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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Act Now, Break the Silence, STOP CHILD ABUSE Speech by Khrystus Wallace at Zion Moravian Church - St. Kitts


A few hours ago, I delivered a featured address on this year’s Child Month Theme: Act Now, Break The Silence, STOP  CHILD  ABUSE at the Zion Moravian Pre-School Graduation. After the speech, I couldn’t get to leave. So many people wanted to shake my hand or get a word in here or there. You Missed It Again!

I actually saw a photographer pause from his job to come over and order a copy. He said he wanted to help get my speech out to the world and on the radio stations and television stations everywhere.

Someone else who is apart of our email listing, took the privilege to meet me for the first time and commend the work our ministry is doing as we get out of the four walls and use the technology to reach the world and keep her encouraged with our inspirational Hope Devotionals on

A mother told me that she had brought along a child who was left at home for the day while mommy and daddy went to enjoy cricket. Imagine that. I saw it for myself. (Oh No – I’m not talking to you social welfare. So don’t contact me. I am just calling on you to play a more active role in the countries you serve around the world)

Someone in attendance begged me not to take off my suite, but sit somewhere and re-record it.  (I couldn’t do that one though) Another attendant from a church said that she is going to talk to her pastor because their body needs to hear the speech. There is a little echo, but I wanted you to get it while it’s HOTTTTT.

My days of hard work on this speech, with my father’s expertise since he worked in this field for over 20 years, caused it to be SUCCESSFUL. He has dealt with many cases and given dozens of workshops before. (He’s actually going to head up this part of Dare 2 Be Different)

I will re-record it under better, less echoing conditions soon, but have a listen NOW! I just wanted you to feel my passion in the presentation. I dub this as one of the DEEPEST speeches I’ve presented during my 9 years of presenting prepared speeches.

In my speech, this is the first time I actually verbally address my NEAR Sexual Molestation encounter with a prominent gentleman in the St. Kitts – Nevis Society who is still serving in a prominent position.

When I was done, a gentleman who shook my hand tightly said, “Mr. You are bold! You are really SPEAKING  OUT. You went DEEP – REAL DEEP in your speech. You have me stunned. People don’t speak out like you did this evening. Many are too afraid.

Another elderly lady who pushed her way through a little crowd to shake my hand, made me a bit sad. She said, “Mr. – Thank You – Thank You – Thank You. I now know that there is a young man who still cares about what is happening” and she began to share her recent Child Abuse Case as she sought help. I just shook my head slowly and her talk energized me even more to Act Now, Break The Silence, STOP  CHILD  ABUSE.

Why didn’t those people who planned the Child Month 2012 activities get you and your organization involved? You’ll know how to reach the world! Many of my local and overseas friends get your emails. Dare 2 Be Different should have played an active role in shaking up the June 2012 celebrations. I don’t think a very big impact was made at all, but I’m happy you resurrected the theme today and knowing you, the world will see this video in a couple hours. The Right People are always kept OUT when they can help make the BIGGEST  DIFFERENCE.

His friend chipped in and said, “Boy, ya’ll powerful you know. Any Organization with free access to a printing press and a BIG  MOUTH like yours  is POWERFUL. The printing press is what helped to enact change in the years of Martin Luther King Jr. And Dare 2 Be Different and the printing press looks like they’re going to do it again!

Ya’ll putting St. Kitts on the Map you know. You ever searched Dare 2 Be Different International or Hope is Ahead on the web? Ya’ll are all over! Main know why government don’t get your organization on many of the sleeping boards and government departments that really ain’t doing anything. They just putting up some banners, printing some t-shirts, have a little talk on radio and then SHUT  UP till the next year’s activities. Ya’ll stay making a year round impact. It is organizations like yours worldwide governments and organizations should be getting help for, because ya’ll not sleeping, ya’ll always doing something to help the youth and make an impact. But as usual, the wrong people always advising.

I just smiled. I didn't offer a comment at all. They were reading my mind friend, they were reading my mind. Have a listen and share. Dare 2 Be Different has come out of the closet against Child Abuse. In my speech, I stayed down to earth and RAW! I told it as it is. I didn't cut corners. I got the opportunity and an audience and I CEASED the moment because sometimes you only get ONE chance at something.

As I mentioned in my speech, “We are the organization that has been missing in our Federation for years and our Caribbean for decades and our world for centuries.” I have no doubt that international youth bodies and organizations will jump on board to support our initiatives. Even if they don’t, we will do what we can, to raise our own funds and support our own projects – WE   REFUSE  TO  LET  A  FEW  $$$$  KEEP  US  SILENT!

I'll stop here - Have a Listen. I give exclusive rights to any international news agency, website, organization to play or copy this speech with my conditions - UN-EDITED ONLY, or use clips to get the word out to help Stop Child Abuse. Use it in movies, where ever and when ever you can. Request a FREE copy of the studio presentation (without the echo). We can Stop Child Abuse Together! I'll be happy to travel and speak at your next event too.
And, of course, my consultancy help ( and speech service is available to organizations, governments and other bodies around the world. Invite Dare 2 Be Different to your conferences. Not just to attend, but to REPRESENT the CHILDREN and YOUTH, because our VOICE is oft times surpressed.

Simply email me: or BB PIN: 220067D8. God has blessed me with the ideas and capabilities to HELP  YOUR  ORGANIZATION  MAKE  A  DIFFERENCE  NO  MATTER  THE  POSITIVE  CAUSE  THAT  YOU  ARE  ADVOCATING. (Child Abuse, AIDS, WOMEN ISSUES etc.)  I not only have some of the most innovative ideas in the WORLD, I have access to the tools that can bring ALL the ideas I give to you, to LIFE.

Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace
Dare 2 Be Different International - 
President & Founder - Since June 2008 

Whatsapp: 1-869-661-0118
Other Tel: 1-869-765-7270

 SKYPE: kvkent

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