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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Heartless Teachers Continue to Kick Students Out of School

Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous: (1 Peter 3:8  KJV)

EVERYONE deserves a chance!

Just so my worldwide audience could know, at the end of the July, 2012 semester/term across the Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis and probably around other Caribbean islands, dozens of fourth (4th) form students received their GOOD-BYE  - END  OF  SCHOOL  CAREER  notice and would NEVER be allowed to ever sit CXC - Caribbean Examination Council Exams under their school roof at all. (CXC is what most Caribbean High Schoolers write as a final exam before moving on to Tertiary Education or University)


I wonder where are the bowels of COMPASSION talked about in 1 John 3:17. Where are they? Dare 2 Be Different International ( makes no bones about it - ALL  STUDENTS  SHOULD  BE  GIVEN  A  CHANCE. I strongly believe that Ministries of Education around the Caribbean should ensure that some type of POLICY is enacted so that students will leave with a reputable certificate, whether it is ACADEMICALLY or TECHNICALLY based.

All students won't love Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics like me. God made some people to be professionals with their hands. Another thing that society has done wrong, is to make young people feel that only people who set out to become doctors and lawyers and bankers would be successful in life.

YOUNG  PEOPLE -  THAT  IS  FAR  FROM  THE  TRUTH. I do have all my requirements to start Medical School, but since I left school at 15, I've been dirtying my hands with ink printing t-shirts at - a business I started at age 13. I also dirty my clothes and hurt my back lifting packages which include clothes, barrels, washing machines, fridges, irrigation hoses etc for my clients So, you can achieve something in life even if you are not ACADEMICALLY  INCLINED. You are SPECIAL! There is HOPE  FOR  YOU!  YOU  CAN  MAKE  IT  TOO! YOU  CAN  REACH  FAR! Don't worry with the heartless teachers that wrote you off or are constantly threatening you with the statement of throwing you out of school. I know about it, I was TIRED of hearing it being uttered to the slower students in my class, but God didn't make me so bold to talk out yet. He had his reason why.

Don't worry with the teachers that WROTE  YOU  OFF! They have their children coming up. Suppose you become a teacher and decide to do the same thing to the children of teachers that are coming up, just what the priests and judges did in Deuteronomy 19:19 Then shall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother: so shalt thou put the evil away from among you.

That means the VICTIMIZATION and HEARTLESSNESS would NEVER end. Even if you become a teacher as a student who was kicked out of school, always remember that vengeance belongs to God. Romans 12:19

Dare 2 Be Different International stands with ALL  THOSE  WHO  WERE  KICKED  OUT  OF  SCHOOL and we plan to get radical about it and raise a Caribbean Campaign about it so it comes to an IMMEDIATE HALT. Don't worry - we print our own t-shirts, polos, pens, pencils, banners, posters, bandanas. We build our own websites, produce our own audio and video commercials and youtube videos and we have hundreds upon hundreds of Caribbean followers and email recipients. We will let our voices be heard as we advocate against KICKING  STUDENTS  OUT  OF  SCHOOL. We ISSUE  ADVANCE  WARNING  to teachers and schools around the Caribbean.

From September 2012, our CHANCE message will be in front the eyes of heartless teachers and head teachers all around the Caribbean. Many of them are not doing their jobs teaching you and working with you, but they are quick to throw you OUT. Not fair!!!!

Don't worry students - I know how it feels. My grades dropped in 4th Form and having gone through all A1s, I was demoted to 5A2. Teachers didn't ask A or B as to why the star that was always in the top 5 in his class or out representing my school winning essay competitions or debates, had suddenly dropped in his performance. They didn't wonder why the little boy who was giving the school a name and was always in newpapers under the heading, "KHRYSTUS  WALLACE  SCORES ANOTHER  POINT  FOR  VERCHILDS  HIGH" wasn't performing well. They never sent me to the school counsellor to see if my parent's divorce situation was affecting me.

I was left to work out my own salvationa and teachers uncaringly and heartlessly kicked me in 5A2. If I wasn't a strong willed person, it could have affected me for LIFE. Do you think many of the young men that are in gangs want to be there? Do you think that many of them in jail want to be there? Do you think that many that are smoking, want to be there? While some of it is family oriented, I want to suggest emphatically that SOME  OF  IT  IS  BECAUSE  TEACHERS  WROTE  THEM  OFF, KILLED  THEIR  SELF  ESTEEM and  REFUSED TO  WORK  WITH  THEM. And so, they joined a street family who cared.

If you don't know, it's very easy to get accepted in a street family. Once you're rejected and show your interest in a gang group, you're in. I've never said this before, but many of the young men to whom I get down to earth with on the side of the road just to minister, and print some free t-shirts at times to get to their heart, have told me on countless occassions, that I'm a good man and I always look out for them and if any one messes with me they'll deal with them. I tell you it's easy to get accepted. So sometime ago, when my store was broken into, they went and found the culprits and brought them to me. I forgave them, just to teach all of them a lesson about forgiveness. The Police Never Got Back To Me Till This Day. See who found them? The Rejects of SOCIETY who I was giving a little attention. That's all the young people need.

Anyway, back to my devotional. As God would have it, he used the demotion to make a public example of the school. It was the first time in the history of St. Kitts-Nevis (I believe) an A2 student became Valedictorian.

I am not using any one else's story. I am using MINE. You can make it even if you were kicked out by heartless teachers who sat to decide your faith. Don't give up!

Having graduated Valedictorian at 15, I immediately got a passion to start PERSONALLY  TEACHING  SCHOOL  KICKOUTS from every school in St. Kitts. (I don't call them school-dropouts, because they didn't drop out - they were KICKED  OUT, THROWN ASIDE, CONDEMNED and LEFT  TO  DIE).

When they started coming to my classes each September to April, I worked tirelessly with them. Sometimes up to 10pm and 11pm and my mother would beg me to take some rest. I registered them MYSELF for CXC and I got the local Ministry of Education Examination Registrar to recognize my facility - The KVK LEARNING INSTITUTE (Yes I try everything) because I didn't want their grades to show up under any other organization but mine. I wanted to prove a point.

When their results came back each year, ALL of these SCHOOL  KICKOUTS returned with passes. 3 subjects, 4 subjects, 5 subjects and maximum 6 subjects. All of which I taught myself from 16 years old and I wasn't a trained teacher. I always encouraged them and their parents to go and show the school teachers the results they were deprived of.

My facility became so recognized, that the Ministry of Education approved it as a CXC Examination Centre to write EDPM and Information Technology. My work with young people especially in Information Technology gained me the title of training the MOST  participants in the Government Run YES PROGRAMME. I didn't just teach them the computer, I created a business labs program to teach them how to use their skills and talents to make life. Some of them still have their businesses today because Dare 2 Be Different International worked with them. It was after that government run program ended, we launched the Dare 2 Be Different International Mission Mobilization Programme for our young people where we work with them bit by bit. (We lack funding, so we keep it on a down-low until God sends its approval.

I believe you can sense my passion. I believe that's why my listenership continues to grow on Dominion Radio 91.5FM every Saturday at 11am EST because I am not afraid to talk out and represent the youth.
Heartless Teachers SHOULD  NOT Continue to Kick Students Out of School. They deserve a CHANCE at life.

Don't expect ANY  CHANGE  TO  COME unless Dare 2 Be Different makes it a Caribbean Public Issue as we will if God allows us to see September 2012. Even if I have to stand ALONE and MARCH alone - That's OK. Even if my team steps out and disassociate themselves from me before it becomes a political issue, I am prepared to STAND  ALONE  for our young people that are being disenfranchised in our Caribbean Schools - especially in my homeland St. Kitts Nevis.

Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous: (1 Peter 3:8  KJV)

Where has the compassion, love, pity and courtesy in the hearts of our teachers gone? Don't they care anymore? Why don't they work with the students and go the extra mile? Have they become too relaxed? Are Education Officers not keeping teachers on their toes and ensuring they do their jobs? Are charts only for TEACHER  TRAINEES and when they complete their courses, the walls of classrooms both primary and high REMAIN  EMPTY?

Should Dare 2 Be Different check on that and keep you the world informed? Are children retaliating and considered RUDE because teachers pay special attention to the BRIGHT  ONES? I know of this unfairness too - REMEMBER  I  WAS  CONSIDERED  BRIGHT  AND  ABOVE  AVERAGE - so I do know about my SPECIAL  TREATMENT.

I remember seeing a mother cry and cry and cry when she came to collect her child's results from my hands one year. I was only 19 years then. I wasn't even a recognized teacher or trained teacher. I have never attend the Clarence Fitzory Bryant College and never went on ANY  TEACHING  COURSE.

God just blessed me with PATIENCE and DETERMINATION. (Something that many of our teachers of today lack). When I handed her the CXC paper bearing the results of her daughter that was kicked out of school, and who she enrolled at my facility, she had passed all 6 subjects that I taught her and she did get a distinction.

This was a young lady that was KICKED  OUT  OF  SCHOOL by a group of teachers deciding students faith and future. DARE  2  BE  DIFFERENT  SAYS - NO  MORE  OF  THAT! Teachers - I will stage protests outside your high schools and remain down on my knees until they burn me and then let the international media take pictures of them. I will  wear a t-shirt everyday marked - GIVE  STUDENTS  A  CHANCE and POSTERS in my hand. I will go down to the Ministry of Education and do the same thing. I do write my own CNN iReports and for other news agencies that you don't know about. I will create a new blog solely to speak out about it. I will conduct my own surveys, voice and video too to get stories of the KICKOUTS who didn't give up from Caribbean Schools, to show the world where they are today. (You can contact us if you are one)

I think governments need to hire me to help advise them impartially with regards to our youth in every area of YOUTH POLICY. God has given me that talent and I believe I'll do a good job. Since that is highly unlikely, I built my own website to tell the world what I would do for our young people as I walk up an imaginery path as Prime Minister. Visit my new website - Khrystus Wallace For Prime Minister - . It's top three readers and top responses come from Russia, United States and Canada.

Goverment needs to put IMMEDIATE  funding into technical and vocational programs around the Caribbean. This is ONE way of getting young people positively occupied. If I had enough money, I would do alot of things to make an impact. One would be to make my training institution bigger so it can reach out to more youth and take them down the right path and show them that there is really HOPE  AHEAD. Although I wish it could happen tomorrow, I patiently wait because I believe one day, my Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre Dream will get the all the funding it needs and we will see mini mission centres on every continent in the world. We would be responsible for helping to POSITIVELY  ENACT  CHANGE  in our youth all around the world and will go down in history as the INTERNATIONAL  VOICE  OF  OUR  YOUTH. Hope is ahead for them all.

There is HOPE for our young people - Dare 2 Be Different International DEMANDS that we STOP WRITING  THEM  OFF! Do you think Jesus would have done that?

Khrystus Wallace, President and Youth Advocate - Khrystus Wallace for Prime Minister (A Dare 2 Be Different Division Speaking out on behalf of our youth)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not Because You Drive A Truck, Doesn't Mean You Don't Drive A Car (PIC INSIDE)

But the LORD sent out a great wind into the sea, and there was a mighty tempest in the sea, so that the ship was like to be broken. (Jonah 1:4  KJV)

Brother Bob Holbert, the missionary from North Carolina who God used some sixteen (16) years ago to lead me to Christ is in St. Kitts for evening Vacation Bible School at Calvary Baptist Tabernacle, St. Pauls St. Kitts.

Imagine, he has probably been coming on this missionary trip for over 20 years now - That is faithfullness, dedication and committment. When we sat at the beginning of this week to talk, laugh and have fun, he commended me for my obedience to the Lord to encourage the world and also not being afraid to warn during my Hope Devotionals - something many ministers of the Gospel are afraid to do now because they seek popularity.

He did say that God had put alot of talent and potential and wisdom in one man, and pointed me to a particular scripture in Proverbs which I don't remember, which reminded me that I should always be MOST  APPRECIATIVE  to GOD  ONLY for doing that.

While discussing my fearless approach towards warning the world and talking out about many things that are not in order, or that is happening in the church or that is hurting the youth and membership, he made a statement and I had to ask excuse to email it to my ministry office computer. This is what he said, "Not because you drive a truck, doesn't mean you don't drive a car."

I'm a student of Literature and I thank Mrs. Dorothy Warner and Mrs. Jonace Hall-Herbert from the Verchilds High School for doing a great job at teaching our Class of 2002 ( to THINK  DEEP. When I got home, I thought and had to say ohhhhhhh - HOW  TRUE!

Too many of US as Christians are living a double standard life around the world and it is keeping away others from coming into the KINGDOM. Are you one?

Do you follow the news? There is too much talk of Homosexual pastors and priests and ministers in the news. Those that are not in the news, members know about what is happening and keeping it quiet. It is not America alone, is is slowly but surely creeping into our Caribbean Isles.

We now have fornicators leading the choir and worship and playing the drums and falling out in the spirit.

We now see people talking in tongues and abusing their wives.

We now see people who are backbiting and gossiping or giving their bosses the most trouble being the biggest prayer warriors in at their church.

We have many ministers of the gospel around the world who do not have their own house or marriage in order but are telling others what to do.

We now see Christians  in work places as some of the most devious, deceptive people there. WHY is this so?

Too many of US have grown to display one image in and around church and another one outside. "Not because you drive a truck, doesn't mean you don't drive a car."

As a youth advocate, I will continue to contend that many of us are are CONFUSING our YOUNG  PEOPLE and those who just got saved and those we want to take up the mantle. We are CONFUSING THEM with our double standard lives. Did you visit and see the question a young person sent in recently? If not, let me share the question, you can visit my website for the response.

Question: Brother Khrystus, I asked my Pastor to help me out financially because I lost my job, couldn't find one for a long, long time and still had my obligations to meet. I did tell him that I'll pay him back, but he now wants to take advantage of me and my body and he is married to such a beautiful wife who loves the Lord and The Church and he is ALWAYS  FULL  OF  THE  SPIRIT - I'm totally CONFUSED. What should I do?

Is this Pastor driving both a TRUCK  and  CAR?  STOP! Don't JUDGE HIM because many of us are doing the VERY  SAME  THING, just in another way.  IT  IS  IMPERATIVE  THAT  WE  REPENT - TODAY!!!!!!

Friend, I am going to slow down from today, examine MY  LIFE, go deeper into the WORD  OF  GOD, repent and PRAY  MORE. I am a Child of God and shouldn't be complaining of challenging times at

Is it that God is tired of something or things in my life and he is punishing me like JONAH?
But the LORD sent out a great wind into the sea, and there was a mighty tempest in the sea, so that the ship was like to be broken. (Jonah 1:4  KJV)

Is he breaking me just so I can slow down and deal with somethings in my life because so I can come out even stronger for him? I knew he took me down very low last year that's how he got me to start writing to encourage the world on September 19th 2011. From many of the daily emails, blackberry messages, phone calls, I know that the world looks out for my encouragement through

God shouldn't have had to BREAK ME  LIKE  that to get me to use my TALENT for him. I had all across the globe, and as a child of God, nothing much about HIM was being put on the internet about HIM and it was GOD who gave me the skill.

 (That has all changed now - we control the words  HOPE  IS  AHEAD on nearly all search engines around the globe which we are really reaching the WORLD  NOW, and we will soon be in full control of the words - DARE  TO  BE  DIFFERENT. I'm working on that. But God shouldn't have had to break me to get some attention.) Is He doing that to you too and you think your problems are the result of the enemy? MAYBE  NOT.

We have ALL FALLEN SHORT in some area in our lives. I do not care how HOLY we may play or act or talk, we MUST  ALL REPENT and stop driving both Trucks and Cars. It should be either or. I believe, honestly that many of us are keeping back the blessing that God has for us because of our DISOBEDIENCE and double-standard life, this is simply why we are not recieving the pouring out of a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. Malachi 3:10

When God has enough, then it's destruction time. Remember in Sodom and Gomorrah's Day? And Noah's day? Remember because of the attitude of the the children of Israel, God had to wipe out an entire generation and not let them enter the promised land?

Numbers 20:12 And the LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron, Because ye believed me not, to sanctify me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore ye shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them.

And so. . . .are we out of order? Are we facing possible DESTRUCTION again from the mighty hand of God because we are driving both TRUCKS and CARS?

I honestly paused just now and wondered, "Would ever be successful? Am I too focused on meeting a deadline of September 19th 2012 to publish all 7 books titled "God's Prescription For Positive Living I, II, III. IV, V, VI, VII?  Is this focus on my books and my excitement of having an international following reading these devotionals and contacting me from around the world affecting my ministry, getting to my head, and pushing God out of the picture?

Is it that God has a big investor or seed sower out there waiting to contact me to invest in or bless the ministry so we could build our Dare 2 Be Different International Mission Centre? But because I may be possibly driving a TRUCK and CAR too - God is holding back what he has for me?

Is it that God is saying to me, "Khrystus - You are your own boss and you dictate how your day goes, but you are finding yourself BUSY about everything and not spending time with me and so I will hold back your blessing UNTIL?"

I think I smell destruction AHEAD, more pain, harder economic times, more trouble in our lives IF - WE DON'T  REPENT - RIGHT NOW and MOVE  DIFFERENTLY?

Is our doom and our destruction much closer that the HOPE that I always talk about because we are PLAYING  CHURCH  and PLAYING  CHRISTIAN?

If God were to float an ARK outside the nearest dock in your country and let an angel from the sky declare to the world that ALL  WHO  ARE  LIVING  A  CLEAN  LIFE  IN  MY  SIGHT -  STEP  INTO  THE  ARK -  Will you be one making a step?

I beg of us - ALL. Let us consider our ways and repent. What Brother Bob said is so true, Not Because You Drive A Truck, Doesn't Mean You Don't Drive A Car.

It should either be a TRUCK  or  a CAR. A life for Jesus or one for the enemy. There are no two ways about that. I am not perfect, neither was Peter, he had sinned - he lied three times, but God still used him mightily. Many times when the great prophets in Bible days spoke - no one listened. I smell destruction AHEAD unless.

My thinking may be quite UNPOPULAR and since I also recieve many devotionals from many different ministry's, I know this devotional may be a bit SCARY, but it's just from God's mouth to ALL  OF  US.  ALL  OF US - ME  TOO!

Hope is Ahead for all of us if we REPENT and decide to be BETTER people and LIVE  FOR  GOD.

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Khrystus Wallace
President,Techno-Evangelist, Motivational Speaker, Preacher, Youth Advocate     

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