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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Don't Die There! Favour Comes By Moving (Inspired By Dr. Annette Lazarus Rose-New York) Pic Inside

And there were four leprous men at the entering in of the gate: and they said one to another, Why sit we here until we die? (2 Kings 7:3 KJV)

"When you stand for God, people always like to run their mouths on you. Somebody is always plotting to take the heads off the people of God!" Speaking with a mixed Jamaican/American accent, those were some of the straight to the point words delivered by Dr. Annette Lazarus-Rose, Pastor of the Bethesda Healing Centre in Brooklyn New York and one of the Faith Tabernacle Ministries 2012 Convention Speakers.

I told my team that I'll cover this gospel event myself, so I dropped the typical shirt and tie and got in our Dare 2 Be Different Media clothes and did just that. I'm happy I covered it myself. I wasn't just taking pictures, videos and snapshots for facebook, twitter, blogs and other media sites, but I was receiving a word from God too.

"I've come to tell somebody who has felt like they've been shut out of society - DON'T  SIT  THERE - GET UP! Favour Comes By Moving!" At the beginning of her message, she recounted of an accident last November 2011 and how a back surgery had her all SCREWED  UP! (Yes screws were in her back). She did explain that so just in case we didn't see her moving up and down like she usually does, we would understand. I really don't know why she even bothered to say that. She preached as if nothing was in her back at all and she didn't just excite her audience, she warned and cautioned too.

"Could it be that the predicament we sometimes find ourselves in at times, could it be as a result of our constant rebellion?" The church went silent. The congregation wasn't shouting and clapping after that statement but the Woman of God didn't care. She continued. "Rebellion against Jehovah is simply why people are in so much trouble. Deuteronomy 28 reminds us that if we chose not to obey, things will go bad with us."

I don't know if the others got the message, but I got it and committed to really PULL  UP  MY  SOCKS.

She started to address the ministers of the gospel now. This time I know I was included for sure, among the many others there. "You will always be people's friend when you tell them what they want to hear. But, if you're in God's business and looking for popularity, you're in the wrong business, because you're going to always have to worry about people who would stop paying offerings."

That was a word of caution for all ministers and those who go the extra mile to manipulate members to give of their last for their personal gain! She was actually slowly building on the theme to show her audience that life brings suffering. Ministry brings suffering, but when it comes, we must not let it keep us under siege, we must MOVE ON because favour comes by MOVING.

"Don't let ANYONE box you in!" I wondered if someone had told her about my situation as a young preacher coming up some four years ago. She then postulated it from the microphone again. "Don't Let Anyone Box You In! All God wants is your availability! Like the lepers in 2 Kings 7, you must be prepared to NEVER  GIVE  UP! You must be prepared to go against the grain like they did. Do Not stay in the place where society and legalism puts you. Even if they have you as an outcast like the lepers, God Can Still Use You!"

She was right up Dare 2 Be Different's Hope Street! For thousands of people who read these Hope Devotionals translated into over 50 languages, you know that's our main theme. Hope for ALL.

I felt like running up and down the church and screaming. This was the same message our ministry carries to the world on I wished I had walked with my notebook to start writing this Hope Devotional so you could get it sooner but I had to wait to get home to do so.

The entire St. Kitts - Nevis Population should have been there. I sincerely regret that I didn't walk with a few more pieces of equipment to carry it live on our Gospel Media Website -, like we do for other gospel events.

The church went silent again as she spoke. "Many of God's people have become HYPOCRITES and MONSTERS failing to realize that we are all just sojourners in life. We are just passing through. We love to malign those who stumble in life and we use our tongues to kill them. We as the church WRITE  THEM  OFF! We keep bringing back up their past all the time, and not recognizing that the reason nobody knows your mess is because your sin is secret."

I believe a couple people gulped and said OUCH.
She slowly drove down my lane again and after preaching that fearless, uncompromising word, she offered a word of encouragement to those who were feeling hopeless. "Don't let anyone tell you who you are. Don't let anyone box you in. Don't stay in your spot or situation and die. Get up! Favour comes by MOVING"

She did something spontaneous in the middle of her sermon. I love to do that too at times when I travel to preach at new congregrations. Call people to action. She requested that everyone stand to their feet in the middle of her sermon and repeat the words, "God is turning it around," as they turned and shouted and turned and shouted and turned and shouted several times before giving an outburst of praise and taking their seats.

I can't share all with you here, but I know when a preacher is properly prayed up, has their scripture well studied and speaking under the anointing of God. If I work on a youtube video clip for you, I won't get any rest to start my week. Her message to all in attendance, was just as straight forward and to the point as the one she preached at my ordination service several years ago when she travelled to St. Kitts to conduct it.

As Dr. Rose came closer to the end, her voice receded. She then spoke softly and solemnly. "God offers you two roads. He says, walk my road and I'll bless you. Walk the other road and you'll suffer. Who would you have to blame?"

She left her audience thinking? She left me with a question for you, my international audience. If you continue to reject Jesus and go to hell, instead of accepting the better way - the better plan, WHO  WOULD  YOU  HAVE  TO  BLAME? I was really happy that I was the one from our Dare 2 Be Different Media Team working and covering this gospel event, so that I could show you too, that there are other HOPE  MINISTERS  out there in the world, who care about your soul's salvation and your well being in Christ.

Don't Sit and Die in your trying situation. Favour comes by MOVING. Move into a relationship with Jesus TODAY or if you are in a relationship with him already, I want you to take a FAITH  STEP  into your DESTINY and experience that HOPE  IS  AHEAD  indeed.

About this time TOMORROW - I declare that if you use your MUSTARD SEED  FAITH, you will begin to see a turn around in your situation and you won't be able to look out your windows or doors because FAVOUR will come rushing in. Continue to stay encouraged!

If this was NIGHT 1 of the convention, I wonder, just wonder what the other nights will hold.

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