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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good Bye SKN! I Think I'm Going To Stop Doing All This Youth Work in St. Kitts - Nevis Soon

Mark 6:4 But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

Friend, let me be honest here. It's 3:01am - Tuesday, 23rd October, 2012 - I can't get to sleep. Many times I just feel like giving up and throwing in the towel because no one seems to care. Since I founded Dare 2 Be Different International - in June 2008 until now, I have been bursting with ideas to help our young people in St. Kitts - Nevis, empower our young people in St. Kitts - Nevis and show them that there is HOPE. Sadly, those who can help are not helping.

Why should I be shocked anyway? Wasn't it the Bible that said in Mark 6:4 that A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house. (This is enough evidence to go somewhere else where I can setup and get support - So I'm going to do it)

As I type, I am thinking of a youth organization in the Federation of St. Kitts - Nevis that is making such a local, regional and global impact like us on our youth and I can't find any. God has blessed me with the wisdom, the ideas, the technological skill and know how to empower youth around the world and I am getting no local support. Imagine that - then we say we are ALL  FOR  OUR  YOUNG  PEOPLE. How foolhardy! Far from the truth indeed!

No government support. No opposition support. No non-governmental organization support at all. I want to make mention here, that Dare 2 Be Different is only supported by less than FIVE (5) of the poorest people in St. Kitts-Nevis who not just see the work and read the work and hear about what we're doing on Radio, but they go the extra mile to help. These are the folks that make things happen. They don't live in good houses at all, but the little they give makes the difference.

It touched my heart the other day, when one sent 4 pounds of flour to help with our youth event. Then another one gave some tamrinds and sugar and recommended that I get someone to make some tamrind jams to sell and make some money for our ministry. The givers seldom give MONEY, but they find things around that we can use. Dare 2 Be Different isn't about MONEY at all, we believe if people work together the impact would be greater. The non-help / non-support has never stopped us over the 4 years.

As a gospel based ministry, I want to make mention here that no gospel institution in St. Kitts - Nevis has ever released $1 or a pack of rice into the work that we're doing and only a few ever commend or encourage the efforts. I guess I've been in ministry long enough to know about "Jealously in Ministry."


Dare 2 Be Different doesn't collect dues. We haven't opened our Local Church at Yet, we just keep church online - , so we are not supported by Tithes and Offerings either. (By the way, even when we open The Victory Centre in St. Kitts, we WOULD  NOT  be collecting Tithes and Offerings - We have our other thoughts about how to raise funds for the ministry and we DO  NOT  want to be named among some of the churches that are milking or swindling their members for their personal gain.)

For the record, no other youth organization in St. Kitts - Nevis and I believe I can safely say - the Caribbean has gone the extra mile to empower and encourage not only young people, but adults too and not only St. Kitts - Nevis citizens, but the Caribbean and the world.

Which other youth organization, started by 4 people under the age of 25 four years ago is doing so much.

Over our four years, we have continued to INVEST in the lives of youth financially and otherwise by pooling our little resources together from the money we make from our jobs, along with our various skills and know how. Which other Caribbean Youth Organization is agressively empowering youth to open their own businesses? There are alot of groups out there that host workshops and forums and talkshops, but Dare 2 Be Different doesn't just talk, but we ensure that everyone apart of our Mission Mobilization Project - leaves with a business open. Meet them as we add them to our Tomorrow's Millionaire's Blog at:

Which other Caribbean Youth Organization has gone the extra mile to help youth create relationships that last? -

Which other Caribbean Youth Organization has gone the extra mile to answer questions from youth? -

Which other Caribbean Youth Organization doesn't just write off our youth and adults because they don't come to church, but rather bring the church to their doorsteps and with the use of technology, right in front their computers? There are over 200 Encouraging Hope Devotionals on  and our 24-7 - 365 day church is always open on so anyone, anywhere at anytime in the world can receive an encouraging word from the Lord.

Can I tell you that we are one of the only OPEN - IMPARTIAL voices in the Caribbean speaking out on ALL  ISSUES  that affect our youth on the internet and through the media. Can I tell you that we are one of the only Youth Groups presenting ideas to those in the political hemisphere to help our youth. I don't plan to get involved in politics and since I don't, I share what I would do for our Youth and Nation if I became a politician - See my ideas on

The Youth around the world that are doing good, need to be commended. Commendation goes along way, that is why we have

I am a dreamer and I do all I can with the little I can to bring my dreams to pass. Having been a school student at primary and high school, I was demoted from 4A1 to 5A2 at The Verchilds High School in St. Kitts. I was always a star from primary, representing my schools in essay competitions, poetry, debates, elocution contests etc and bringing home the TROPHY and Monetary Prizes for my school. They always called on Khrystus Wallace to enter these competitions. I was always in the news, in the papers, on the TV, doing them proud. My parents were going though a divorce that had a tole on me and my grades dropped as I entered the last stanza in my High School Career.

No teacher or school counsellor ever asked why this star's grades had gone south. They NEVER inquired. They demoted the star. They kicked me in 5A2 having been an A1 student all my life. This could have demotivated and demoralized me for life. I didn't give up though. I was determined to make that an example with God's help and I did. When the results came back, the A2 student that was kicked aside, paid no attention to, returned the BEST  RESULTS that academic year and became Valedictorian.

It was right after high school, I decided not to work for anyone and I started teaching my own classes. I was keenly interested in giving special help to those students that were the rejects of schools or kicked out of school. This year makes 10 years that I graduated from High School and 10 years that I've been teaching my own private classes for a living JUST  TO  HELP. I have put these classes under one roof. With the help of my Mother, Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.ED, we have started small to establish The Dare 2 Be DIfferent Academy and Bible Institute -

With God's help, I know we will grow to be one of the leading schools in The Federation that has a keep interest in STUDENT  REJECTS  like myself.

I stay sharing my ideas to help youth. I don't have the money, so I can't put them in place and employ them, so I sent them to My Internet Idea Corner -

I have fun with them too. I am a down to earth - 'crazy' and excited Christian that just knows how to relate to the youth. Youth around the world follow me on facebook .I am actually surprised which countries people contact me from on Facebook, via email or on my BlackBerry Pin: 220067D8.  My ministry facebook page is well visited too -

When I pause with my FUN BLOG POSTS, such as  writing my Imaginary Love Story on , the youth always encourage me to continue.

"Brother Khrystus - When are you opening your church?" That's a common, almost daily question from the youths and adults, but I have to raise what we need first and wait on God to provide. See how you can be apart and help -

I'm not rushing it. I am happy that Bishop Kelvin Jones - a pastor of some 52 years at The Mount Carmel Baptist Church in St. Kitts, West Indies, was the first pastor to fully endorse our ministry and my vision and agreed to work along with us until we open the church.

Now you know what that means? I'm giving Mount Carmel as much time, energy, dedication, service, empowerment as I can, because I see Bishop Jones' words to his congregation as humbling. You seldom see older and other ministers agreeing to work along with a younger - vibrant - up to the time vision. I have the highest respect for him.

See his church's website that we're working on - Everywhere you hear about Dare 2 Be Different in St. Kitts - You'll also hear about The Mount Carmel Baptist Church too.

When God gave me the Vision for Dare 2 Be Different in June 2008, He said that it should be a global vision and so we are heading global. We have ministries in Kenya - , Ghana, St. Vincent & The Grenadines - and applications in from UK, USA, Pakistan and India. People contact every week about partnering with us.

I stay looking for youth partners to open Dare 2 Be Different Internationals and Victory Centre Churches -Learn More at:

I have only gone through about 0.1% of what we're doing or what we've done with LITTLE CAPITAL and LITTLE  SUPPORT. To tell you more, would mean you'll have to sit here for about 72 hours reading non-stop. Find it all in pictures and videos all across the web.

If we are doing all of this GREAT  WORK  WITH  OUR  YOUTHS  AND  ADULTS with very little support from our OWN  COUNTRYMEN, GOVERNMENT, NGOs and CHURCHES, imagine if we got a little support - how much more we'll be able to do.

Friend, I'll tell you the honest truth, my ministry is global and having invested 4 long years in St. Kitts - Nevis, I think I'm going to explore GLOBAL opportunities to further our impact elsewhere. When I leave, St. Kitts - Nevis would NEVER be able to say that I never gave back to my countrymen and YOUTH, when people see what I'll do in a country that endorses and welcomes my service, if God spares my life.

I'm ready to talk and consider travelling to do youth service in your country - whether short term or long term. There is a popular saying that "We only miss the water when the well runs dry." After all, to Stay in St. Kitts - Nevis with NO  SUPPORT  would mean to sit on my dozens of dreams and ideas that I have to impact the youth. Mark 6:4 But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

You really MUST have a passion for Christ and For Youth to continue to push in a society where you are barely being supported. If you understand my passion and you are doing a similar work and not being supported, sometimes God is saying to us, like Abraham, Like Moses, Like Noah that we have to prepare to shift OUT of our current environment or we may die or get NO WHERE in our current situation.

I truly did appreciate working with Youth in my homeland for over 4 years, but it doesn't seem at all that I can let the Federation of St. Kitts - Nevis be the HOMEBASE of Dare 2 Be Different International - any more. It has to be in a country that supports my vision for youth. So I'll travel and look and I'll explore invitations from worldwide ministries from TODAY. If  governments and NGOs overseas want me, I'm not hesitating, I'm going to do God's work and impact the youth elsewhere. After all, my countrymen sit by and admire and do not help. I won't begin to tell you of the opportunities that Dare 2 Be Different is being exposed to OVERSEAS - you will be totally amazed.

I honestly would have liked to put my Dare 2 Be Different International 30 Million Dollar Mission Centre Dream and Projects in place in St. Kitts - Nevis, but it doesn't look so at all.

Email: to request the Grant Proposal for 8 Super Projeects that I now want to carry out in another country across the globe since "It's just all talk about helping our youth and NO ACTION!"

May I say a special thanks to those that support us with their prayers, their best wishes, their gifts to youth, donations of items to our mission in kenya and also the small handful of individuals that give and keep us going. May you never be in want, in lack, in need. May you be blessed in your going and in your coming. May your seeds and gifts into our ministry supercede all of your expectations. I declare that you will stand amazed to see how God delivered and helped and prospered you simply because you were one of the first givers and supporters in our ministry. BLESSINGS  GALORE!!!!!

Khrystus Wallace, President
Dare 2 Be Different