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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Church Preachers Failed To Warn of This Economic Crisis That Was Coming - We've Failed!

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.  Matthew 7:15 KJV

As I drove to the Tyrell Williams Primary School in Verchilds, St. Kitts to brief the school's management team Career Day 2012 and  Dare 2 Be Different's plans for Friday, 9th, November, 2012, God gave me a word. It was a frightening word. An unpopular word. A word that made me totally embarrassed and ashamed. I stopped driving so fast and carefully held the wheel, drove very slowly before He threw me over Old Road Bay and began to repent and pray and ask God what can I do from now.

Now. . . .the Word. God told me that Pastors, Evangelists and all of us as ordained ministers around the world that we are responsible for the saints of God who are suffering from the Global Economic crisis. He said, "Khrystus - this should have never been. I have ordained LEADERS to properly shepherd my people, but you and all of the others have become DISCONNECTED, SELFISH and fail to constantly preach timely sermons."

Honestly, in the back of my head, I said, "Lord, alot of people come to the altar when I preach, doesn't that mean the sermons I prepare are timely?" I didn't entertain the thought anymore. I continued to listen. God continued, "Unless ALL my ordained ministers REPENT and begin to be SERVANTS and stop trying to be GOD's and KINGS and QUEENS, the sheep that they lead will continue to be under financial and economic bondange and be lead blindly over the cliff. Members will stop going to church and backslide because sermon messages won't be timely and the church offers no help or empowerment to them. The Pastors and Ordained ministers will then have to give an account for the saved souls that turned back and the souls that never got saved because they were never empowered by the Ordained Ministers sermons."

I then asked the Lord, "Lord, break it down, tell me what you mean, because while I do believe their are many false prophets preaching locally, regionally and internationally, there are those who are trying their best too." God responded, "Khrystus, I always send a warning word before a crisis. Didn't you remember that I sent Noah to warn the people? They didn't listen, but I sent a warning first. Didn't you remember that I sent Joseph to interpret The Pharoah's Dream? I warned the people and Pharoah - a man who wasn't following me, listened and prepared. Remember this word?

And there shall arise after them seven years of famine; and all the plenty shall be forgotten in the land of Egypt; and the famine shall consume the land; Genesis 41:30"

I now fully understood what God was saying to me. As I drove, I repented and repented and repented and asked God what can I do to make a difference and get this burden from off my shoulders. He responded, "Khrystus, you have already started doing it. Just stop complaining about no help and do my work. I will bless you. You have to endure for a while though, because you failed to warn my people about the famine that was coming and you failed to prepare too. I know you knew it was coming, but it was an unpopular word and you didn't want to be seen as strange. 

Your bold advocacy through Dare 2 Be Different now, is what you should have been using your network to do years back. Unlike many other dynamic youth preachers, you had a great opportunity to preach across denominational borders all your life. From Methodist, Baptist, Pentecost, Church of God, Wesleyans, Moravians and many Non-Denominational churches in St. Kitts-Nevis, the Caribbean and the USA. You failed to warn my people now you must ensure that you look after your team and teach them the importance of looking after others and everyone around you and that supports what you are doing around the world shall be blessed."

Child of God, let me be frank and honest. All our life, we had the years of plenty. Things were good, money was flowing, we were building houses, we had it all. Myself and many other preachers and ordained ministers of God always ensured that we preached an encouraging word, hyped our audiences, but it was never enough. We failed. We failed to warn our audiences to save and store up, like Joseph warned Pharoah's people in the Old Testament.

I must fully agree with God, because had we preached that gospel and practiced it, many saints of God wouldn't be suffering like they are today. We would have had money, land, houses, farms etc. That should never be the case with God's people - we should never be suffering with the People in The World when God is Our Father. Some who carry the Ministerial Titles around the world are honestly false prophets that the Bible talks about. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.  Matthew 7:15 KJV

As ravening wolves, they overdo the begging and pulling from members and never can help them in times of need. God hates that. Other false prophets aim to pass a multiplicity of offering plates and baskets and have a multiplicity of special offerings ever so often and still push the church to bake for bake sales from their own gas, give from their same pockets to fund cake sales and other fundraisers.

People should give fromt he heart because they see how God is moving, not pressured into giving and made to feel that if they don't give, they are going to hell. There are dozens of other ways churches can use to raise funds. I know about so many. Did you know that there are organizations that have started just to raise funds for Gospel Organizations so that we can just do God's work?

Those Ordained Ministers who participate in such a heinous crime of ROBBING God's People will come under His divine judgement. Nothing is wrong with encouraging to GIVE - but overdoing it isn't right.

And now, the years of plenty are over, we suffer as Children of God simply because God's ministers didn't warn us - ME  INCLUDED. "And the seven years of plenty, that was in the land of Egypt, were ended. Genesis 41:53"

What are we to do from hereon? We are to repent now, then begin IMMEDIATELY to HELP the people we shepherd. We have taken from them all our lives and now we must give back by introducing creative church / gospel organization policies to help them.

We must start cooperatives so that church members can shop together in bulk overseas and import products at a cheaper rate than what our supermarkets are selling. Locally, in St. Kitts, we would not have a supply shop to help our people with certain basic needs, thus THE CHURCH or Gospel Organizations such as Dare 2 Be Different International - MUST intervene and help fill the GAP for God's people.

As ordained ministers around the world, in such a critically economic trying time, it CANNOT be business as usual. How can we drive in our big rides and pass members when many of them do not have money to pay a bus. Ask me about that. Your members stop by ever so often to ask for bus fee and I see you pass them by? How can we go home on a Sunday and eat lunch when many of our members came to church without eating breakfast and have no hope of lunch. They came for the singing and the word YES, but many came to see if some kind member would bless them with $10 to feed their children or offer them a macaroni pie.

Things are bad - definitely for our Church Members and saints of God and they are getting ready to GIVE UP simply because we failed to preach and warn them of this famine that was coming and teach them how to prepare.

There is one thing we can do Ordained Ministers around the globe. Let us slay self, let God be glorified, and HELP. Dare 2 Be Different ( begs of you to do something to help your members - DO  SOMETHING  NOW.

Churches can start little restaurants and shops and small stores and put some youths to work. Why keep taking and banking when we can use the money to help to create economic growth.

We can help our members buy building supplies and materials direct from suppliers and ship in bulk. This will boost the construction industry and put our Christian Builders, Architects, Foremen, Labourers back to work.

We can source call centre contracts and use our basements of our buildings to start 5 or 10 member call centres. Let us do something to help. Imagine if 1000 churches follow Dare 2 Be Different recommendations and put people to work, we would be well on our way to receiving God's hand of approval and we would definitely speed up the blessings that He has for us.

Saints - Christians - Church members too, we must stop criticizing others, pulling down others, badtalking others. We must stop letting the devil use us in CHURCH. The Devil is Actively Working In Our Churches let us pray and be on the look out as SHEPHERDS from now on, we want to ensure that all our hundred sheep are SAFE and if there is ever ONE missing, it is our duty to go and find it - Just as Jesus would.

God gave me a final word, He said, "Khrystus, I know that you want to build and open the doors of The 1st Dare 2 Be Different Victory Centre - in St. Kitts. Do not be in any hurry to do that now. I will provide everything for it to happen without asking the people. Do not join the TAKERS during a globally economic trying time to build that sanctuary. Until I send the land and the building, continue to do the ground work and help."

God's last words to me frightened me even more. "Khrystus, I will begin to REMOVE  ORDAINED  MINISTERS - whether by death or by shame for failing to HELP my people. Dare 2 Be Different must never be named among such churches, ministers or organizations. My word still stands in  Revelation 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

Hope is Ahead for sheep who are being lead by true prophets of God - not false ones. You would know who is true, from who is false from today, depending on how much they do to HELP their sheep.

Khrystus Wallace, President
Dare 2 Be Different International

Ordained Servant,
Mount Carmel Baptist Church