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Friday, November 2, 2012

Are Church Doctrines Confusing You? - Let me explain something

And the teenager said, "Brother Khrystus, this christianity thing confusing you know, you believe one thing, then another church on TV saying something else, then Jehovah witnesses come with another thing and when you walk down the road, the man on the open air saying another thing. In the world, it ain so confusing you know, we just do what we want.

You doing a good job though to get the word out, but main know what to believe." I simply responded - "I understand you so well sir and I won't confuse you any more. All I will recommend you do, is to accept Jesus Christ into your heart to ensure that you have a BEST BEST FRIEND always with you and to ensure that when you die you go to heaven.

That will make me so very happy. In fact, Dare 2 Be Different believes that is the MOST IMPORTANT thing above all the doctrines you hear passing around - the most important thing is to give Jesus your heart. There is HOPE for ALL - no matter what you've done, said, where you've gone etc." Are you like that little boy? Confused by a multiplicity of church doctrines?

All that really matters is developing a relationship with Jesus Christ - do so now - Visit :

If you just accepted Jesus Christ - connect with me using the information below. I want to talk with you further and continue to encourage you in your faith. Do tell someone SAVED about your new MOVE and join a Bible believing church near you.

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