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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let Peace Abound - One Contact Can Begin To Heal The Pain and Hurt

Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

I haven't written a HOPE DEVOTIONAL here on for a long time. Most of my other articles are posted on the 70+ different blogs on which I write, translated into different languages for different countries. Note well, I do much more blogging than what I send out via email to my global email database.

A once good friend of mine once told me that I should include more devotionals daily as they are greatly missed by them personally and by the world they are sure.

Had I done that, I myself would have been encouraged and would have even sought peace just to save a name. They would have been encouraged too. Certain things wouldn't have taken a certain slant as my Hope Devotionals touch the world. I am sorry for stopping the HOPE  IS  AHEAD  writings when I reached a goal of 7 books. I will start writing them from today again, as God had to give me a sudden wake-up call to notice that.

Life can make some very sudden and strange turns and there are still many 21st Century Judas' on the loose and they still give kisses of betrayal one week before, hugs of betrayal months before, handshakes of betrayal years before, you get my point!

I have learned from a very recent experience that nothing is ever too sweet to turn sour. I have been involved in very shocking cases of betrayal for 2013 and I do believe such cases came directly from God and were only to suddenly and publicly get my attention and cause a sudden certain exit of people from my life just so that I can rise.

I did preach a sermon years ago called, LET  GO - LET  GOD! It's only when we do that, you'll see how fast we rise. BAGGAGE  KEEPS  US  DOWN.  We must practice what we preach or God will punish us.

Just like Daniel, Just like Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego. Just like Paul and Silas. Just like John the Baptist. Just Like Jesus. They were never to get me down and turn me PSYCHO as some people have tried, but they were to make me one of the BEST  AND  MOST  SUCCESSFUL  OF  GOD'S  CREATIONS  in the long run - watch and see.

Tests before the TESTIMONY! Pain before the gain! Shame for those that are talking and trying to bring you down - Just imagine!

Note well, you have to be very careful with who you trust today. My list seems to get smaller and smaller everyday - YES EVERYDAY! I now look at people around me with a MAGNIFYING  GLASS - if you have another one to lend me, please do. You should too - Judas Sold Old Jesus for 30 pieces of silver after all he had done for him. He lived to regret it so much that he hung himself immediately after. I believe if he had lived, he would have lived a long miserable life. Don't you notice MISERABLE people live a long MISERABLE life just so they can hurt and regret and also so the things they did to others can come back around to haunt them or their children?

Give the person the loan and stop being JEALOUS of their business idea! Mind You!

Bossman, give the deserving worker the raise in pay or the promotion! Come On!

Treat the person who has loved you and created a life for you right so that LOVE  LASTS. Their lessons are always just to help you to be a better person in life and ensure that you RISE.

Politician - Approve the Land Application - Stop Victimizing! None of that will be under and you would stay wishing you could have been apart of history if you aren't on the ark already.

Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

Every morning I wake, I ask myself, what's next? Who's going to try to surprise me today. My common saying is this, "EXPECT  ANYTHING  FROM  ANYONE  AT  ANYTIME. DON'T  LET  IT  SHOCK  YOU. That's why I don't cry. I get concerned, but I don't cry. When they come, I always ask - WHAT  LESSON  NOW - LORD - WHAT  LESSON? How much higher up the ladder are you allowing me to go with this experience."

WAR  ALWAYS  LEAVES  SCARS! It always leaves amputees. Some people who have returned from the war in IRAQ now have a Psychological problem. Yes, it's the pain from WARS turn people PSYCHO no matter how they smile and make a public show.  SCARS  and WOUNDS  and  CUTS  hurt badly  and the truth is always told and regret sits as the CHIEF  CORNER  STONE.

I want to recommend to us all that sometimes a simple meeting between parties involved is much better than blowing up a trivial issue because it makes the parties involved look very small and it alerts the public to what could have been private matters.

We should NEVER act on passion. Passion can cause individuals to create a good or bad image about one and about themselves for life. ERASABLE! Even though Paul planted churches, he had a HORRIBLE  LIFE because the Christians that he once persecuted, remembered his past and gave him hells and devils. His ministry kept him running, suffering and in prison all his life.

Our actions can keep up bound and hurting for life, especially if we are not around STRONG  PEOPLE who can help us rise again when all eyes are on us.

Have you ever noticed that PASSION in POLITICS get persons sometimes lying just to try and bring each other down and then end up regretting much of what they said and did because now everyone knows our true character now?

After words are let out, society never knows the truth and run with the worst things about someone, when a simple meeting could have made the biggest difference.

We all are given an equal opportunity to rise again after every trial, but very few do. Why? Very few people who fall, or exposed, have the energy, the passion, the zeal, the zest, the support from hundreds of individuals around them to re-establish an image, and so they remain boxed in for life, just around one or two people and folks watch and not wonder, but talk.

It's uncomfortable being in a crowd and wondering who's talking about you all the time?

Falling during a crises or public embarrassment never has to be, once we LET  PEACE  ABOUND  and deal with the right people.

God always finds away to expose our sins publicly and that is why he encourages all of us to DO  RIGHT! LIVE  RIGHT!  Just try our best. We must always find some type of way to destress and think - yes rethink - rethink and FORGIVE.

I've learned - SILENCE  IS  POWERFUL. That's my key to SUCCESS from today!  BE  SILENT  AND RISE. (Of course I know that I've been giving out million dollar ideas over my years of writing. USA  FIRMS  are hegging me to sign off on arrangements to give them access to publish my articles, so I can make royalties from all my ideas and from my PASSION  IN  WRITING for life. I'm going through the legal paperwork because everyone is smart.)

See who's hiring me to market my own country? An Indian Firm that our LOCAL  SUGAR  INDUSTRY  DIVERSIFICATION   FUND  hired overseas - as far as INDIA - when people in St. Kitts - Nevis are great advertisers too. That's one reason I started, to change all of that over time.

Did I tell you that an INDIAN  COMPANY contacted me since I started The Blazing Star Movement - and asked me to write PASSIONATE  ARTICLES  ON  St. KITTS - NEVIS to advertise the Citizenship By Investment Programme to folks in DUBAI especially?) as an online job?

I'm too busy, so once you've been supporting my ministry for at least 2 years ongoing or invested in my business, I can email you that persons email address IMMEDIATELY, as they keep bugging me, to get started, but I am not ready to bite off anything else right now.

So the job can be yours in the NEXT  MINUTE once they didn't find another local who is doing as much writing on their own blogs like me from St. Kitts - Nevis and has built a global marketing image. (See why its WISE  to position yourself with the RIGHT  PEOPLE  ALL  THE  TIME - PEOPLE  WHO  CAN  HELP? - That's how you'll get through in life!)

Who are you around? Can they help? Don't mess up anything good when you are around people who can help you reach the stars.

Let Peace Abound! Let Love Last - 


Smiling can never hide the shame and the pain and the regret and cause you to rise again.


You know friend, anywhere around the world, I want you to know that I'm not crazy and a psycho as some people probably reading this post have suggested. I am in my perfect mind. I am just BORN DIFFERENT  AND  SPECIALLY  BLESSED. Not because you can't understand someone, you should try to BRACKET  THEM  AND  TELL  OTHERS  THE  SAME.

Let Peace Abound! The very same people that we talk badly about today, try to defame, carry out Judas projects on, many times we need them tomorrow and end up wishing we hadn't done what we did. Let Peace Abound!

You have to be very, very, very careful with who you position yourself around and who you hang around. They can either help and advise you well or help and advise you wrongly. I love having LAWYER  and  LEGAL  FRIENDS - CLOSE  FRIENDS. I print their shirts for free, design websites, help them out at evenings all for free, just so that they can chill around me, respond very fast in legal issues, tell me how to deal with cases etc.

I always here many of them say that many of the simple cases people bring to them can be settled by INDEPENDENT  ARBITRATION quickly first, instead of court, but since there are no Independent Arbitrator businesses, people's private lives and business are exposed forever and everyone begins to look at them differently.

Wise friends and family usually provide advice that is full of WISDOM. Unintelligent friends and family members do not know how to give advise and thus give some of the worst suggestions and ideologies and add wood to the fire, when it could have simply been out already.

In closing, may I stress Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

YOU  MIX  WITH  THE  DOGS,  YOU  GET  BITTEN  BY  THE  FLEAS.  FORGIVE  AND  MOVE  ON.  Those that are usually the first to forgive are usually the first to RISE.  Being FIRST  ALWAYS  MATTERS.

Forgiveness never means completely restoring a relationship to EXTREMELY  CLOSE  STATUS  AGAIN with your co-worker, family member, lover, boss etc. What forgiveness does, is allow you to let go of the anger, the hate, the malice, the JUDAS experience and RISE - RISE - RISE!

If I have done you any wrong anywhere across the world - I'm SORRY. If I have an outstanding matter, please work with me. We need each other. I may need you now and you may just happen to need me tomorrow.

NEVER  LET  A  GOOD  RELATIONSHIP  GO  BAD. It was just this morning, a client of mine who had a previous issue with me was placed with a special foreign contact and it was like the individual wanted to worship me. I said, no, it was just a God setup. God rewards PEACE!

Time does heal wounds! When passion dies away and you're lying on your bed alone and looking up in the roof in the darkness of night, REGRET, UN-FORGIVENESS, SORROW and 
PAIN  from the hurt you caused others usually takes over your mind.

Honestly friend, when we have all done our bad. When we have all treated people terribly. No matter how bad and bold we play, we all have a HEART and many times think that if we had only LISTENED  and  SEEN  HOW  OTHERS  WANTED  TO  HELP  US  REACH  THE  STARS, look how far we would have gotten.

Let us all TRY - TRY I SAY from TODAY - TRY  TO  ALWAYS  LET  PEACE  ABOUND. It can save your reputation, your image, your character and save everything people would say about you after your actions.

Moving on PASSION can be good or bad. Letting a sudden new comer damage years of success, rising and worth usually yields PSYCHOLOGICAL, painful regret. I look forward to ensuring that every one of my Dare 2 Be Different International Members around the world are always happy, always rise and standout. No matter where they are in the world, people MUST be able to say, That's one of Khrystus' Dare 2 Be Different Members! That's why I don't give up, I endure the pain and stay declaring that better is coming.

There is always GLORY  after the  STORY. Don't be excluded from THE  GLORY by letting SIMPLE  IMMATURE people make you hop off the ark and not SURVIVE.

Having a revengeful spirit isn't Godly. So Let's just LET  GO!  We all have things we need to LET  GO  OF   - AND  MOVE  ON. Let's just do it right now. Let go of the bad relationships that you keep holding on to, let go of the job that is killing you, let go of that court war, you've been just making a public embarrassment and exposing yourself more for people to laugh at you.

Politicians, let go of the tribalism - has done that even before we are elected. Let go of the HATE - Stop thinking that every body is watching you. Nobody is jealous of you. Nobody even cares! Stop trying to be full of yourself in front of everyone. HOT  LOVE  DOESN'T  LAST - watch and see.

We all err at times. Like PETER  THE  LIAR, that asked God for forgiveness and then preached one sermon that got 3000 saved, you can rise again too. You can rise like Joseph, like Paul, like Daniel, but you must not be around SHOWY, PROUD and BOASTING people. You must be around people who humble themselves before the hand of God and then you'll definitely rise.

You must be around people who are prepared to struggle and climb their way up and get what they want instead of doing things to get the quick buck. That life isn't worth it!

Haven't you noticed that? One contact with your deepest enemy once you don't have a restraining order or injunction can begin to heal the hurt, the pain, the shame. ONE  CONTACT  can definitely do it - that's once you are completely sure that the CONTACT won't be used against you as harassment.

Expect anything from anyone at anytime! People change suddenly on people then always live to regret it! For over the five years the world has been following Dare 2 Be Different International, we get many emails and comments on our global blogs for being REAL and writing about real experiences.

Come on, if you continue to be blessed by our ministry and don't support us financially, I honestly think a THANK  YOU  FOR  YOUR  HARD  WORK, a little message to our team that makes this happen and keep us going can do. We want to create a Large Wall Hanging with our years of commendations for our June 5th Anniversary and we would honestly like to receive your POSITIVE  reviews on the work we've been doing over the years.

If you don't want your name published, just say.

Psalm 34:14 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

Khrystus Wallace, President & Founder
Dare 2 Be Different International