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Friday, August 24, 2012

Jefferson Wallace, Former Church Founder & National Icon to Speak Out & Apologize for Adulterous Life Tomorrow

Dare 2 Be Different International's popular Youth Rap Program on Dominion Radio 91.5FM in St. Kitts and carried live on all it's websites - and more, every Saturday from 11am EST is expected to double or triple it's audience on Saturday, 25th August, 2012 when Mr. Jefferson Wallace speaks out and warns others, especially God's people about running away from God and living an adulterous life.
A Hope Session with his son, Khrystus Wallace, President of the ministry saw Wallace Sr. asking for the opportunity to speak out. "The way of the transgressor is hard. God has allowed me to live so that I can speak out and WARN OTHERS about the pain and misery that adultery causes and I believe that there is still some good left in me to do on this earth."
Wallace Sr., The Prodigal Father was allowed by his 1st wife, to return to his first HOME, and stay in an apartment in the very same house that he left his family and walked out.
Mr. J.J.E.Wallace was a popular gentleman across his home country and a voice across the Caribbean and travelled to represent the local Government numerous times on nearly every continent.

Wallace founded The Landmark Baptist Church in Trinity Parish in the 1980s with a mission in Old Road, St. Kitts but had to close the missions and let dozens of people find new church homes after his lifestyle wasn't in order.

He was also a Class Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, T.V/Radio Broadcaster, Community Education, National AIDS Coordinator, National Disabled Chairman, National Drug Advisory Council Chairman, CARICOM Drug Education Advisor, Health Educator and Director of Youth and Community Affairs.
"I know I have disappointed many and the least I can do is say sorry and try to make an impact for Christ with my testimony and with what is left with my life." Ended Wallace
Jefferson Wallace is currently completing his book titled, "From Misery to Mercy," expected to be available for download on Amazon's Kindles, available for purchase online on and on book shelves all across the world from December 2012.
Dare 2 Be Different International is also currently networking with Movie Production Companies to film The Wallace Family Story.
The Youth who serve on The Dare 2 Be Different International Board thought that it was quite fitting and in order for Wallace Sr. to go public with his apology before actively assisting as Director of The Dare 2 Be DIfferent Virtual Health Education Unit and HIV/AIDS Support Co-ordinator on the Ministry's Planned Mission Kenya Trip to hold crusades across Kenya & Uganda and visit schools etc.
Mr. Jefferson Wallace wrote a poetry book titled, Craving Your Support, which is filled with an anthology of poems to help raise funds for the team to travel and to support the Dare 2 Be Different Kenyan Branch -  for as long as it remains under the ministry.
Listen to Dominon Radio 91.5FM in St. Kitts /  or Watch the interview online at on Saturday, 25th August, 2012 at 11am EST.
Dare 2 Be Different Media Department

Dare 2 Be Different Needs Your Partnership to do more- THANK YOU FOR ACCEPTING

Dear Friend of Dare 2 Be Different International,

Thank you for opening this email note. I want to get to the point as quickly as possible. Our ministry needs your partnership and support so we can continue to make an impact on youth all across St. Kitts - Nevis, expand to the Caribbean and continue to impact and reach further afield in the world through our Internet Outreach Programmes -

We were founded in June 2008 and God has been using a small member team (picture attached) to do wonders for him with our various talents. It would be impossible to tell you about all our doings during the last four years in this email. Simply search "Dare 2 Be DIfferent International" or "Hope is Ahead" in any search engine and you'll get an idea of the dozens of projects that we've initiated and carried out.
From Back to School Rallies, to Youth Empowerment Sessions, to Parties and events to keep youth off the street, to agro-processing and skills training workshops to name a few. Dozens of youth continue to be impacted on a monthly basis. One of our Highlights is our Mission Mobilization Program - which caters to empower youth by teaching them skills and business etiquette and showing them how to make a life and get money using such talents.
We established our Branch in Kenya - and hope to visit there some time soon in the future. During our 4 years, we used technology to build The Caribbean's 1st Fully Dedicated internet church at : where persons can watch services 24-7 / 365 days a year. We use social media to creatively get the Word of God OUT to audiences that may not be church goers.

Can I tell you that a Muslim emailed our ministry recently and said that he and his sister got saved after viewing one of our services and he now reads our devotionals to stay encouraged. He periodically emails me to ask to elaborate on scriptures so he can understand. God is doing wonders! Can I tell you that our Black Berry and Facebook and other social media sites are filled with folks from all over the world who stay connected for encouragement and love the fact they can dialogue with the team directly, which is not the case with many ministries?

Kindly head to one of our websites, preferably and give specifically towards a program that interests you. If you prefer to just give generally, you can become a card holder by going to:  

If you don't prefer to give financially, but can donate something of any kind, we welcome donations for both our St. Kitts and Kenya Divisions. If you need a general idea, see our WISH LIST AT:

To make the process quick, feel free to send a love gift of any amount to our paypal account:

We are living up to our mission statement which outlines our goal to REACH  THE  WORLD  for Christ using technology and on the ground mission programs. The top readers for our devotional website, which is translated into over 50 different languages, USA, UK, Russia, China, Germany, Dominica, Kenya, Australia, Bangladash, France. .

WE  SINCERELY APPRECIATE  WHAT  EVER  YOU  GIVE - Financially or Otherwise. If you don't give, we still appreciate you following our ministry. MAY  GOD  BLESS  YOU  AND  YOUR  FAMILY  TREMENDOUSLY, especially for partnering.

THANK  YOU once again for partnering.

Khrystus Wallace, President Dare 2 Be Different Int'l
Ministry Line: 869-465-5914  / Mobile: 869-663-0114  / BlackBerry Pin: 220067D8
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let Go and Follow God

Then Jesus beholding him loved him, and said unto him, One thing thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me.  (Mark 10:21  KJV)

The problem that is affecting so many people around the world today is that we want to keep holding on to our earthly possessions and close friends and family members, and this many times keeps us back from following God and progressing in life.

Sometimes the people around you are not excited about your dreams and visions like you are and the become a hindrance and you don't recognize it. It could be family or friends. Sometimes we get so caught up with our possessions that we fail to realize how we've been neglecting God.

God caused me to have a slight crash and shake up in business last year in order for Him to get my attention. How Sad! He caused things to become so slow at that it got me a bit down, worried and ready to give up. God then told me to start writing these Hope Devotionals on and share them with the world.

He told me to focus more on HIS work that he wants to do through ministry and build and push all our other ministry websites.

The Caribbean's 1st Fully Dedicated Internet Church -
Love Should Last Youth Guidance Website -
Dare 2 Be Different International (SKN) -
Dare 2 Be Different International (KENYA) -
Hope Is Ahead -
The Global Spotlight -
Our Online Magazine - (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
Our Internet Radio - (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

That's when things slowly started changing. God just wanted me to stop holding on so tightly on earthly dreams and possessions and start following him. From the moment I started writing and sharing with the world, God expanded my market and slowly increased my territories. Readers from all across the world started making small orders with me and I was awed.

I had to and still have to suffer because I was neglecting God and just using my talents in the world. I have to play catch up now with ministry doings. That's why I do so much for the Master online.

After orders started trickling in from around the world, God told me to build to take Caribbean Printing Orders and to take USA and International Printing Orders. What He saw, I didn't. God knew that expanding my business market, would also expand support for my ministry so I can do more with the youth and make a global impact. He slowly started preparing me for my Jabez Blessing.

I was just holding on TIGHTLY to my business when in fact I was to be holding on TIGHTLY to God and let him direct my path and business and ministry doings. Things haven't fully turned around yet, I am in need of working capital to expand, but instead of worrying about that and wondering if banks would approve my business plan and ideas, I am holding on tightly to God and trusting him.

Maybe, just maybe, just how he allowed me to start receiving international orders, he may just send an international accredited investor that is seeing the amazing things God is doing through Dare 2 Be Different International - to either invest in my business or give a gift to my ministry.

I patiently wait for God to open up more opportunties for me to travel the globe and preach the gospel and get to distribute my books that I've written, "God's Prescription For Positive Living I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII." I have no doubt that one day, the short dramas that my ministry produced and posted on youtube will come in front of the right people that God allows and we'll reach further a field. The key for me and for all of us is to stop trying to do it all ourselve, but Let Go and Follow God and he'll open the windows of heaven and pour us out all that we need. Opportunties, Breakthroughs, Blessings, Healing and the list goes on.

Many times we just have to let go and follow God just as Jesus told the young man in Mark 10:21  KJV
Then Jesus beholding him loved him, and said unto him, One thing thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me.

What or who are you holding on to today that is keeping you back from following God? Is it a good friend? A family member, your house, your car, your money, a sex life outside of marriage, privileges to a will, a position on your job?

What is it? You have probably been suffering and worrying all your life because you have been holding on to the wrong things and wrong people. Why not hold on to God TODAY.

Hope is Ahead when you let go and follow God!

Are You Saved? Live for Jesus in 2012. Learn How to make that step, visit: 

Khrystus Wallace
President,Techno-Evangelist, Motivational Speaker, Preacher, Youth Advocate     

Our Ministry's Aim this year is to raise enough funds to acquire The Dare 2 Be Different Int'l Mission Centre.    

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