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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who's Going To Die Next? (Pictures Inside)

O that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end! (Deuteronomy 32:29 KJV)

Nobody likes to hear about DEATH, read about DEATH, dream about DEATH. Whether we like it or not, WE  ARE  ALL  GOING  TO  DIE - SOMEDAY! This is why I have stressed that among all the good we do around the world, ALL our Dare 2 Be Different International's worldwide branches main mandate should always be to encourage individuals to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of their lives. (Do so now - here's yet another opportunity:

Just yesterday afternoon, my mother came to my office and asked me to carry a cord to the Springfried Cemetery in St. Kitts because my brother forgot it. As I quickly moved to carry out the task, I started thinking and said to myself, "WOW - He's really providing live sound and live keyboard music for funerals very fast. People are really dying fast, fast, fast - I wonder who's going to die next?"

My brother, Lemercius Wallace of, added live music and sound for funerals to his portfolio website just one year ago. While he plays for weddings, provides live hotel entertainment and sound for gospel parties, government and private events, HE  SEEMS  TO  SPEND  ALOT  OF  TIME  AT  THE  CEMETARIES  all around St. Kitts waiting to play for the burial part of the service.

Lemercius Wallace of

As I walked towards where he was setup, I saw a grave hole that was nicely dug already and I stopped to take a picture. While taking it, I said to myself again, "One day, they'll be putting my body down into a similar hole and nothing that I'm doing now or have planned for the future or would have done would matter anymore. People will either remember the good I did or the bad and talk about me for one to two weeks and life goes on. I'll probably have alot of individuals who never took time out to commend me for the good I'm doing now, paying tribute to me on the church stage. My family may do a group song and since I love technology and have thousands of pictures and videos of the work that I'm doing in ministry and business, a projector slide show would probably just show to remind attendees of the work I did while I was alive. My Eulogy would probably be in Documentary Video Style since nearly everything we do, I encourage video footage. Then, people will say, he had a big funeral boy and that would be it about me. The Dare 2 Be Different Visions and Ideas that I have carefully and clearly documented in my studio office and easy to find, would either be carried out by some other excited-for-Christ person or you'll barely hear about the global ministry anymore. "

Gravehole at Springfield Cemetary in St. Kitts

Gosh! Back to reality now! Friend that's life - we are all going to die. That's a fact! We choose though, where we want to go - HEAVEN  or  HELL. Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life. (Do so now - here's yet another opportunity:

So, if you see me, or a team member of mine and young people who we impact at gravesites all across our Federation, don't wonder what we're doing, just pray for us as we help to keep the memories of our LOVED-ONES  that have passed on - ALIVE.

The house you've built or building now, won't matter. People will fight over the money you have on the bank and over your WILL too. After they cover your hole with dirt or concrete, you won't be thought of much EVERYDAY anymore. Life would go on without you. The most caring families tomb the graves of their loved-ones and the others who look around at each family member waiting to see who would do it first, remained untombed and grave diggers digout the hole and throw the skeletons back in and re-use the grave again.

I wonder if you're one that never saved money and tombed the grave of a loved-one as a memorial?

It was raining and since we can't drive through the Springfield Cemetary as we like anymore, I had to shelter under a tree. While there, I started reading tombstones and then wondered again, "What will they inscribe on mine?"

God gave me an idea and since you know me well, I started carrying it out immediately. He told me to start a Youth Project that would provide another opportunity to keep the youth involved in something worthwhile. This project would involve taking photos of tombstones all across St. Kitts - Nevis and posting them on a website as a mememorial. God said, it will take sometime, but as people across the world see the tombstones of their loved ones, they will send in pictures, videos and the eulogy to add to their online archive to help to keep the memory of their loved-ones alives.

God gave me clear instructions. DO  NOT  CHARGE  FOR  IT. It will automatically support itself. So have a look at the website that will now become a global archive of tombstone pictures, past pictures, videos and eulogies. Have a look at another INNOVATIVE  Youth project by Dare 2 Be Different International ( that will help keep young people off the streets and involved in something POSITIVE.

Visit it now: 

I trust you get the message in today's devotional friend. Death will surely pass your way - SOONER  or  LATER. Surprisingly enough, quite often, we are hearing of people just dying suddenly and it's not every one who is hospitalized gets to lay in their bedroom again. O that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end! (Deuteronomy 32:29 KJV)

Friend, if you are the minister that would preach the sermon at my funeral in the future, whether NEXT  WEEK  or  NINETY years from now,  DO  NOT   USE  THE  SERMON  TIME  TO  SAY  ANY  GOOD  THAT  I  DID.  THAT  WOULD  HAVE  BEEN  DONE  IN  THE  TRIBUTES.  USE  THE  SERMON  TIME  TO  PREACH  A  WELL  PREPARED,  WELL  STUDIED  EVANGELISTIC  SERMON, SO  WHEN  I  LOOK  DOWN  FROM  HEAVEN,  DOZENS  OF  PEOPLE  WILL  COME  TO  THE  ALTAR  TO  RECEIVE   JESUS  CHRIST?

My request - that's just my humble request, clear and concise. PLEASE. You don't have to spend alot of money on a box either, because in talking to some grave diggers, they say that the graves they dig up, only pieces of wood are left along with pieces of rotton clothes and the skeletons. 

So, if you want to bury me in a LARGE  CARDBOARD  BOX, that's fine too - it's never about the BODY - It's all about the SOUL.  A simple box, made by one of the carpenters around town could do. Use the difference from the EXPENSIVE  BOX to start The Khrystus Wallace Against Hunger Fund so that any hungry child or youth would know that they can turn to Dare 2 Be Different for something to eat for as long as God Tarries. Do not buy wreaths - just pick some flowers from your garden. The money that you would have bought wreaths with, give it to Dare 2 Be Different to start a program called ELDERLY  MATTER that would support many of the eldery folks who did so much for our societies around the world when they were young and vibrant but are now just LOCKED  IN  A  HOME  or  cast away in an elderly home. Let THE  ELDERLY  MATTER  FUND support youths who are willing to minister in that area.

No extra fancy things at my funeral ceremony - give the money to HELP  OTHERS!

Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life and spend your time DOING  GOOD. Only what is done for Christ will really LAST.  (Accept JESUS  NOW - here's yet another opportunity:

Hope is Ahead for you HERE  ON  EARTH  if you are in a relationship with JESUS or in HEAVEN  if you die a CHRISTIAN.

It's Your Choice - We really don't know WHO'S  GOING  TO  DIE  NEXT?

Khrystus Wallace
President,Techno-Evangelist, Motivational Speaker, Preacher, Youth Advocate  

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