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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Speak Life Into Your Situation

Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all. (Psalm 34:19 KJV)

You Shall Live and Not Die!

I listened quite attentively to a parent speaking negativity over her child after a particular situation regarding her child arose. I was awed. I couldn’t believe a parent was wishing those NEGATIVE things over their child. I didn’t pause for a moment and wonder if I would have been out of place or not to interject. I did.

I reminded that particular parent that WORDS  are  POWERFUL. It’s not every child or every person who is able to battle against the negativity spoken over their lives and come out triumphant all by themselves. So – since we don’t know who can from who can’t, JUST  SPEAK  THE  POSITIVE.

The Psalmist, in writing the passage above, knew that many storms, trials and tests follow those that endeavour to live righteous lives and follow Jesus. This is no strange fact for King David and it shouldn’t be for us either.

Over my years of working with young people especially, I’ve had quite a task changing them from accepting much of the negatives spoken over their lives. Bit by bit, I’ve succeeded; but it was a task indeed.

One particular case that always jogs my memory is that of a young lady who was on the list to be thrown out of school at 4th Form or Grade 10. I not only had to work with her ALOT, I had to change her mindset and make her believe in herself. Well. . . after much work and determination, she did. After I urged the mother to beg for a chance for her to be sent to fifth form, she did herself proud by passing 5 subjects. This proves that she was no dummy - but her low mindset was keeping her back. All she needed to do was to speak LIFE into her situation.

Imagine - from being on a list to be thrown out of school - to passing five subjects. Isn't God Real?

The exciting part about Psalm 34:19 is that God ALWAYS provides a way out of your trouble once you believe on His name.

WHEN? – I can’t answer that, but just know that He will in HIS  TIME and  His Time is always the best time.

So, while you wait for your deliverance – Speak Life – Speak Hope into your situation. Don’t say that you’re ready to give up but rather say I  WILL  NOT  GIVE  UP!

Don’t say I  QUIT but say I  WILL  MAKE  IT.

Don’t accept being a VICTIM but declare that YOU  WILL  BE  A  VICTOR.

When ever anyone speaks negative over you, cancel it in the name of Jesus and speak the OPPOSITE  OVER  YOUR  LIFE – SPEAK  THE  POSITIVE  OVER  YOUR  LIFE.

Always speak life into your situation -  YOU  WILL  MAKE  IT. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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