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Friday, May 3, 2013



I won't stay here daily and writing to keep you all around the globe excited because it makes me happy and not tell you the truth.

The truth is, that while it does seem from my writing that I am recovering well, I do NEED  URGENT  FOREIGN  MEDICAL  attention if you want back the real Brother Khrystus. The energetic, excited, bubbly, fun, balance Brother Khrystus that does so much for you.

Let me let you know what you don't know. USA Medical Teams have air ambulances ready to come for me if I decide that I don't want the hassle of walking to American Airlines as soon as I am ready to leave. I want to leave next week, but I have the direct number with me all the time, so if You see me on Fort Street and I don't feel well, just call my mom, don't wait for her to come, but take out my Wallet, my AirAmbulance Insurance Card and just call them. By the time she gets to town, they will be on their way from Puerto Rico or the nearest spot to fly me out.

When I'm well, I'll tell you how you can get that type of assurance and help for US$80 a year and be assured of US$150 per day for 365 days on a hospital bed anywhere in the world all for US$80 a year.

That's good, but them Medical for my condition can run alot if you want back Brother Khrystus after you rejected him and claimed you really loved him, which was all a LIE it seems.

My USA Friends from all over are rallying together the best medical teams for me. Should it be North Carolina? Should it be Florida? Should it be Texas? Should it be New York?

They are getting the best Psychologists and Counselors to help me as they say that a young man of my Calibre and immense wisdom and fabulous workable ideas living in a small island country, is a massive asset that could help to turn the economy around quickly.

Counselors have recommended that in order to heal properly, I have to change environs immediately as the stresses of St. Kitts - Nevis were not good for my health. From living in the same community with my EX, to the pressures of Government Institutions and other reputable institutions, that know that they are wrong and trying to stress me by not paying my due recompense and letting me suffer finacially, since I am right, had the power to not allow me to get better.

I have some other VICTIMIZATION  STORIES  I'll share on Sunday at The Victory Centre - - Things I've never spoken about, so feel free to bring your Cameras. All Politicians are welcomed to hear, that's if you are not fearful, or just listen on my website all across the globe. I'm talking EVERYTHING. That's how I counsel myself.

US Embassy Officials and Lawyers have told me that I shouldn't have a problem getting my USA Visa changed to an E-2 Visa (Investors Visa) to run my USA Business - and finally be happy again and then work to bring my employees to the USA too.

Then Rev. Stephen wants me to come live in GHANA and run Dare 2 Be Different International there for a while as he is pushing for me to get my GHANIAN  Passport because all of the youths love following all I've been doing and been through.

Then the youth in St. Vincent & The Grenadies -  know that we had an official launch date of later this year and the Grand Opening of our First KVK FRANCHISE -  which they will run. So they message me everyday to see if I'm better, but the YOUTHS don't understand that the energetic Brother Khrystus is in some SERIOUS  MEDICAL  TROUBLE.

Then I am being hegged to come live or visit all sorts of countries and my preaching and speaking engagements are up. AND  I  AM  NOT  WELL

Even with Insurance, getting me back to perfect health is going to be a COST - A  BIG  COST.  Treating Celebrities is even a BIGGER  COST  as nobody wants to end up like Michael Jackson's Doctor - right? So they have to say and do everything right as they deal with my lawyers.

It can take weeks, months, years. The devil is after my mind and he won't have it. While I believe strongly in JEHOVAH  RAPHA - The Lord is My Healer. I believe God gave me immense wisdom too and gave people different talents and I must trust them.  Honestly, I am fearful of our Local Medical System, although I am grateful for the week of care there, because if it is run by GOVERNMENT and I am boldly speaking out against government - YOU  KNOW.

Honestly, even Government officials get rushed out too and don't take their country's care - RIGHT?

Should I ask you for any financial help here though, I'm accustomed to your responses over the last couple of weeks.

I won't ask you to start a march to tell those REPUTABLE  INSTITUTIONS to pay me by due recompense by settling today, because St. Kitts - Nevis is operated under fear and victimization and so you don't want anyone to look at you badly or fire you, so.

That is why, SADLY, in order to RISE - you have to leave your HOMELAND as the SYSTEM only lets you rise to where you want to rise too. That's why the BRAIN  DRAIN  CONTINUES and our nation stays stagnant - Great minds are always held back or suffered to force them to GIVE UP.

How sad! For my global audience - THIS  IS  THE   OTHER  SIDE  ST. KITTS - NEVIS that isn't advertised on those nice TOURIST  COMMERCIALS in your land.

When I came out of the hospital last Friday and had my service on the Sunday, 28th. April, 2013, only 4 people came as you know what you said and spread about me instead of coming to help. YES  WHAT  YOU  SAID  AND  SPREAD!

From a Packed Congregation that Brother Khrystus gives Free Breakfast and Clothes - down to 4 persons.

Only 1 out of the 4 came from my community. I drove to collect the other 3.

My community that I opened my doors to 7 days a week to let them use my computers for free and keep them well fed, teach them how to cook, bake, carry them shopping, look after the eldery. SOME  CHILDREN  RAN  FROM  ME - Parents - Your Fault!

Only 1 person came from the TRINITY  COMMUNITY. They are poor, so I didn't stress OFFERINGS, I just used the little I had from my struggling victimized business to keep them happy and only 1 Adult Came to church.

This Sunday, 5th May, 2013 - I'm catering for 8. If more comes - OH WELL! I'm not giving any breakfast and not renting chairs for an hour at all though. I expect anything from anyone at anytime. So if you come - you come - if you don't it's OK. Where 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name - saith the Lord. There am I.

Brother Khrystus isn't easily discouraged so, with a congregation of 4 - We had a swell of a time still.

What I will do though, is use the power of my global following, carry the service live, advertise it via email to over 300,000 people across the world and share EVERY SINGLE  STORY  OF  EVERY  SINGLE  PIECE  OF  VICTIMIZATION  that I've been through ALL  MY  LIFE and have it advertise on YOUTUBE and every video social media website for life so people can see what YOUTHS  have to go through in St. Kitts - Nevis just to be able to rise.

I will ask my Lawyers how or if I can use certain names involved to be safe. I certainly won't leave my church and local ministry hanging. I have close friends in the persons of Minister Laurence Knight, Minister Euclid Osborne, Brother Moses Byron, Pastor Agatha Andres, Brother Dwight Berridge, Pastor Phillip Webbe, Bishop Joseph Henville, Rev. Jeremy Francis, people who reached out not to look news, but to help and encourage.

That's how God picks disciples. Those that show up or reach out in CRISIS to help a fallen brother, they are  among the CHOSEN  OF  GOD.

While talking with my Father in Ministry Brother Bob Holbert from North Carolina a few nights ago, I cried as I said, "I am not accustomed to being like this. Having a hard time being me. Using tablets at times to sleep. I am not accustomed to being controlled or treated like a baby. Having those I expected to be there for me disappear was hard"

I won't tell you what he said, but as always his words encouraged me.

Again, I monitor every who receives my emails and checks them and enjoys them. If you love me - ACT! LOVE  IS  ACTIONS. I teach alot about love on


Call Joy Codrington - 869-664-1721  /  Text/Whatsapp me ONLY: NO Calls: 869-661-0118  / Email:

I am a Chosen Vessel of God and I've stopped worrying from today. I will just use the POWER that God has given me to remove mountains and use it on those involved in TOUCHING  AND  TROUBLING GOD's  ANOINTED. God usually responds in 2 ways.

1. He grants mercy  (As in the Case with David when he sinned with Bathsheba)

2. He destroys & kills

Then Peter said unto her, How is it that ye have agreed together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord? behold, the feet of them which have buried thy husband are at the door, and shall carry thee out.

Let's see how he would respond as the enemy continues to hardens hearts and have troubled God's Anointed. We had the Boston Bombing, The Texas trouble, Plane Crash, The Local Sudden Deaths, The Shooting at the Airport Terminal) These are the last days and those that trouble God's anointed will be dealt with as WE  HAVE  THE  POWER - Look at what PETER SAID  ABOVE.

24 Then the king had those men brought to him who had spoken against Daniel. And they threw them with their wives and children into the hole with the lions. Even before they hit the bottom of the hole, the lions went after them and crushed all their bones.

Romans 12:19 - Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

COME  OUT  TO  THE  DARE  2  BE  DIFFERENT  VICTORY  CENTRE  -  Service at Boyds on Sunday, 5th May, 2013 or just listen ONLINE. It may be more appealing and understanding, because after all I've been trough and as I share it, things I never even shared before, I don't know how long the service will be, because each morning I aware recognizing that I have to now use sleeping pills - I CRY.

One shouldn't have to go through this - JUST  BECAUSE  THEY  WANT  TO  RISE.

One shouldn't be counseled into leaving their HOMELAND  just to relieve the stress and the pain of BIGSHOTS  keeping youths DOWN.

Yes - I did check and confirm, as to the time of this email, NO  WARRANTS  to throw me in JAIL as a POLITICIAN are at the airport this time. I guess they can quickly do up one to try and stress me more, so I'll protect myself and file for temporary INJUNCTION  RELIEF for any COURT  ISSUES, just so I can take care of my HEALTH - and live.

The Truth Be Told - Although you enjoy Brother Khrystus' Writings and see him here and there - Rev. Khrystus Really Isn't Well - URGENT OVERSEAS MEDICAL ATTENTION REQUIRED  and he NEEDS  YOUR  HELP.

After All My Help This Week Again - I'll be interesting to see YOUR  RESPONSE this time around - but MY  GOD  IS  ABLE!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Khrystus, Stupid Move! Face Yourself and Think Again, Good Soldiers Never Give Up, Didn't You Preach That Sermon Several Times?

"Khrystus, Stupid Move! Face Yourself and Think Again, Good Soldiers Never Give Up, Didn't You Preach That Sermon Several Times? You were powerful at the Charlestown Wesleyan Holiness Church and you embarrass yourself CRYING  AS  A  BABY  IN  YOUR  EMAILS  TODAY - MAN  UP! 

Didn't you creatively preach a double sermon at the Conaree Wesleyan Holiness Church for Fathers Day and Youth Sunday. Go Listen them and come back to talk to me." This was yet another voice, another voice that God placed around me to hold up my hands as Moses had that kind of support too.

"I am not going to bash you so badly again, because during such a divine spiritual war that you started alone as a 26 year old, just so that better could come for the CHURCH  UNIVERSAL, and you have very little Pastoral support, you made it a long way alone. You used the radio to advocate alot then Pastor Calvin Hazel fired you. That got me real angry, because when you did the POWERFUL financial raise for him at Dominion Radio, you were so powerful and flowing in the annointing, that I gave too, I had to just give. Then they used your ministry, over and over and over to reap in money. Let me ask you something, August would have made 5 years I was listening your program, did Pastor Calvin Hazel ever give you a cent for your powerful ministry?"  I answered no. "What did he give you if anything at all?" I replied, at Christmas I got a calendar or a notepad."

"Don't you think Pastor Hazel is hearing all of the drama and following it with his Dominion Radio Ministry? Why should you alone be exposed, when you are in your financial mess because you just had a soft heart."

"Now listen up, when ever you did a financial raise for a Pastor, you gave people a time limit to respond. I personally listened you, you would tell them that they had to respond within a certain time. You never did a financial raise for yourself though, but you did it for people all your ministry life. You are truly operate under faith, but you have a soft heart."

Today, the world went after me again because of my financial mistakes because of the institution that caused it. They tried to lock me away for $7000 until after elections claiming I'm too powerful.

When Pastor Agatha Andres and her husband showed up, her words to me were, "Stop be so stupid!" We all know that she's a radical like me. She didn't mix any matters, then she took up her telephone and called a Pastor that I had overdone myself for all my life and put it on speaker phone to prove how foolish I had been. Working for Free all my life. She then pulled out the scriptures and lashed me with them repeatedly. She said, "I'm not going to comfort you at all, you are truly called and don't do anything to try to run from what you are going through, you MUST go through it and then come forth as pure gold so that you can amaze the world. When her husband prayed, I felt a sense of peace fall over me and all he said at the end, was, Brother Khrystus, everything is going to be OK - Just OK!"

God then spoke to me and said, "one of the reasons you're mission trips to Ghana and Kenya have been constantly delayed because as Moses, you needed powerful men and women of God to travel with you to turn up that place, because if you think demons are in St. Kitts - Nevis, check Africa and even men of God in the Bible fell on their face and begged God to kill them."

Then God used other voices to position themselves around me to support and guide me. The voice are very few and they must be annointed to give advice and not be inquisitive, because God has said that all who contact to be inquisitive and not help with not even $1 dollar with begin to rot from the inside out.

As I browsed through my email, messages from Sister Earla Clarke-Allen caused me to soar. Then shockingly a customer that had stuck with me through thick and thin messaged me such a powerful email that God said that she would be the one to help me write on because as I move to reach the world, I was one man and couldn't do everything myself. She was flowing in the annointing and not calling me CRAZY. Her name is Prudencia Gaiton.

I browsed through my email and then a Lawyer who probably cried when the person had read all of my sufferings said, "Your debt is forgiven. All the best and God bless."

God then said to me, "although your case against the bank is straight forward and deserves a settlement, they may pursue a case just to stress you for two long years, so you had to ensure that Godly lawyers were on the case. He said, your quick and creative ability to reach out to the world via facebook and social media to get international lawyer help, didn't mean you must go through that expense, just let Lawyer Butler - use their ideas and then pay them for them if they want and God was going to use SIMPLE  BASIC  LAWYERS to conquer a Giant of a Bank with its best lawyers and get every dime of compensation because you are flowing in the anointing and anyone who comes up against you or plans against you will be destroyed."

The first voice said, "God listen to your radical sermon at the Conaree Wesleyan Holiness Church, don't be afraid to continue to root up corruption in Government and in the church, because as a little boy, you say some things from the pulpit that are really radical. At your Conaree Wesleyan creative sermon titled MAN UP for Fathers Day on, you spoke about your Father's Adulterous Lifestyle and you told the pastor that he didn't have to invite you back. That wasn't you. That was the Spirit of God flowing through you to remind Fathers to Fear God and Keep his commandments. God doesn't hide foolishness, he exposes it and since you are flowing in the anointing, anyone who tries to bring you down again, or doesn't work with you, or support your ministry, will begin to rot from the inside and die shortly - Thus Saith The Lord."

I thought he was a bit harsh but then again, he told me I was abit soft hearted too and I opened my eyes and just listened.

I started preaching and I know that I must be very careful with the voices that talk to me, but quite recently, only those who truly fear God were reaching out to me to help financially, which is my ONLY problem because I was constantly victimized.

"He then said, they are after you again TOMORROW - use your technological power and reach the world. I told you to text The Prime Minister, Nigel Carty and Beverly Knight in desperation with some harsh, desperate words today TEN (10) times to prove a point to you. You are operating under my anointing and any finances that the Lord will free up to you from them, must first be sanctified, before you recieve them."

"These are your so called friends, did they help with even a $10?" I responded no. "Now do what I say, dis-associate yourself from every evil affiliation as this would stop the flow of your annointing. All Politicians are alike. You are planted to build the church and you never understood it, but The Blazing Star Movement - and your creative concept of Khrystus City wasn't for the world.

God wanted you to stop talking about cooperatives, but move to setup a Body to help the church. Timing Matters! It Does! You jumped into the wrong fight at the wrong time, but since God promises never to leave you or forsake you, he said, while you're in there and capable, root up corruption, but I will break you for disobeying by taking away your heart in the process and make the war harder for you to finish just to prove how strong and capable you are to not just help churches locally, but across the Caribbean Region and the world, because God says that he has given you immense wisdom to help HIS  PEOPLE - who position themselves around you."

"How can they? Use their faith and trust you. When a child sows or a mother or father sows on behalf of a child, give them an idea to raise funds to go to college without touching the bank. When a business person gives and sends you their receipt, connect them with investors or other ways to raise Capital because you know. Stop sharing your ideas with the world for FREE - Ideas are very expensive. I only didn't punish you because I only gave you the keys to make those ideas properous and so, sell ideas and raise funds for your ministry from today. Sell your business ideas as franchises, use the lawyers who position themselves around you to help you and stop saving them up for you."

"Help churches start businesses that will support their ministry and let them rise from Cake Sales to something more. The Church Triumpant is alive and well. I am replanting the nation on God. Stand still and see just what I was doing. But don't forget to share the names of the Churches and Pastors here tomorrow where you preached out your heart for nothing over the years and now you needed helped, they stayed away and joined the enemy in calling you crazy, because they have never seen people operate under a Fresh Anointing Before."

"He asked, "Did you ever take any campaign money from Dr. Douglas?" I answered, No Sir! No Sir! He continued, "that was the best decision of your life to just hold out amidst the allegations and suffer for Jesus Christ, for he will give you your due recompense for holding out amidst the pain."

"Since you are a wise boy that likes to help everyone and don't like to get paid, let me tell you what to do to raise support from around the world. This email will spread like wild fire. I am just your forerunner and guide to help you like John the Baptist. I may lose my head in the process because any way against the adversary is a tough war, but don't worry, if I go, don't cry, you will make it still because Good Soldiers Never Give Up"

"Now make your Bank Accounts Public and collect from everyone who didn't give into your ministry since you started ministering to them in February 2002. Collect from every Pastor, every member, every child, what ever they can give from the comfort of your computer. They will come and lay it at your feet and cry as they cursed you dirty and never knew all you were going  through. Just make available your bank accounts so that those who really fear God would  rest at least $1 there, so you can quickly pay your debts before they start on you in the morning."

"Stop Worrying. God sent me as the voice to Guide you! It is well with your soul.

"As for your business, how dare you put it up for sale without consulting your mother?" "Did you consult your mother? Children must still listen to parents. That's where she put all her monies and part of her gratuity to help you and it would have yielded great dividends had you not been victimized over and over. Don't sell it!

There are times in the lives of businesses, you have to just restructure. You will celebrate 10 years with a grand celebration with the churches that jump on board. You will have a big and creative celebration. Your Dare 2 Be Different 5th Anniversary Celebration will be awesome in June. All your documented plans for it will come to pass and those who tried to stop you will kneel and repent shortly. When tests come, go back to YOUR  SERMON -  YOUR  SERMON  on  youtube - Good Soldiers Never Give Up!

"Remember when God gave you a song to write a December and you couldn't understand why you wanted to record it so fast at your younger brother's studio - and you were not a singer. I do believe that you are using your own 1st Single to Comfort you right now? - Right?" I said yes - My first single was Don't Give Up - Hope's Ahead. I never massed marketed it although it's a powerful song. I wrote it for me, and I would like to now share it with the world to encourage you in times of need.

If you truly understand the Power of God - Help Me, ask for a copy of the Bank Receipt and Mail it To Me So I can add it to a new Victory Prayer and Deliverance Box - I want to share with the world tomorrow

St. Kitts - Nevis Anguilla National - Name on Account: Dare 2 Be Different International - 102-48253

Bank of Nevis - Name on Account: 162285

Chase Bank (USA) - Name on Account: The Supply Shop Inc - 2990935161

"Remember you have the power to cause people not to sleep, or not to rest. You've been helping children for free, helping the world for free, preaching for free. Now you are the CLOWN and you must preach a crusade in a CLOWN  SUIT  and expose the fool you've been.

Everyone was just reaping, reaping, reaping from you and running you dry and now you needed a $1 - they were thinking you were making jokes in dire need and laughing and they will now rot from inside if they don't help you."

"As punishment to pastors, give them up until Midday tomorrow to sow into your ministry, and mail or deliver proof because with all your technological power and anointing, you could teach their youth so they can have internet radio and internet tv toojust like yours - and - Let those go and let a youth run them with their ideas and raise them and make something for you.

You are a starter - You are just great at that. So start things all across the world, get your lawyers to structure the contracts in such a way, however they want, without your involvement to make sure they make money for life and you too, as they guided all your busineses, collected monthly or shut them down and not be soft like you. Just let go and rise. God has positioned key people around you to help."

You are a teacher sent from God. Once Pastors help you, teach their youths how to blog and market the church and post their services on youtube too.

In your Charlestown Wesleyan Holiness Sermon, you said that you always wanted to be a Doctor and you really don't know what you are doing in business. Now you understand. It's all apart of God's purpose for your life. Can't you see it adding up? Can't you? He left you in business so you can help churches and pastors rise and make their own salaries and stop struggling. When they can be sure of a pay, then they can focus and work with you and let St.Kitts - Nevis be a radical Dare 2 Be Different Evangelistic Bases sending preachers, dancers, musicians, singers, etc to every corner of the earth where you start a ministry.

Don't you get it? It's purpose. I am teaching you how to use your wisdom. That's what I am here for to always drive you back to reality and help you. That's just my purpose. Each man has his own purpose, but you now have to discern the spirits - whether they be of God and of Man - whether they come to help or steal all you have. God used your relationship as an eye opener to ensure that you rebuke and wither ALL  OPPORTUNISTS - like Jesus rebuked the fig tree and it died. Never let betrayal be apart of your life again.

Let the world know that your mother carried you to the doctor today and you are perfectly fine. God has just given you such anointing and it was powerful enough to kill you if you make the wrong move yourself. When you lay hands on others and pray, they shall be healed, people shall be delivered and the world would stand amazed when a little boy who always prayed and dreamed that he can become a Billy Graham too by watching his sermons instead of Cartoons will rise from one of the smallest islands in St. Kitts and soar and impact the world under a fresh 21st Century anointing that no veteran pastor has."

They can raise money online too, just with your help.They can have a great global website like yours too -, they can be apart of your team as your travel, or you can send them around the world too, you are flowing in that anointing.

Remember you have the power, skill and wisdom from God to help churches start their own printing businesses to raise funds in a new way, you just have the ideas and you did a wonderful work with The Mount Carmel Baptist Church in a short time - even though you were cursed out for it.

This time, do not be taken for a fool. Look at their gift to the man of God according to the deposit slip and you have the power to decide on which level they will serve and in what way you will help that particular ministry rise. The monies you collect is for you to clear your debts and start again.

"I look forward to reaching out to you tomorrow as I have the idea for your business. Do not shut it! Face Yourself and Think. Anyone who reached out quickly to grab it from you without reaching out to help you in your dire financial straight, or help you re-open and celebrate your 10 year anniversary, were selfish opportunists and check your email, and unless they repent, for not reaching out to help the man of God, instead of trying to grab his things, thing will perish shortly.  God is tired of shandeleers and expensive benches. What he needs now to reach the world, is more Radical, no building, no seat, no fan, no church clothes churches like The Victory Centre - to tear up the world."

If you haven't realized - with all you've been through, you have several Unshackled Stories while most people just have ONE and I'll help remind you of them all, for as a father figure, I've been following you all your life and admire every bit of you, but I must let you learn the hard way to knock some sense into you before you RISE and do the same thing."

"Don't worry. The world is getting to see your heart and God will reward you immensely, because having been travelling the world and representing St. Kitts - Nevis since 15 years old, you had so many opportunities to jump ship, but you always stood firm and remembered your relationship at home."

Ms Woods - This lady taught my mother to bake bread and buns and when I learned that she was still alive and all she had done, I told my mother that in return, we must THANK  HER  AND  NOT FORGET  HER  BECAUSE  she helped one life, I can bake bread and buns today too. On our weekend ministry to the elderly, Ms. Woods is not forgotten and she is a source of strength to me as I told my Mother's Teacher and Made Her My Source of Strength too

Inspiriing Boys to Stay Out Of Trouble - Cayon Church of God

Getting my thank you hand shake from a Youth a Cayon Church of God

Inspiring Youths to pursue Business at the Church of God Cayon

Yahsonn Tafari - Travelling Business Partner when reprenting St. Kitts - Nevis

This guy taught me how to write and where to apply for GRANTS for churches, organizations etc - SO I can Help

Governor of St. Vincent and The Grenadines and I travelled from St. Kitts with my SVG Dolly Girl Friend. My mom decorates dolls in the colours of the Flag of the country where I am going to advertise her skill - Buy dolls - 1 or in bulk for your store - Call Her -869-668-3204

Two of these girls operate Dare 2 Be Different St. Vincent & The Grenadinees and will run KVK ENTERPRISES - SVG opening in 2013 - they had to bring a Foreign Business to SVG in order to Graduate - a creative move to bring business to the country. Imagine if so many new busineses open in SVG

The Lady Who Bought Me My First Machine and allowed me to RISE and SOAR. Mommy went to Trindad to learn preservatives since she does agro-processing and makes Breadfruit Flour, Sweet Potato Flour, Jams, Jellies, Fudges. We met up in a plane in Antigua as I was coming from St. Vincent and you know I am a poppyshow at times, so I let everyone know on the plane that this was my MOMMY and they shouted - AWEEEEEEEEEEEE

Lime CEO - St. Vincent & The Grenadines - He gave all St. Vincentian Busineses who attended a Free Blackberry and I told him I wished he worked in St. Kitts - Nevis, as small businesses get left out and nothing like that would have been ever done for us. So he says when I come down, just visit him - IPHONE  COMING - YIPPEEE

Forum Consultant

St. Vincent & The Grenadines Youth Business Forum

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Situations Don't Turn People Crazy - People Turn People Crazy With Their Words - I'm Still Hear

Do you know what happens to people who touch God's Anointed and don't remain quiet when they can't see what God is doing? Did you call me crazy too. . . .

Search the pages of the Bible to see what happened to people who troubled God's anointed.

Just search

Everyone should get a copy of Brother Zarkie's Song: Shut You Mouth If You Ain't and do nothing.

This is a PAGAN NATION and many people who profess Christianity, only say it with their mouth, but they don't really believe. You can find them in the Pulpits as Pastors, on the worship teams, as Dance Directors, as Children Church Teachers and the Like.

God is calling on the nation to REPENT - you spoke and troubled the man of God and didn't know what he was doing. Visit  - Click Salvation!

Khrystus Wallace

Face Yourself And Think Khrystus! This is your UNSHACKLED story - do you listen the programme?

 Job 8:7 Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.

"Khrystus - Face yourself and think!" those were words on the other end of the line, to someone I consider my father, since my mother was also my father all throughout my life.

"I'm sure you've preached many sermons on Job and you know how Job handled his situation. He was patient and he lost his WIFE - not his girlfriend - HIS  WIFE. His friends turned against him. Society was talking. Yet he remained patient. All people who don't believe in Jesus are doing is calling you crazy. You just lost a girl friend and you going on like that. Job lost EVERYTHING. Suppose you lost everything?"

"Thank God that you can write and vent, or you may have been in jail now. Thank God for that. Now that you've vented and vented and vented, I want you to realize now that it was all apart of God's plan for your life. The young lady's chapter in your life is finished completely. She may come back to apologize years later when you are happily married, but that would be too late. Face yourself and think. Just move on!"

You entered politics to root up and tear down corruption in government and did it in six weeks - six weeks and exposed what the enemy was doing. That is flowing in the anointing. Now it is time to build and to plant and to rise. You kept together well for a 26 year old with all the pressures last week. You are still here! You are alive. Go lay on your belly, ly down and relax and read the Psalms!"

"You are now at the crossroads and you must decide. Stay in local politics with The Blazing Star Movement - and just selfishly accomplish your wonderful dream of Khrystus City in Constituency 4 or do what God has commissioned you and your team to do. Travel the world, spread Jesus and make a global impact. Maybe God just creatively allowed you to create a 6 week party, to get into politics to expose corruption, get what is rightfully yours and leave. You should make the Guinness book of world records for doing that!"

"Your story is fit for UNSHACKLED. What God did was allow you to experience the pressures of life and move you to another level to flow in his anointing and reach the world. That's why you lost your girl friend. That's why you have a strong case against the bank. It was all apart of God's plan to greatly increase you according to Job 8:7."

"You should just let go now. Let go of everything and move on. Tell the world that you had a soft heart financially and helped everyone, which got you into your financial dilemma and learn from that mistake. Like Hezekiah, God has added more years to your life and he is saying GO  DO  MY  WORK."

Reach out to see who really loves you and cares and wants to see you rise. You'll give yet another chance to see who your true friends are around the world even if they give you a dollar, write them down and never forget them and their children as long as your ministry survives, recognizing that in the upcoming months, you will be like JOB - have no lack and able to help them more in return."

"I miss your great articles. I understand you had a Radical job to do to root up corruption, but apologize to your global following where you were a bit too harsh in the process and just begin to rise. Nothing can stop you from rising because it's all apart of God's plan.

In six weeks, you used your technological power to draw attention to what was going on in St. Kitts through your political advocacy and God says that is enough. Politicians would forever consider their ways, just in case issues to advocate reach you. You can still advocate politically and fight for the youth, the disabled, the poor and working class around the world, but go back to God's work. That's where you fit in."

"When no Pastor reached out to you and everyone stopped communicating, God was giving you a real life experience like Noah, Like Jonah, Like Daniel, like The Three Hebrew Boys, so that when you preach, you can share of your personal experiences for life."

"You are one brave preacher. There is no other preacher in St. Kitts - Nevis or maybe around the Caribbean who would have done what you did at 26 years old, just to get attention about the issues of Corruption in St. Kitts - Nevis. Other Pastors seem to be afraid, but it is true - you are CHOSEN - it is true - A  LITTLE  CHILD  SHALL  LEAD  THEM."

"You are a global figure. Take your team with you around the world - give them the experience to travel. Let go of every earthly possession and wealth and riches. Sell them and start travelling the globe to accomplish your mission of planting more Victory Centres -, preaching the gospel and teaching."

"God will get you a great wife shortly, SHORTLY I say, just don't worry. Simply position yourself to RISE - to soar - to live!

Haven't you realized? This is now your season. Your tests have taken you to a new level in Christ and you're flowing under a fresh radical anointing. God has provided an overflow for you through your pending suit against the bank. An overflow that will take care of you, your family, your friends, your global ministries for life and cause you to retire even before 30 as you dreamed."

"Just let go! Just let go! Sell your equipment, your printing portfolio or structure all your businesses for other youths to run and support your team's travel. You have a great mind, open branches all over the world, let the youth run them and provide consulting services - By doing this, you're ministry would be supported by several different countries and which youth around the world, wouldn't like to be positioned with a great mind. Come go to Ghana and Kenya soon and turn up that place.

The Nation sees the power of a Godly party already, but this isn't your time. All this happenings in one week could have made you self-destruct, but you have to sing like Bridget Blucher- " I've been battered, bruised and torn, but I'm still here. Somedays my life, it was filled with fear, but I'm still here. So many times, I had to fight, just to stay, to stay in the right. I have failed, so many, so many times, but I'm still here.

I had many disappointments, but I'm still here. There were days, when I thought I wouldn't make it, but I'm still here. So many storms, I had to bear, Lord for your joy, they can't compare. Storms of sickness, storms of trial, but I'm still here.

I'm been abused, and misused, but I am still here. Been persecuted and abused, but I'm still here. Lord it's such joy, such joy to know that your love has kept me full, through the valleys I had to go, but I'm still here.

I'm still here to praise your name, I'm still here you took the blame,
Seems like my life was all so wrong, but your love has kept me strong,

I cried and I cried but I am still here."

"I have always admired you. You have a zest, a zeal, an energy that can't be compared to none. You are talented, brilliant and I'm sure you amaze the world. It would be selfish to let Khrystus City have you alone. The world wants to meet you so get going and now let St. Kitts - Nevis follow you and your team as you stay travelling."

"Now go, write up everything I told you and reach out and let your global following help you. You'll see who really cares for real. When they help you, clear up your debts, use the funds to help with your lawyers to reap up every dollar that God wants you to get from The St. Kitts - Nevis Development Bank and go travel the world, you and your team. Preach, teach, pray, dance, dramatize, worship, teach music, business and every talent you have."

"God didn't create you to serve in a small Khrystus City - he gave you immense wisdom to travel and serve the world. So stop with your other articles now. That mission was accomplished with exposing corruption so that you can reap. Get back to inspiring me and my family and children each morning because I'm sure the world misses you!"

"You don't have to listen to me. But that's just my little two cents and I hope this will be one of the first Caribbean Stories to reach Unshackled."

Friend, this was a local father of mine - not BIOLOGICAL  FATHER - but a father who feels like by brother, and my uncle and still my brother all in one.

It wasn't my Spiritual Father Brother Bob Holbert, although he wrote in too. Those who are my truest friends, didn't leave me in the fire to burn, but they prayed, they helped, they emailed, they called, they text, they didn't say I was crazy, but the reached out and told me that I am born for more that what I've been through and the common tune is - RISE.

God does speak through different people and so Lord, like Samuel, "Here am I - Send Me - Send Me!"

Across the world, into the highways and byways to compel men to come in, with the same radical, fresh anointing that you gave me this week to expose CORRUPTION, root up and tear down. Lord - if I have offended you in anyway, I am sorry.

If I have offended my following in anyway, I am sorry. I now position myself to RISE and I thank you Lord for not allowing the enemy to put up any fight for what you have positioned for me to do your work. In Jesus Name - Amen.

Thank you for the invitations in abundance, into my email from today: to preach all over the world and inspire, to root up and tear down, then build and plant.

And yet still - I rise.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let Peace Abound - One Contact Can Begin To Heal The Pain and Hurt

Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

I haven't written a HOPE DEVOTIONAL here on for a long time. Most of my other articles are posted on the 70+ different blogs on which I write, translated into different languages for different countries. Note well, I do much more blogging than what I send out via email to my global email database.

A once good friend of mine once told me that I should include more devotionals daily as they are greatly missed by them personally and by the world they are sure.

Had I done that, I myself would have been encouraged and would have even sought peace just to save a name. They would have been encouraged too. Certain things wouldn't have taken a certain slant as my Hope Devotionals touch the world. I am sorry for stopping the HOPE  IS  AHEAD  writings when I reached a goal of 7 books. I will start writing them from today again, as God had to give me a sudden wake-up call to notice that.

Life can make some very sudden and strange turns and there are still many 21st Century Judas' on the loose and they still give kisses of betrayal one week before, hugs of betrayal months before, handshakes of betrayal years before, you get my point!

I have learned from a very recent experience that nothing is ever too sweet to turn sour. I have been involved in very shocking cases of betrayal for 2013 and I do believe such cases came directly from God and were only to suddenly and publicly get my attention and cause a sudden certain exit of people from my life just so that I can rise.

I did preach a sermon years ago called, LET  GO - LET  GOD! It's only when we do that, you'll see how fast we rise. BAGGAGE  KEEPS  US  DOWN.  We must practice what we preach or God will punish us.

Just like Daniel, Just like Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego. Just like Paul and Silas. Just like John the Baptist. Just Like Jesus. They were never to get me down and turn me PSYCHO as some people have tried, but they were to make me one of the BEST  AND  MOST  SUCCESSFUL  OF  GOD'S  CREATIONS  in the long run - watch and see.

Tests before the TESTIMONY! Pain before the gain! Shame for those that are talking and trying to bring you down - Just imagine!

Note well, you have to be very careful with who you trust today. My list seems to get smaller and smaller everyday - YES EVERYDAY! I now look at people around me with a MAGNIFYING  GLASS - if you have another one to lend me, please do. You should too - Judas Sold Old Jesus for 30 pieces of silver after all he had done for him. He lived to regret it so much that he hung himself immediately after. I believe if he had lived, he would have lived a long miserable life. Don't you notice MISERABLE people live a long MISERABLE life just so they can hurt and regret and also so the things they did to others can come back around to haunt them or their children?

Give the person the loan and stop being JEALOUS of their business idea! Mind You!

Bossman, give the deserving worker the raise in pay or the promotion! Come On!

Treat the person who has loved you and created a life for you right so that LOVE  LASTS. Their lessons are always just to help you to be a better person in life and ensure that you RISE.

Politician - Approve the Land Application - Stop Victimizing! None of that will be under and you would stay wishing you could have been apart of history if you aren't on the ark already.

Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

Every morning I wake, I ask myself, what's next? Who's going to try to surprise me today. My common saying is this, "EXPECT  ANYTHING  FROM  ANYONE  AT  ANYTIME. DON'T  LET  IT  SHOCK  YOU. That's why I don't cry. I get concerned, but I don't cry. When they come, I always ask - WHAT  LESSON  NOW - LORD - WHAT  LESSON? How much higher up the ladder are you allowing me to go with this experience."

WAR  ALWAYS  LEAVES  SCARS! It always leaves amputees. Some people who have returned from the war in IRAQ now have a Psychological problem. Yes, it's the pain from WARS turn people PSYCHO no matter how they smile and make a public show.  SCARS  and WOUNDS  and  CUTS  hurt badly  and the truth is always told and regret sits as the CHIEF  CORNER  STONE.

I want to recommend to us all that sometimes a simple meeting between parties involved is much better than blowing up a trivial issue because it makes the parties involved look very small and it alerts the public to what could have been private matters.

We should NEVER act on passion. Passion can cause individuals to create a good or bad image about one and about themselves for life. ERASABLE! Even though Paul planted churches, he had a HORRIBLE  LIFE because the Christians that he once persecuted, remembered his past and gave him hells and devils. His ministry kept him running, suffering and in prison all his life.

Our actions can keep up bound and hurting for life, especially if we are not around STRONG  PEOPLE who can help us rise again when all eyes are on us.

Have you ever noticed that PASSION in POLITICS get persons sometimes lying just to try and bring each other down and then end up regretting much of what they said and did because now everyone knows our true character now?

After words are let out, society never knows the truth and run with the worst things about someone, when a simple meeting could have made the biggest difference.

We all are given an equal opportunity to rise again after every trial, but very few do. Why? Very few people who fall, or exposed, have the energy, the passion, the zeal, the zest, the support from hundreds of individuals around them to re-establish an image, and so they remain boxed in for life, just around one or two people and folks watch and not wonder, but talk.

It's uncomfortable being in a crowd and wondering who's talking about you all the time?

Falling during a crises or public embarrassment never has to be, once we LET  PEACE  ABOUND  and deal with the right people.

God always finds away to expose our sins publicly and that is why he encourages all of us to DO  RIGHT! LIVE  RIGHT!  Just try our best. We must always find some type of way to destress and think - yes rethink - rethink and FORGIVE.

I've learned - SILENCE  IS  POWERFUL. That's my key to SUCCESS from today!  BE  SILENT  AND RISE. (Of course I know that I've been giving out million dollar ideas over my years of writing. USA  FIRMS  are hegging me to sign off on arrangements to give them access to publish my articles, so I can make royalties from all my ideas and from my PASSION  IN  WRITING for life. I'm going through the legal paperwork because everyone is smart.)

See who's hiring me to market my own country? An Indian Firm that our LOCAL  SUGAR  INDUSTRY  DIVERSIFICATION   FUND  hired overseas - as far as INDIA - when people in St. Kitts - Nevis are great advertisers too. That's one reason I started, to change all of that over time.

Did I tell you that an INDIAN  COMPANY contacted me since I started The Blazing Star Movement - and asked me to write PASSIONATE  ARTICLES  ON  St. KITTS - NEVIS to advertise the Citizenship By Investment Programme to folks in DUBAI especially?) as an online job?

I'm too busy, so once you've been supporting my ministry for at least 2 years ongoing or invested in my business, I can email you that persons email address IMMEDIATELY, as they keep bugging me, to get started, but I am not ready to bite off anything else right now.

So the job can be yours in the NEXT  MINUTE once they didn't find another local who is doing as much writing on their own blogs like me from St. Kitts - Nevis and has built a global marketing image. (See why its WISE  to position yourself with the RIGHT  PEOPLE  ALL  THE  TIME - PEOPLE  WHO  CAN  HELP? - That's how you'll get through in life!)

Who are you around? Can they help? Don't mess up anything good when you are around people who can help you reach the stars.

Let Peace Abound! Let Love Last - 


Smiling can never hide the shame and the pain and the regret and cause you to rise again.


You know friend, anywhere around the world, I want you to know that I'm not crazy and a psycho as some people probably reading this post have suggested. I am in my perfect mind. I am just BORN DIFFERENT  AND  SPECIALLY  BLESSED. Not because you can't understand someone, you should try to BRACKET  THEM  AND  TELL  OTHERS  THE  SAME.

Let Peace Abound! The very same people that we talk badly about today, try to defame, carry out Judas projects on, many times we need them tomorrow and end up wishing we hadn't done what we did. Let Peace Abound!

You have to be very, very, very careful with who you position yourself around and who you hang around. They can either help and advise you well or help and advise you wrongly. I love having LAWYER  and  LEGAL  FRIENDS - CLOSE  FRIENDS. I print their shirts for free, design websites, help them out at evenings all for free, just so that they can chill around me, respond very fast in legal issues, tell me how to deal with cases etc.

I always here many of them say that many of the simple cases people bring to them can be settled by INDEPENDENT  ARBITRATION quickly first, instead of court, but since there are no Independent Arbitrator businesses, people's private lives and business are exposed forever and everyone begins to look at them differently.

Wise friends and family usually provide advice that is full of WISDOM. Unintelligent friends and family members do not know how to give advise and thus give some of the worst suggestions and ideologies and add wood to the fire, when it could have simply been out already.

In closing, may I stress Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

YOU  MIX  WITH  THE  DOGS,  YOU  GET  BITTEN  BY  THE  FLEAS.  FORGIVE  AND  MOVE  ON.  Those that are usually the first to forgive are usually the first to RISE.  Being FIRST  ALWAYS  MATTERS.

Forgiveness never means completely restoring a relationship to EXTREMELY  CLOSE  STATUS  AGAIN with your co-worker, family member, lover, boss etc. What forgiveness does, is allow you to let go of the anger, the hate, the malice, the JUDAS experience and RISE - RISE - RISE!

If I have done you any wrong anywhere across the world - I'm SORRY. If I have an outstanding matter, please work with me. We need each other. I may need you now and you may just happen to need me tomorrow.

NEVER  LET  A  GOOD  RELATIONSHIP  GO  BAD. It was just this morning, a client of mine who had a previous issue with me was placed with a special foreign contact and it was like the individual wanted to worship me. I said, no, it was just a God setup. God rewards PEACE!

Time does heal wounds! When passion dies away and you're lying on your bed alone and looking up in the roof in the darkness of night, REGRET, UN-FORGIVENESS, SORROW and 
PAIN  from the hurt you caused others usually takes over your mind.

Honestly friend, when we have all done our bad. When we have all treated people terribly. No matter how bad and bold we play, we all have a HEART and many times think that if we had only LISTENED  and  SEEN  HOW  OTHERS  WANTED  TO  HELP  US  REACH  THE  STARS, look how far we would have gotten.

Let us all TRY - TRY I SAY from TODAY - TRY  TO  ALWAYS  LET  PEACE  ABOUND. It can save your reputation, your image, your character and save everything people would say about you after your actions.

Moving on PASSION can be good or bad. Letting a sudden new comer damage years of success, rising and worth usually yields PSYCHOLOGICAL, painful regret. I look forward to ensuring that every one of my Dare 2 Be Different International Members around the world are always happy, always rise and standout. No matter where they are in the world, people MUST be able to say, That's one of Khrystus' Dare 2 Be Different Members! That's why I don't give up, I endure the pain and stay declaring that better is coming.

There is always GLORY  after the  STORY. Don't be excluded from THE  GLORY by letting SIMPLE  IMMATURE people make you hop off the ark and not SURVIVE.

Having a revengeful spirit isn't Godly. So Let's just LET  GO!  We all have things we need to LET  GO  OF   - AND  MOVE  ON. Let's just do it right now. Let go of the bad relationships that you keep holding on to, let go of the job that is killing you, let go of that court war, you've been just making a public embarrassment and exposing yourself more for people to laugh at you.

Politicians, let go of the tribalism - has done that even before we are elected. Let go of the HATE - Stop thinking that every body is watching you. Nobody is jealous of you. Nobody even cares! Stop trying to be full of yourself in front of everyone. HOT  LOVE  DOESN'T  LAST - watch and see.

We all err at times. Like PETER  THE  LIAR, that asked God for forgiveness and then preached one sermon that got 3000 saved, you can rise again too. You can rise like Joseph, like Paul, like Daniel, but you must not be around SHOWY, PROUD and BOASTING people. You must be around people who humble themselves before the hand of God and then you'll definitely rise.

You must be around people who are prepared to struggle and climb their way up and get what they want instead of doing things to get the quick buck. That life isn't worth it!

Haven't you noticed that? One contact with your deepest enemy once you don't have a restraining order or injunction can begin to heal the hurt, the pain, the shame. ONE  CONTACT  can definitely do it - that's once you are completely sure that the CONTACT won't be used against you as harassment.

Expect anything from anyone at anytime! People change suddenly on people then always live to regret it! For over the five years the world has been following Dare 2 Be Different International, we get many emails and comments on our global blogs for being REAL and writing about real experiences.

Come on, if you continue to be blessed by our ministry and don't support us financially, I honestly think a THANK  YOU  FOR  YOUR  HARD  WORK, a little message to our team that makes this happen and keep us going can do. We want to create a Large Wall Hanging with our years of commendations for our June 5th Anniversary and we would honestly like to receive your POSITIVE  reviews on the work we've been doing over the years.

If you don't want your name published, just say.

Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

Khrystus Wallace, President & Founder
Dare 2 Be Different International

Monday, March 18, 2013

Rev. Khrystus Wallace Victory Power Word Inspires Globe To Rise Up and Move Forward

Brother Khrystus Wallace and The Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre Congregation in St. Kitts, did what it has been doing for the last 4 years and 9 months – reaching and impacting the world using the technology and on the ground events.

The Victory Service was again available for folks to be a part of at Boyds – St. Kitts or to listen and view online all across the globe. The top five listeners in order of most viewers this week hailed from The United States, Ukraine, Germany, St. Kitts – Nevis, Sweden.

Brother Khrystus (Ordained) began a sermon series titled – “Long Enough – I’m Coming Out!” Deuteronomy 1:6-8, where he reminded his listeners in his introduction that God was calling upon individuals and nations to “TURN  YOU  AND  TAKE  YOUR  JOURNEY,” which meant that it was time to MOVE ON. It was time to stop being satisfied with where they were in their personal lives and where there nations were.

Brother Khrystus guided his congregation using the story of how Nehemiah wasn’t selfish, but was overly concerned about his OTHERS and his nation and decided to rise up. He said that even though folks laughed at him in Nehemiah 2., he still moved FORWARD. Wallace suggested that his move was unpopular, but he decided to rise up and MAKE  A DIFFERENCE  still.

During Part 1 of the Sermon Series, Rev. Wallace spoke on his first point, “WE  MUST  HAVE  PROPER  MOTIVATION.” He postulated that Nehemiah was a great example of the way one should be motivated for God.

  1. He asked – Neh. 1:2  (and I asked them concerning the Jews that had escaped, which were left of the captivity, and concerning Jerusalem)

  1. He Looked – Neh. 2:13-15 (And I went out by night by the gate of the valley, and viewed the walls of Jerusalem, which were broken down, and the gates thereof were consumed with fire) – (means that he went to see for himself the condition of the nation)

  1. He wept – Neh. 1:4  (And it came to pass, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept, and mourned certain days, and fasted, and prayed before the God of heaven

  1. He worked – Neh 2: 17-18 (Then I told them of the hand of my God which was good upon me; as also the king’s words that he had spoken unto me. And they said, Let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for this good work)

According to viewers who contacted almost immediately after the service from around the world, they encouraged the youth preacher, ministry founder and church planter saying that he spoke just like he wrote on his blog, with a powerful passion to see change and to see better come to the world and also shared many of his ideas to help and push folks forward during his message.

In part of Rev. Wallace’s discourse, he told his congregation that God had planted everyone who was apart of Dare 2 Be Different International, on earth to replant the nations around the GLOBE on God, and unless nations come back to God, nothing would change in societies.

Wallace suggested that the moment The United States of America removed God from Schools, that’s where the problem came in the USA and because many other nations were slowly moving away too, that's why the world was in such chaos.

Listen the entire 1 hour service by clicking below or above, or you can fast forward just to hear the 26 year old Minister’s Sermon alone. Be sure to share this email or the youtube link with your family and friends, at home, on the job, on facebook, twitter, linked-in, myspace etc.

JOIN  THE 21st Century Disciples that are prepared to turn the world upside down for Jesus doing Good and spreading the Kingdom Building Salvation Message in the process.

Be Blessed! To the hundreds of persons reading this blog or receiving this email to their inbox, know for sure that God has MUCH  BETTER  IN STORE  FOR  YOU, Like The Dare 2 Be Different International – members – You must recognize though, that you have been in one spot and suffering for far too long in your life and you must grow your INNER MOTIVATION and fight for better in your personal life and for better in the life of your Nations across the world if you are a true DIFFERENCE  MAKER - WORLD  CHANGER  AND  KINGDOM  WARRIOR.

Throughout the pages of the Bible, nothing was accomplished without a trial – a fight – a challenge.

MOSES – DANIEL – JOSEPH – PAUL – DAVID. . . .  .all suffered. . . .but got a POSITIVE  RESULT  IN  THE END.

Rev. Wallace doesn't have a degree in Theology and never pursued any type of online courses. He is fully trained and equipped by the holy spirit. He does have secular training in other fields and has been presenting Motivational speeches on a multiplicity of topics for over 10 years around the world.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Victory Word To You - By Rev. Khrystus Wallace - Watch Video Inside (Good Soldiers Never Give Up)

If you joined us under The Victory Centre Tent at Boyds - St. Kitts or listened our service on a radio station in your country or watched it on our website, we say thank you for being apart. If you didn't it's your time to be blessed now.

Our top ten viewers for today's service - 10/3/2013 came from: St. Kitts & Nevis, United States, Canada, Barbados, Jamaica, Germany, United Kingdom, Trinidad & Tobago, Ghana, Poland. (If your country didn't show up here, encourage more folks to listen next time) You can view the service all week on or search each week's service on YOUTUBE.

We barter air time with radio stations all around the world for any of the services Rev. Khrystus provides which include t-shirt printing, banners, signs, pens, pencils, mugs, keyrings, online marketing, consulting, etc.

If you want to benefit and/barter from any of these services, send us an email at: with what you want so we can quote you and then let you'll tell us how much air time we can get on radio or television in your country.

Be blessed by this Power Word titled - Good Soldiers Never Give Up delivered by Rev. Khrystus Wallace at The Victory Centre in St. Kitts and carried live around the world.

To make bookings for Rev. Wallace and/or the team to share in crusades, rallies, youth events, drama activities, conferences, hosting concerts etc - BB PIN: 2A3CBAA2  /  Email:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Urgent Special Report: Judas' On The Loose - BEWARE

And while he yet spake, behold a multitude, and he that was called Judas, one of the twelve, went before them, and drew near unto Jesus to kiss him. Luke 22:47  KJV

I do hope that this Special Hope Devotional automatically posts on my blog and emails to you at such a critical time in your life when you need it - when we need it - all. God never lets a message go global before the appointed time.

I am not compelled to make this entry very, very, very long because I want you, my local St. Kitts - Nevis audience, my Caribbean and International audience to get the point quickly and then share this email all around the world. To be short, plain and frank, "THERE  ARE  A  WHOLE  LOT  OF  JUDAS'  ON  THE  LOOSE - BEWARE!"

Also, "THE  DEVIL  IS  OUT  WORKING  HARDER  NOW  MORE  THAN  EVER to instill the spirit of fear, the spirit depression, the spirit of suicide, the spirit of anger, the spirit of revenge on as many people as he can." All these spirits are contrary to the fruits of the spirit that God longs for us to engender. Interestingly enough, he is working through CLOSE  FRIENDS,  FAMILY  MEMBERS, CO-WORKERS  YOU  THOUGHT  ARE  FOR  YOU  AND  THE  INQUISITIVE  FOLKS  IN  SOCIETY.

For the record, EVERYONE  DOESN'T  LIKE  YOU! Not because they smile with you, eat with you, share a snack with you, hang with you by the village shop, or give you a ride in their vehicle or even hire you, means that they like you. DO  NOT  BE  FOOLED!

There are dozens of people out there that a jealous of you, hate every drop of blood in your veins and want to see you fall. There are people out there who want your job, who are jealous of the vehicle you are driving and the house you just built. Some people are even jealous of the weave that you are wearing and that nice silver or gold chain or bracelet, even your shoes. Some persons are jealous that your children are excelling in school. Some people are jealous of your success and your ideas. Others smile with you but if they had their way, they would kill you.

NOTE THOUGH: 2 Kings 6:16 And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.

Judas didn't kill Jesus with his bear hands, but he handed him over to be persecuted. I want you to note and note well, it's not every person who names the name of Christ or calls themself a Christian or a Pastor or Minister of the Gospel really has Jesus Christ Living in their hearts. Next time you are around a Christian that is pulling down others instead of trying to discuss a way to help - I want you to move away quickly from them before their spirit jumps into you. They are SHEEP in wolves clothing and are VERY  DANGEROUS. The same way they pull down the name of those they are discussing, it's the same way they will pull down your name too.

That's why we must ALWAYS have our spirit of discernment TURNED  UP  TO  ALL. It is imperative that we stay praying, (INDIVIDUALLY and COLLECTIVELY) and  be on the lookout, always remembering that the battle certainly isn't ours, but God's. GOD  FIGHTS  AND  WINS  ALL  THE  BATTLES  ON  BEHALF  OF  THOSE  THAT  ARE  TRULY  SAVED.

Friend, in closing, in such a challenging time in our World's History, I want to recommend that we all work TOGETHER. Let us bring back the days where the community looked out for its villagers and where the village raised the child.

TOO  LATE! Ludicrous! A Thousand Times Over! It is not too late if we start now! I need you! You need me! Let us work together! Who do you call at midnight when you want encouragement? Isn't it your brother or minister in the Lord? Where do I go to cut my hair or buy something to eat? We do need each other!"

We each have varying problems. If the economy hasn't taken a toll on our personal or business lives, then we are having marital problems? Do you honestly know where your husband or wife slept last night? Didn't you argue with your partner recently but are playing like all is well in the public?

I hope you are not one stressing someone else when you have your problems too.

Some teenage girls are prostituting themselves to make a living while many boy are pushing drugs to survive. Someone has just bought some tablets to commit suicide while there is a gentleman with a gun always in his pocket to kill himself in the event of the evitable.

The person that is busy fighting you down, is too busy to notice that their child was molested by a teacher or prominent person in society. I can go on and on and on an on but I do believe you get my point. We ALL have our issues - no one is excluded.

What can I say as I close this HOPE  DEVOTIONAL - This devotional that God asked me to write and set it to go out at a particular time on a particular day at 1:00pm EST?

All I can say as I close is this. JUDAS' are on the loose. Some are well known and others work in the background on their phones, in their positions, using their iphones and blackberries trying to bring people down instead of build up folks. Thus, we must do what Daniel did - Pray, we must not give up like MOSES even when The Pharoah's reject us. If we lose everything like JOB, let's not get angry with God, but stay patient for our time will come again.

Let me re-direct you to a devotional I wrote on Sunday, 22nd July, 2013 inspired by Dr. Annette Lazarus-Rose titled: DON'T  DIE  THERE - FAVOUR  COMES  BY  MOVING. Read it again on:

Get up! Do not take the doctor's report as final. Pray and go get a second opinion. Business people like me, St. Kitts - Nevis or your country isn't your only market, ask God to give you the wisdom to widen your horizons and blossom again. How dare you let that other lady take your husband or that man take your wife. Start praying and declaring some things over your situation.

Christians have power and if we use it, REST  ASSURED  we will see results. If two shall agree, REST  ASSURED that we'll see results even FASTER.

No matter your situation friend, do not give up - do not give in - do not let the enemy win. Fight for your marriage. Fight for your children. Fight for your finances. Fight for your business. (Right after this, I'm going out to give out some business flyers for to get some screen printing and embroidery jobs and I am declaring and claiming something TODAY because as I walk, I'll be praying for FAVOUR - because it comes as we MOVE."

This fighting doesn't require any artillery though, it requires MUCH  PRAYER  AND  FASTING because that is the only thing that will allow us to cross over into our PROMISED  LAND  that God has waiting for us.

Please be sure to pass this email all across the world and if you can, print it out and slip it on the desk of your enemies or post it to someone in the mail. As a Child of God - stand your ground - defy the odds - no matter what happens to you in life - it's all apart of your testimony - SOOOOOO - Let the talkers talk and the devil's employees work (remember some of them claim to be Christians too) - because they will get their pay of destruction in God's Time - Not Ours. I seal those words with the blood of Jesus Christ and they can only be removed once those guilty as charged REPENT  IMMEDIATELY. From today, I decree and declare that the devil's imps do not sleep well unless they quickly move to say their sorries. Note well, this blog entry will only make the devil angrier and cause his imps to turn up the pressure, but God has our backs.

Remember, plenty of Judas' are on the loose now more than ever. Therefore, I recommend that you spend more time praying and reading your Bible and seeking God's face than looking for company and friends. Don't say I didn't warn you - the people we sometimes think are our closest friends, the people who smile with us and hug us, the people who commend us are sometimes our DEEPEST  ENEMIES. I warned you - Judas' are on the loose.

Learn how to get saved - Visit: 

You've come too far to give up now friend - HOPE  IS  AHEAD. If you see me with a straight face and only periodic smiles for a season, just know that I am OK - but on GUARD! You should too because we don't know who is who.

Khrystus Wallace, President and Founder
Dare 2 Be Different International

Support our Mission Trip:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1st Ever Historic Caribbean Economic Mission Trip To Ghana & Kenya Expected to Draw 100s to Christ and Create An Economic Turn Around in Countries

Dare 2 Be Different International
Celebrating 5 Years of Impacting, Innovative, Creative, Global Youth Ministry – 2008 - 2013

P O Box 2310 | Basseterre | St. Kitts | 1-869-465-5914 | 1-869-663-0114 | BB PIN: 2A3CBAA3

29th January, 2013

Dear Sir / Madam,


Greetings from Dare 2 Be Different International – . During the month of February 2013, as part of our 5th Anniversary Celebrations, a contingent from our group will be executing an economic mission trip to Ghana and Kenya and will also be launching our Florida and New York Hubs during that same month with mega activities there.

The contingent will be headed by Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed, and she will travel along with Khrystus Wallace, Lemercius Wallace, Joy Codrington and Crispin Matthew (A foreign national living in Florida who heads up our USA Ministry).

Our first and foremost effort is to spread the message of Jesus Christ and help the dozens of children and youth that need help in Ghana and Kenya.

Dare To Be Different International, founded in June 2008, is an outside the box ministry that doesn’t just focus on religion, but also seeks to cater to every aspect of an individual’s development and also impact economies in which it is located. Therefore, although we will be conducting crusades, we also plan to carry out agro-processing training, business labs workshops, Caribbean craft and cultural presentations, music training and more.

Among some of the other main highlights are:

·         The marketing of The Dare 2 Be Different Academy & Bible Institute – It is our intention to allow this organization to start accepting foreign students for on campus training in St. Kitts and in Nevis (to be established this year) and online training too. Such a move will increase foreign capital coming into our twin island Federation and also provide opportunities for more local residents to get their properties rented, more banks to open accounts, more businesses to receive patrons, more taxes for our country

The Dare 2 Be Different Academy and Bible Institute –  idea is DIFFERENT to any seen before in the Caribbean. We continue to partner with USA Organizations to ensure that our courses are accredited and will also seek Local Government Accreditation. Apart from that, how many other places in the Caribbean can regional and international individuals go to learn screen printing, embroidery, graphic arts, printing banners and signs, art, make breadfruit and sweet potato flour, fudges, local drinks, sugar cakes and agro-processing

Which other Educational / Technical or Vocational Organization carries a course so that at the end of the students training, they have a REAL ECOMMERCE business with stocks, merchant account to charge debit/credit cards, the ability to charge from their iphones and blackberries etc Our Economic Mission Trip Promises to Sell The Nation as a superb destination in the process.

·         Our Ministry also plans to establish what we call “All Locally Produced Stores in Ghana, Kenya, Florida and New York.” This is a project we hope to grow to as many countries in the span of 5 years. The All Locally Produced Concept -  will seek to alleviate the problem that many of our local producers have. They cannot get their crafts, organic vegetables, clothing, art etc sold. Therefore, as we establish these franchise opportunities, our Locally Produced Stores across the world will only be permitted to sell / buy goods from who we commonly refer to as “The Small Man” or “Small Business.” Can you see the benefits already? Money in the pockets of the small man, means more money flowing around our economy since it is evident that it is small business that are keeping our fragile economies afloat. Just imagine how happy a local artist would be if Kenya, Ghana, Florida and New York orders three paintings from him/her each month at $350EC – That’s a salary of $4200 each month and it is foreign capital coming into our country to help some bank. What if a local farmer has a contract to supply 1000 pounds of cucumbers, or tomatoes, or string beans at our Dare 2 Be Different Florida Locally Produced Store. Imagine how happy he or she will be?

I do hope that you catch our vision! During our trips, we plan to market our islands as a tourist destination and send people to our Tourism Websites in both St. Kitts and Nevis.

This trip and idea has much potential to stir immediate economic growth in St. Kitts – Nevis and across the region and the world as we market our hotels, universities, businesses etc. We expect that this trip will help small and medium businesses in the Caribbean, USA, Africa and further afield, establish their entities in each other’s markets and immediately provide employment which is on a down low across the world.

It is here that we MUST STOP and  request your financial partnership to execute this worthwhile project successfully. Therefore, our ministry kindly solicits your financial assistance in aiding with travel expenses, accommodation, economic marketing events and banquets in Ghana, Kenya, Florida, New York.

Full coverage and recognition 24-7 around the world, will be provided via our Internet Radio – and TV –  and we will also be partnering will ALL LOCAL RADIO AND TV Stations doing live interviews to keep the nation abreast. We also plan to use Social Media and our global email database to keep the world informed as to our doings and also to give recognition to those that made the trip possible.

Donations can be made payable to: Dare 2 Be Different International  or can be deposited on our St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Account #: 10248253. (Email: for WIRE INSTRUCTIONS)

It is with much gratitude, that we thank you in advance, for joining with our ministry in supporting this first ever CARIBBEAN  ECONOMIC  MISSION  TRIP  ENDEAVOUR. As we plant our Dare 2 Be Different International Ministries across AFRICA and ordain and open our Victory Centre Churches – there, we expect to erect plaques displaying the individual or company names of those that supported this our first ever Mega Mission Trip for the world to see as long as God tarries.

If required, we are willing to barter sponsorships with website design services, t-shirt and polo screen printing, embroidery, banners, signs, pens, pencils, other promotional items, social media and freelance marketing services, advertising on The Caribbean Auction Site – to name but a few options. I can be reached at: 869-663-0114 / 869-465-5914 / 869-465-2585 – BB PIN: 2A3CBAA3.


Khrystus Wallace
President & Founder