel free to bring your Cameras. All Politicians are welcomed to hear, that's if you are not fearful, or just listen on my website all across the globe. I'm talking EVERYTHING. That's how I counsel myself.

US Embassy Officials and Lawyers have told me that I shouldn't have a problem getting my USA Visa changed to an E-2 Visa (Investors Visa) to run my USA Business - and finally be happy again and then work to bring my employees to the USA too.

Then Rev. Stephen wants me to come live in GHANA and run Dare 2 Be Different International there for a while as he is pushing for me to get my GHANIAN  Passport because all of the youths love following all I've been doing and been through.

Then the youth in St. Vincent & The Grenadies -  know that we had an official launch date of later this year and the Grand Opening of our First KVK FRANCHISE -  which they will run. So they message me everyday to see if I'm better, but the YOUTHS don't understand that the energetic Brother Khrystus is in some SERIOUS  MEDICAL  TROUBLE.

Then I am being hegged to come live or visit all sorts of countries and my preaching and speaking engagements are up. AND  I  AM  NOT  WELL

Even with Insurance, getting me back to perfect health is going to be a COST - A  BIG  COST.  Treating Celebrities is even a BIGGER  COST  as nobody wants to end up like Michael Jackson's Doctor - right? So they have to say and do everything right as they deal with my lawyers.

It can take weeks, months, years. The devil is after my mind and he won't have it. While I believe strongly in JEHOVAH  RAPHA - The Lord is My Healer. I believe God gave me immense wisdom too and gave people different talents and I must trust them.  Honestly, I am fearful of our Local Medical System, although I am grateful for the week of care there, because if it is run by GOVERNMENT and I am boldly speaking out against government - YOU  KNOW.

Honestly, even Government officials get rushed out too and don't take their country's care - RIGHT?

Should I ask you for any financial help here though, I'm accustomed to your responses over the last couple of weeks.

I won't ask you to start a march to tell those REPUTABLE  INSTITUTIONS to pay me by due recompense by settling today, because St. Kitts - Nevis is operated under fear and victimization and so you don't want anyone to look at you badly or fire you, so.

That is why, SADLY, in order to RISE - you have to leave your HOMELAND as the SYSTEM only lets you rise to where you want to rise too. That's why the BRAIN  DRAIN  CONTINUES and our nation stays stagnant - Great minds are always held back or suffered to force them to GIVE UP.

How sad! For my global audience - THIS  IS  THE   OTHER  SIDE  ST. KITTS - NEVIS that isn't advertised on those nice TOURIST  COMMERCIALS in your land.

When I came out of the hospital last Friday and had my service on the Sunday, 28th. April, 2013, only 4 people came as you know what you said and spread about me instead of coming to help. YES  WHAT  YOU  SAID  AND  SPREAD!

From a Packed Congregation that Brother Khrystus gives Free Breakfast and Clothes - down to 4 persons.

Only 1 out of the 4 came from my community. I drove to collect the other 3.

My community that I opened my doors to 7 days a week to let them use my computers for free and keep them well fed, teach them how to cook, bake, carry them shopping, look after the eldery. SOME  CHILDREN  RAN  FROM  ME - Parents - Your Fault!

Only 1 person came from the TRINITY  COMMUNITY. They are poor, so I didn't stress OFFERINGS, I just used the little I had from my struggling victimized business to keep them happy and only 1 Adult Came to church.

This Sunday, 5th May, 2013 - I'm catering for 8. If more comes - OH WELL! I'm not giving any breakfast and not renting chairs for an hour at all though. I expect anything from anyone at anytime. So if you come - you come - if you don't it's OK. Where 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name - saith the Lord. There am I.

Brother Khrystus isn't easily discouraged so, with a congregation of 4 - We had a swell of a time still.

What I will do though, is use the power of my global following, carry the service live, advertise it via email to over 300,000 people across the world and share EVERY SINGLE  STORY  OF  EVERY  SINGLE  PIECE  OF  VICTIMIZATION  that I've been through ALL  MY  LIFE and have it advertise on YOUTUBE and every video social media website for life so people can see what YOUTHS  have to go through in St. Kitts - Nevis just to be able to rise.

I will ask my Lawyers how or if I can use certain names involved to be safe. I certainly won't leave my church and local ministry hanging. I have close friends in the persons of Minister Laurence Knight, Minister Euclid Osborne, Brother Moses Byron, Pastor Agatha Andres, Brother Dwight Berridge, Pastor Phillip Webbe, Bishop Joseph Henville, Rev. Jeremy Francis, people who reached out not to look news, but to help and encourage.

That's how God picks disciples. Those that show up or reach out in CRISIS to help a fallen brother, they are  among the CHOSEN  OF  GOD.

While talking with my Father in Ministry Brother Bob Holbert from North Carolina a few nights ago, I cried as I said, "I am not accustomed to being like this. Having a hard time being me. Using tablets at times to sleep. I am not accustomed to being controlled or treated like a baby. Having those I expected to be there for me disappear was hard"

I won't tell you what he said, but as always his words encouraged me.

Again, I monitor every who receives my emails and checks them and enjoys them. If you love me - ACT! LOVE  IS  ACTIONS. I teach alot about love on


Call Joy Codrington - 869-664-1721  /  Text/Whatsapp me ONLY: NO Calls: 869-661-0118  / Email:

I am a Chosen Vessel of God and I've stopped worrying from today. I will just use the POWER that God has given me to remove mountains and use it on those involved in TOUCHING  AND  TROUBLING GOD's  ANOINTED. God usually responds in 2 ways.

1. He grants mercy  (As in the Case with David when he sinned with Bathsheba)

2. He destroys & kills

Then Peter said unto her, How is it that ye have agreed together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord? behold, the feet of them which have buried thy husband are at the door, and shall carry thee out.

Let's see how he would respond as the enemy continues to hardens hearts and have troubled God's Anointed. We had the Boston Bombing, The Texas trouble, Plane Crash, The Local Sudden Deaths, The Shooting at the Airport Terminal) These are the last days and those that trouble God's anointed will be dealt with as WE  HAVE  THE  POWER - Look at what PETER SAID  ABOVE.

24 Then the king had those men brought to him who had spoken against Daniel. And they threw them with their wives and children into the hole with the lions. Even before they hit the bottom of the hole, the lions went after them and crushed all their bones.

Romans 12:19 - Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

COME  OUT  TO  THE  DARE  2  BE  DIFFERENT  VICTORY  CENTRE  -  Service at Boyds on Sunday, 5th May, 2013 or just listen ONLINE. It may be more appealing and understanding, because after all I've been trough and as I share it, things I never even shared before, I don't know how long the service will be, because each morning I aware recognizing that I have to now use sleeping pills - I CRY.

One shouldn't have to go through this - JUST  BECAUSE  THEY  WANT  TO  RISE.

One shouldn't be counseled into leaving their HOMELAND  just to relieve the stress and the pain of BIGSHOTS  keeping youths DOWN.

Yes - I did check and confirm, as to the time of this email, NO  WARRANTS  to throw me in JAIL as a POLITICIAN are at the airport this time. I guess they can quickly do up one to try and stress me more, so I'll protect myself and file for temporary INJUNCTION  RELIEF for any COURT  ISSUES, just so I can take care of my HEALTH - and live.

The Truth Be Told - Although you enjoy Brother Khrystus' Writings and see him here and there - Rev. Khrystus Really Isn't Well - URGENT OVERSEAS MEDICAL ATTENTION REQUIRED  and he NEEDS  YOUR  HELP.

After All My Help This Week Again - I'll be interesting to see YOUR  RESPONSE this time around - but MY  GOD  IS  ABLE!