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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Situations Don't Turn People Crazy - People Turn People Crazy With Their Words - I'm Still Hear

Do you know what happens to people who touch God's Anointed and don't remain quiet when they can't see what God is doing? Did you call me crazy too. . . .

Search the pages of the Bible to see what happened to people who troubled God's anointed.

Just search

Everyone should get a copy of Brother Zarkie's Song: Shut You Mouth If You Ain't and do nothing.

This is a PAGAN NATION and many people who profess Christianity, only say it with their mouth, but they don't really believe. You can find them in the Pulpits as Pastors, on the worship teams, as Dance Directors, as Children Church Teachers and the Like.

God is calling on the nation to REPENT - you spoke and troubled the man of God and didn't know what he was doing. Visit  - Click Salvation!

Khrystus Wallace

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