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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Urgent Special Report: Judas' On The Loose - BEWARE

And while he yet spake, behold a multitude, and he that was called Judas, one of the twelve, went before them, and drew near unto Jesus to kiss him. Luke 22:47  KJV

I do hope that this Special Hope Devotional automatically posts on my blog and emails to you at such a critical time in your life when you need it - when we need it - all. God never lets a message go global before the appointed time.

I am not compelled to make this entry very, very, very long because I want you, my local St. Kitts - Nevis audience, my Caribbean and International audience to get the point quickly and then share this email all around the world. To be short, plain and frank, "THERE  ARE  A  WHOLE  LOT  OF  JUDAS'  ON  THE  LOOSE - BEWARE!"

Also, "THE  DEVIL  IS  OUT  WORKING  HARDER  NOW  MORE  THAN  EVER to instill the spirit of fear, the spirit depression, the spirit of suicide, the spirit of anger, the spirit of revenge on as many people as he can." All these spirits are contrary to the fruits of the spirit that God longs for us to engender. Interestingly enough, he is working through CLOSE  FRIENDS,  FAMILY  MEMBERS, CO-WORKERS  YOU  THOUGHT  ARE  FOR  YOU  AND  THE  INQUISITIVE  FOLKS  IN  SOCIETY.

For the record, EVERYONE  DOESN'T  LIKE  YOU! Not because they smile with you, eat with you, share a snack with you, hang with you by the village shop, or give you a ride in their vehicle or even hire you, means that they like you. DO  NOT  BE  FOOLED!

There are dozens of people out there that a jealous of you, hate every drop of blood in your veins and want to see you fall. There are people out there who want your job, who are jealous of the vehicle you are driving and the house you just built. Some people are even jealous of the weave that you are wearing and that nice silver or gold chain or bracelet, even your shoes. Some persons are jealous that your children are excelling in school. Some people are jealous of your success and your ideas. Others smile with you but if they had their way, they would kill you.

NOTE THOUGH: 2 Kings 6:16 And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.

Judas didn't kill Jesus with his bear hands, but he handed him over to be persecuted. I want you to note and note well, it's not every person who names the name of Christ or calls themself a Christian or a Pastor or Minister of the Gospel really has Jesus Christ Living in their hearts. Next time you are around a Christian that is pulling down others instead of trying to discuss a way to help - I want you to move away quickly from them before their spirit jumps into you. They are SHEEP in wolves clothing and are VERY  DANGEROUS. The same way they pull down the name of those they are discussing, it's the same way they will pull down your name too.

That's why we must ALWAYS have our spirit of discernment TURNED  UP  TO  ALL. It is imperative that we stay praying, (INDIVIDUALLY and COLLECTIVELY) and  be on the lookout, always remembering that the battle certainly isn't ours, but God's. GOD  FIGHTS  AND  WINS  ALL  THE  BATTLES  ON  BEHALF  OF  THOSE  THAT  ARE  TRULY  SAVED.

Friend, in closing, in such a challenging time in our World's History, I want to recommend that we all work TOGETHER. Let us bring back the days where the community looked out for its villagers and where the village raised the child.

TOO  LATE! Ludicrous! A Thousand Times Over! It is not too late if we start now! I need you! You need me! Let us work together! Who do you call at midnight when you want encouragement? Isn't it your brother or minister in the Lord? Where do I go to cut my hair or buy something to eat? We do need each other!"

We each have varying problems. If the economy hasn't taken a toll on our personal or business lives, then we are having marital problems? Do you honestly know where your husband or wife slept last night? Didn't you argue with your partner recently but are playing like all is well in the public?

I hope you are not one stressing someone else when you have your problems too.

Some teenage girls are prostituting themselves to make a living while many boy are pushing drugs to survive. Someone has just bought some tablets to commit suicide while there is a gentleman with a gun always in his pocket to kill himself in the event of the evitable.

The person that is busy fighting you down, is too busy to notice that their child was molested by a teacher or prominent person in society. I can go on and on and on an on but I do believe you get my point. We ALL have our issues - no one is excluded.

What can I say as I close this HOPE  DEVOTIONAL - This devotional that God asked me to write and set it to go out at a particular time on a particular day at 1:00pm EST?

All I can say as I close is this. JUDAS' are on the loose. Some are well known and others work in the background on their phones, in their positions, using their iphones and blackberries trying to bring people down instead of build up folks. Thus, we must do what Daniel did - Pray, we must not give up like MOSES even when The Pharoah's reject us. If we lose everything like JOB, let's not get angry with God, but stay patient for our time will come again.

Let me re-direct you to a devotional I wrote on Sunday, 22nd July, 2013 inspired by Dr. Annette Lazarus-Rose titled: DON'T  DIE  THERE - FAVOUR  COMES  BY  MOVING. Read it again on:

Get up! Do not take the doctor's report as final. Pray and go get a second opinion. Business people like me, St. Kitts - Nevis or your country isn't your only market, ask God to give you the wisdom to widen your horizons and blossom again. How dare you let that other lady take your husband or that man take your wife. Start praying and declaring some things over your situation.

Christians have power and if we use it, REST  ASSURED  we will see results. If two shall agree, REST  ASSURED that we'll see results even FASTER.

No matter your situation friend, do not give up - do not give in - do not let the enemy win. Fight for your marriage. Fight for your children. Fight for your finances. Fight for your business. (Right after this, I'm going out to give out some business flyers for to get some screen printing and embroidery jobs and I am declaring and claiming something TODAY because as I walk, I'll be praying for FAVOUR - because it comes as we MOVE."

This fighting doesn't require any artillery though, it requires MUCH  PRAYER  AND  FASTING because that is the only thing that will allow us to cross over into our PROMISED  LAND  that God has waiting for us.

Please be sure to pass this email all across the world and if you can, print it out and slip it on the desk of your enemies or post it to someone in the mail. As a Child of God - stand your ground - defy the odds - no matter what happens to you in life - it's all apart of your testimony - SOOOOOO - Let the talkers talk and the devil's employees work (remember some of them claim to be Christians too) - because they will get their pay of destruction in God's Time - Not Ours. I seal those words with the blood of Jesus Christ and they can only be removed once those guilty as charged REPENT  IMMEDIATELY. From today, I decree and declare that the devil's imps do not sleep well unless they quickly move to say their sorries. Note well, this blog entry will only make the devil angrier and cause his imps to turn up the pressure, but God has our backs.

Remember, plenty of Judas' are on the loose now more than ever. Therefore, I recommend that you spend more time praying and reading your Bible and seeking God's face than looking for company and friends. Don't say I didn't warn you - the people we sometimes think are our closest friends, the people who smile with us and hug us, the people who commend us are sometimes our DEEPEST  ENEMIES. I warned you - Judas' are on the loose.

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You've come too far to give up now friend - HOPE  IS  AHEAD. If you see me with a straight face and only periodic smiles for a season, just know that I am OK - but on GUARD! You should too because we don't know who is who.

Khrystus Wallace, President and Founder
Dare 2 Be Different International

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