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Thursday, May 3, 2012


President of Dare 2 Be Different International, 25 year old Khrystus Wallace is on a quest to raise US$3 Million dollars in 12 months or less to fund the first phase of his Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre Dream. The drive officially starts June 1st 2012 which is the Ministry’s 4th Anniversary Month and would end June 1st 2013 which would be the ministry’s 5th Anniversary Month and ground breaking ceremony for the project.

Since 12 years old, Wallace envisioned the need for a holistic youth centre in the Federation of St. Kitts-Nevis that provides an opportunity for youth to be positively occupied in a safe and well rounded environment.

Wallace stated that as a young Christian, there was practically nothing extra for him and others to do and fully understood why many youth returned to the world, seeking fun, joy and fulfillment simply because the church lacked in catering to this essential part of youth development.

Even before he founded Dare 2 Be Different International in 2008, Wallace documented what his vision was when God gave it to him in December 2004 and still holds that precious document even until today.

The Gospel Based Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre envisages an all in one facility that houses

·         a Dinner ‘N’ Movie Theatre
·         a Gospel Youth Bar
·         an Indoor Basketball and Tennis Facility
·         an Indoor Restaurant, Arcade and Play Centre
·         a Football & Play Field
·         a Study Centre & Library
·         Extra Rooms for classes and I.T Training
·         A Mission Mobilization Training Facility
·         The Dare 2 Be Different Mini-Mall that will ONLY house businesses that are a product of the Mission Mobilization Project
·         The Dare 2 Be Different Technical & Vocational Institute primarily geared for students who would have been kicked out of the regular learning institutes because they were not academically inclined.
·         The Dare 2 Be Different  Bible College
·         An Indoor / Outdoor Camp Facility to accommodate local, regional and international camps
·         A Fun Theme Park with year round rides
·         A Conference Room for meetings, weddings, receptions etc
·         Counseling Huts
·         A State of the Art Theatrical Auditorium for Dramas, Dance Recitals etc
·         The Dare 2 Be Different Gift Shop
·         24-7 Prayer Line and Counselling Call Centre
·         Dormitories to house persons who need to get out of a setting while they are being ministered to
·         The Victory Centre’s Virtual Sanctuary (The Caribbean’s 1st Virtual Church)

When asked where the working capital would come from to keep such a massive project going for years, Wallace stated that part of Dare 2 Be Different’s plan is to acquire or build dormitories to rent to the growing international student population in St. Kitts-Nevis and use the rent as one considerable source of working capital to keep the project going.

According to President Wallace, The Dare 2 Be Different International Mission centre, when complete would be a multi-million dollar project dedicated to SAVING  OUR  YOUTH  and  CREATING  NEW  A  NEW MINDSET for the next generation to come.

This project would show that there is an INTERNATIONAL  MINISTRY that was founded in one of the smallest islands in the world – ST. KITTS, that cares about our YOUTH.

Wallace is a born Youth Advocate, Leader, Philanthropist, Writer, Minister, Techno-Evangelist, Radio Host and Businessman. Since he founded Dare 2 Be Different International, he has guided the ministry to make a Spiritual global impact using the technology available and is a foot soldier for Christ travelling from church to church with his messages of HOPE, EMPOWERMENT and SALVATION.

Wallace is a gifted evangelist, who ceases the opportunity to minister through hosting Back to School Rallies, Bus Driver and Government Worker Appreciations, Dare 2 Be Different Youth Parties and Events etc.

Wallace has built a global readership and following since his ministry added the almost daily Popular Hope Messages on He has since published 2 books, titled God’s Prescription for Positive Living I and II. Wallace has hopes of publishing III, IV, V, VI and VII by September 2012 and then travel the world preaching and marketing his books along with raising support for this endeavour.

Dare 2 Be Different Int’l officially opened it’s Kenyan Hub in January 2012 and took over and renamed a struggling school and orphanage calling it The Dare 2 Be Different Comprehensive School and Orphanage.

Through the use of technology, Wallace founded The Victory Centre, – which is a fully dedicated Caribbean Internet Church that keeps preaching and spreading the message of Jesus Christ 24-7 – 365 days a year. Something that many ministry’s 5, 20, 30 , 50 years old have failed to do by leaving technology out of their ministries. The Victory Centre’s weekly service airs every Monday at 8pm, but views can always log on and listen several rebroadcasts one behind the other.

With an aim to guide youth to create relationships that last, Wallace built and also built which is a Gospel Based Online Youth Magazine. Dare 2 Be Different’s Internet Radio – is in testing phase and is expected to reach thousands of listeners all across the world. With a heart to help young people, Wallace established The Mission Mobilization Project – to help to empower young people to use their talents to make life during a trying global economic time when jobs are hard to find.

When asked why establish such a centre in St. Kitts, Wallace’s answer was out of the ordinary. He said, “You know, St. Kitts is our first option. But it is not our only option. Dare 2 Be Different International is an International ministry and if God provides the way, the land, the resources and government support and approvals in another country that wants something like this, faster than St. Kitts-Nevis – We are going! Whether it’s Antigua or Tortola or USA or UK or Russia or Africa – where ever God makes the way – we are going!

 I believe, just like McDonalds and KFC, we too will have different Dare 2 Be Different Hubs all across the world, but I want to get this headquarters up and running ASAP.”

Wallace isn’t just waiting on Investors or Shareholders to start showing interest, since several months ago, he decided to dedicate a significant amount of funding from fund raising efforts such as Dare 2 Be Different T-shirt and Hope Shirt sales, sermon cds and dvds, his books and more to funding this project.

In closing, Wallace said, “God loves children. He loves youth. He says it in the Bible. I believe because he cares so much about them, he will provide the way. He will provide the funding. He will send the investors. He will touch the hearts of our ministry supporters. This Multi-Million Dollar project is a LIGHT  THING for God to do and after constant prayer and listening, we believe NOW is the time to push on.

This project won’t only impact youth through fun activities, but hundreds of Youth will receive employment in which ever country it is built. We know that we would have to employ ministry leaders, pastors, evangelists and christians etc to carry on the work.

I’m a evangelist, visionary and planter. I know my calling. When I see this one up and running, I’ll move on to another country.  Every country deserves either a Mini or Mega Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre.

I believe after Worldwide Governments and Church Based organizations see how Dare 2 Be Different Internal will be making an impact, many countries will be fighting for us to build Mission Centres in their lands to help Save The Youth.

I would never forget the small batch of close friends and family who always saw potential in my ideas and dreams from the very onset and invested in my endeavours. I surely did appreciate their patience, their advice and support. They can be assured that they will receive shares in this project because they had faith that great things can come out of small people.

Wallace’s USA Based Start Up Company – The Supply Shop Inc (  is expected to head the project in every aspect of its development. The company plans to use the recently approved President Obama JOBS  ACT to assist in raising capital for the project.

Visionary Wallace believes that the Mission Centre idea will create employment much employment for USA youth as it plans to use skilled YOUTH lawyers, engineers, architects, wholesalers, equipment service technicians.

Where ever this 1st  project is approved to be built, that country should also expect an injection of continuous youth employment and empowerment to keep it going for as long as God tarries.

Wallace, who entered the world of business at age 11 when he solely built and grew it to what it is today, is confident that this dream – this cause will also come to pass.

Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace
Dare 2 Be Different International - 
President & Founder - Since June 2008 

Whatsapp: 1-869-661-0118
Other Tel: 1-869-765-7270

 SKYPE: kvkent

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