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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You Can Achieve Great Things Too

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

You Can Achieve Great Things Too!

One of the problems with our 21st century global society is that too many people are caught up in consumerism and care very little about advancing themselves physically, spiritually and educationally in life. Yet, when they see others advance and become very SUCCESSFUL by God's grace, they get JEALOUS and feel that THE  SYSTEM  IS  TO  BLAME for their poor choices. We must learn to GET  UP  AND  DO  SOMETHING  AND  NEVER  GIVE  UP!

Another problem too, is that too many people are still MENTALLY  ENSLAVED. Although they may not be on a plantation cutting sugar cane under the watch of a slave driver, their minds are still under that haze.

One of the ways to free oneself from mental slavery is to READ  ALOT and listen to truthful history and documentaries and programs of success stories and people of inspiration. That's what I do all the time. I control what I read, what I watch and the music and teachings that I listen to.

Another way one can free oneself from mental slavery is to DISASSOCIATE from negative people who are always calling you down, telling you that your dreams and plans sound good but would never come to pass because of "THE  SYSTEM" or who are just plain out JEALOUS  OF  YOU.

I control who I let into MY  CIRCLE. Mind you, I talk with and smile with EVERYONE but not EVERYONE deserves a chance to be in my circle. Not EVERYONE deserves a chance to be in YOUR  CIRCLE either. Now and again I kick people out of MY  CIRCLE too for various reasons. You should too!

You Can Achieve Great Things Too! The key to achieving great things is to


2. Have dreams and set goals and work towards accomplishing them

3. Keep a POSITIVE - TRUTHFUL circle of friends and acquaintances

4. Recognize that YOU  CAN  DO  ALL  THINGS

Let's use a commentary from Barnes to shed some light on the passage under review today. Verse 13. I can do all things. From the experience which Paul had in these various circumstances of life, he comes here to the general conclusion that he could "do all things."

He could bear any trial, perform any duty, subdue any evil propensity of his nature, and meet all the temptations incident to any condition of prosperity or adversity.  His own experience in the various changes of life had warranted him in arriving at this conclusion; and he now expresses the firm confidence that nothing would be required of him which he would not be able to perform.

In Paul, this declaration was not a vain self-reliance, nor was it the mere result of his former experience. He knew well where the strength was to be obtained by which to do all things, and on that arm that was able to uphold him he confidently relied.

Friend, the history of The Apostle Paul tells of many trials which he had to endure throughout his life. After his conversion to CHRIST, many folks didn't TRUST HIM and wanted him DEAD. He had to endure very severe trials. Trials where he had to RUN  FOR  HIS  LIFE  AT  TIMES  IF  HE WANTED  TO  LIVE. At the end, he was still able to write to the Church at Philippi and say Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

If the Apostle Paul went through so much and had the courage, confidence and faith in God to say that, let's all develop that type of courage, confidence and FAITH and watch GOD do great and mighty things in our lives.

Hope is definitely ahead for YOU. Don't give up! Disassociate from NEGATIVE  PEOPLE  FROM TODAY!

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