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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Flowers for September 9-11 Victims. Caribbean Hugs & Love for their Families that Live On!

The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. (Psalm  9:9  KJV)

God will be always there for YOU!

The United States of America (USA) is always battling with Russia to be on the top of the list of  MOST READERS of our Dare 2 Be Different International Hope Devotionals on and our Virtual Church - . I couldn't let today pass without pausing to offer our ministry's condolences to loved-ones of the September 11th 2001 tragedy.

September 11th each year always brings back memories of the tragic terrorist happenings in 2001. I remember it just like yesterday. While coming from school, I came across a gentleman, right here in St. Kitts who had water rushing from his eyes down his cheek. It seemed quite strange, because we tend to have a strange tendency that suggests men aren't to cry.

I had never seen him cry before though, and as a little 15 year old boy, I inquired of his circumstance. In a crackling voice he said, "They blew up the World Trade Centre and I have a close relative that works there and we can't get her on the phone."

I immediately felt his pain, especially because we rarely see men crying. I know the gentleman  had to be in much distress. As young as I was, I told him, "Everything will be alright! Everything will be alright!" What else was really there to say? I didn't want to say the wrong thing. When I got home, my family was already watching the coverage on CNN. If you remember well, the coverage remained for days and weeks and I too was listeningwhen President Bush waged war.

We never really understand tragedy. We will never get answers as to our WHYs either down here on earth. One of the hardest things for me in ministry is being there for someone who has lost or is losing a loved one, even if they are saved, and we are comforted by that, it is usually hard.

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There is one thing we do know though, is that through good times and bad, God is always there. Through happiness and distress, He's always there too. The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. (Psalm  9:9  KJV)
It is only because of God why loved ones who lost relatives and friends during the terrorist happenings, are alive today. God has been and still is there for them.

Loved-ones, as your memories go back to the tragedy of September 11th 2001, as you smile at the thoughts of the fun times you once had with a spouse, a child, another relative or close friend, as you shed a tear or tears, always remember to still give God thanks for their lives and thanks for keeping you strong through it all.

On behalf of Dare 2 Be Different International (St. Kitts) Main Branch (, and Kenya ( and our recent applications to establish branches in Ghana, India and Indonesia, we humbly lay virtual flowers for ALL September 9-11 victims and we take the opportunity to open our arms and give Caribbean Hugs & Love to you the families that live on!

We do believe that as God leads Christian Individuals to establish Dare 2 Be Different International Youth Ministries and Open our Victory Centre Churches all across the USA in the not too distant future, our ministry will play a more active role in September 11 Memorials. Until then, always remember that our hearts are forever with you.

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 Khrystus Wallace
President,Techno-Evangelist, Motivational Speaker, Preacher, Youth Advocate  

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Monday, September 10, 2012

24 Minute Dare 2 Be Different International Victory Centre Presentation

The End of Time is Fastly Approaching. The Church MUST USE all available means of technology to get the GOSPEL OUT and manage time wisely. Dare 2 Be Different International Victory Centre - went from door to door and house to house singing, reading scriptures, praying and encouraging this morning. At 2:30pm we paused to have Sunshine Corner with the Youth then headed to the hospital. We then went to our Studio and taped today's service not just for a small gathering of people within fourwalls, but our VIRTUAL SERVICE will head to hundreds of homes now as they watch it on YOUTUBE or replay it on