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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1st Ever Historic Caribbean Economic Mission Trip To Ghana & Kenya Expected to Draw 100s to Christ and Create An Economic Turn Around in Countries

Dare 2 Be Different International
Celebrating 5 Years of Impacting, Innovative, Creative, Global Youth Ministry – 2008 - 2013

P O Box 2310 | Basseterre | St. Kitts | 1-869-465-5914 | 1-869-663-0114 | BB PIN: 2A3CBAA3

29th January, 2013

Dear Sir / Madam,


Greetings from Dare 2 Be Different International – . During the month of February 2013, as part of our 5th Anniversary Celebrations, a contingent from our group will be executing an economic mission trip to Ghana and Kenya and will also be launching our Florida and New York Hubs during that same month with mega activities there.

The contingent will be headed by Mrs. Yvette Wallace, M.Ed, and she will travel along with Khrystus Wallace, Lemercius Wallace, Joy Codrington and Crispin Matthew (A foreign national living in Florida who heads up our USA Ministry).

Our first and foremost effort is to spread the message of Jesus Christ and help the dozens of children and youth that need help in Ghana and Kenya.

Dare To Be Different International, founded in June 2008, is an outside the box ministry that doesn’t just focus on religion, but also seeks to cater to every aspect of an individual’s development and also impact economies in which it is located. Therefore, although we will be conducting crusades, we also plan to carry out agro-processing training, business labs workshops, Caribbean craft and cultural presentations, music training and more.

Among some of the other main highlights are:

·         The marketing of The Dare 2 Be Different Academy & Bible Institute – It is our intention to allow this organization to start accepting foreign students for on campus training in St. Kitts and in Nevis (to be established this year) and online training too. Such a move will increase foreign capital coming into our twin island Federation and also provide opportunities for more local residents to get their properties rented, more banks to open accounts, more businesses to receive patrons, more taxes for our country

The Dare 2 Be Different Academy and Bible Institute –  idea is DIFFERENT to any seen before in the Caribbean. We continue to partner with USA Organizations to ensure that our courses are accredited and will also seek Local Government Accreditation. Apart from that, how many other places in the Caribbean can regional and international individuals go to learn screen printing, embroidery, graphic arts, printing banners and signs, art, make breadfruit and sweet potato flour, fudges, local drinks, sugar cakes and agro-processing

Which other Educational / Technical or Vocational Organization carries a course so that at the end of the students training, they have a REAL ECOMMERCE business with stocks, merchant account to charge debit/credit cards, the ability to charge from their iphones and blackberries etc Our Economic Mission Trip Promises to Sell The Nation as a superb destination in the process.

·         Our Ministry also plans to establish what we call “All Locally Produced Stores in Ghana, Kenya, Florida and New York.” This is a project we hope to grow to as many countries in the span of 5 years. The All Locally Produced Concept -  will seek to alleviate the problem that many of our local producers have. They cannot get their crafts, organic vegetables, clothing, art etc sold. Therefore, as we establish these franchise opportunities, our Locally Produced Stores across the world will only be permitted to sell / buy goods from who we commonly refer to as “The Small Man” or “Small Business.” Can you see the benefits already? Money in the pockets of the small man, means more money flowing around our economy since it is evident that it is small business that are keeping our fragile economies afloat. Just imagine how happy a local artist would be if Kenya, Ghana, Florida and New York orders three paintings from him/her each month at $350EC – That’s a salary of $4200 each month and it is foreign capital coming into our country to help some bank. What if a local farmer has a contract to supply 1000 pounds of cucumbers, or tomatoes, or string beans at our Dare 2 Be Different Florida Locally Produced Store. Imagine how happy he or she will be?

I do hope that you catch our vision! During our trips, we plan to market our islands as a tourist destination and send people to our Tourism Websites in both St. Kitts and Nevis.

This trip and idea has much potential to stir immediate economic growth in St. Kitts – Nevis and across the region and the world as we market our hotels, universities, businesses etc. We expect that this trip will help small and medium businesses in the Caribbean, USA, Africa and further afield, establish their entities in each other’s markets and immediately provide employment which is on a down low across the world.

It is here that we MUST STOP and  request your financial partnership to execute this worthwhile project successfully. Therefore, our ministry kindly solicits your financial assistance in aiding with travel expenses, accommodation, economic marketing events and banquets in Ghana, Kenya, Florida, New York.

Full coverage and recognition 24-7 around the world, will be provided via our Internet Radio – and TV –  and we will also be partnering will ALL LOCAL RADIO AND TV Stations doing live interviews to keep the nation abreast. We also plan to use Social Media and our global email database to keep the world informed as to our doings and also to give recognition to those that made the trip possible.

Donations can be made payable to: Dare 2 Be Different International  or can be deposited on our St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Account #: 10248253. (Email: for WIRE INSTRUCTIONS)

It is with much gratitude, that we thank you in advance, for joining with our ministry in supporting this first ever CARIBBEAN  ECONOMIC  MISSION  TRIP  ENDEAVOUR. As we plant our Dare 2 Be Different International Ministries across AFRICA and ordain and open our Victory Centre Churches – there, we expect to erect plaques displaying the individual or company names of those that supported this our first ever Mega Mission Trip for the world to see as long as God tarries.

If required, we are willing to barter sponsorships with website design services, t-shirt and polo screen printing, embroidery, banners, signs, pens, pencils, other promotional items, social media and freelance marketing services, advertising on The Caribbean Auction Site – to name but a few options. I can be reached at: 869-663-0114 / 869-465-5914 / 869-465-2585 – BB PIN: 2A3CBAA3.


Khrystus Wallace
President & Founder