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Monday, October 8, 2012

Bishop Dr. Kelvin Jones partners with Dare 2 Be Different International to build the Kingdom of God

Bishop Dr. Kelvin Jones told his Mount Carmel Baptist Congregation on Sunday 7th October, 2012 during the morning service that he was overly pleased to be working along with the FRESH  VISION of  Khrystus Wallace of Dare 2 Be Different International as both bodies join hands to build the Kingdom of God.

"We're happy for the addition! We're happy for the ideas! We're happy for the Technology! Amen? Amen! Say Amen man - Amen belongs to the church!"

The 1st Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre will be birth out of the Mount Carmel Baptist Church in St. Kitts and all Victory Centres that Brother Khrystus plans to plant around the world will fall directly under Bishop Dr. Kelvin and 1st Lady Jones.

Jones told the congregation in a previous service that Brother Khrystus Wallace grew up under his ministry while he was the WELL  ABLED  PASTOR  of the Antioch Baptist Church founded by Dr. William M. Connor. He further stated that he was the one who taught him in converts class and he was the one that baptized him too and he was more than humbled to welcome him back to serve and to work along with his FRESH  VISION as nothing happens before its time.

Dr. Jones made those comments during the latter part of September 2012 after Brother Wallace delivered a sermon that turned the church upside down and saw several youth and adults move forward for Salvation and about 75% of the church respond to the altar call.

Jones, who has been serving in ministry for over 52 years will be releasing the church's 1st website - very soon. This interactive website is expected to inform the world of Mount Carmel's History, beliefs, updates and a feature so that global supports can automatically give and support the ministry. The website will also feature an interactive link to Dare 2 Be Different's Internet TV and Radio. Some services and events are expected to be carried live from the church's website.

Dr. Jones and Brother Khrystus will be launching a new Radio and TV program on Dare 2 Be Different Internet Radio - and TV - and on YOUTUBE called DIGGING  DEEP. The program would be a Bible Study that gets indepth into the word of God and provides sound teaching which is lacking in many lives of Christians.

This initiative falls well along with the international vision and mission of the duo-ministry which is to IMPACT  THE  WORLD. As God provides, Jones and Wallace plan to send preachers within the network to its different branches around the world on mission trips and to also help establish churches too as the world is expected to be continually kept up to date on the plans via the use of technology.

Brother Khrystus Wallace, addressing The Mount Carmel Baptist Church congregation on Sunday 7th said, "I am asking everyone to get a membership registration form to ensure that we have you well documented and we see where we can start getting your involved immediately. We are going to get back to what New Testament Church really is. Not just preaching and praying and collecting tithes and offerings. We will be helping and empowering our members too. We will be teaching them how to bake bread, how to sew, how to fix computers, how to use the computers, how to make sweet potatoto and breadfruit flour, local drinks etc etc.

We will be starting our Cooperative which would allow us to shop in bulk and bring in food so that our members DO  NOT  have to suffer from high food prices and prices of other goods anymore.  Effective immediately, we will begin to put in place The Mount Carmel Baptist Academy. This will see us adding computers to the church so that we can provide Information Technology training to this side of the island along with evening and homework classes for children and adults. We will be teaching afternoon CXC classes on this side of the island too and empowering and entering students to write CXC subjects. This is what CHURCH is about."

Dare 2 Be Different International - has been tutoring classes, helping with SBAs and entering students for CXC Subjects on the other side of the island of St. Kitts for the past 10 years. Students register through  Wallace told the church that as he goes on grant seeking appeals around the world, The Educational Grant apart of The Super 8 Project would cover both  the establishment of full training institutes - The Dare 2 Be Different Academy and Bible Institute that will serve the western side of St. Kitts while The Mount Carmel Baptist Academy would serve the opposite end of the island. Both will be guided by former 20 year teaching veteran, 10 year headteacher and 5 year Education Officer - Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed.

The congregation cheered and gave a rousing applause as Wallace outlined the combined Mount Carmel Baptist and Dare 2 Be Different Fresh Vision.

Wallace handed over The Dare 2 Be Different Super 8 Project Grant Proposal to Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones in receiving it exclaimed from the microphone, "This is a 30 Million USD Dream and we have no doubt that God will see it through!"

The plan includes the vision of Dare 2 Be Different's Multi-Million Dollar Mission Centre Vision of Khrystus Wallace presented online at:

Brother Dillon and Jennifer Sirjue, renowned architects attached to GWH ARCHITECTURAL in St. Kitts are the ones charged with putting together the Architectural Vision Plan for the project in time for Wallace's Pitch to Donors and Investors before the year is out.
The Mount Carmel Baptist Church Large  Blue and White Coaster Bus will now start collecting Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre members and interested attendees from Boyds from 9am each Sunday and travel along the Island Main Road collecting folks until it reaches Bourryeau in time for its 10am service.

Bishop Kelvin Jones, Senior Pastor recommended that Wallace begin to do that until everything is in order to launch The Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre on the other side of the island and took the opportunity to invite individuals from all around St. Kitts to join the NEW  THING  that God will be doing through The Mount Carmel Baptist Church and Dare 2 Be Different International.

"I can feel your energy Brother Wallace. I can feel it. I was just like that when I was younger. We started Sunday Schools all over the place. I am most grateful for your help. Your invitation to preach at Mount Carmel was all apart of a God Setup and with you and the technology, Mount Carmel Baptist and The Victory Centre will be the number one churches in the Federation, making the BIGGEST  POSITIVE impact on the saved and building The Kingdom of God in the process."