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Thursday, June 1, 2017

History: Celebrating 9 Years of Gospel Ministry - Dare 2 Be Different International Made It

Brother Khrystus and Sister Shania with 2016 Vacation Bible School King Dujuniah Dias and Queen Rene Piper

On the 1st of June, 2008, God called 21 year old Reverend Khrystus Wallace to establish Dare 2 Be Different International - and plant sister branches all around the world.

Currently, there are sister Dare 2 Be Different International Partner branches established or being established in St. Kitts - Nevis, Barbados, Jamaica, England, Pakistan, Kenya - Africa, Ghana - Africa, Zambia - Africa and The United States of America.

Just as God commanded Moses to offer his son as a sacrifice, before providing a lamb, and he obeyed, Reverend Khrystus also obeyed God's call on his life to walk away from traditional and oppressive church work and leadership, into a more free spirited, real, creative, down to earth and PRACTICAL service to God.

His original team comprised of Brother Khrystus Wallace, Brother Lemercius Wallace, Sister Joy Codrington and Sister Kerese Dias.

With practically NO BUDGET but a very good marketing and networking ability, this original team did wonders throughout The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis up until today.

The ministry was launched in August, 2008 with a crusade at Green Lands Park in St. Kitts where Reverend Khrystus preached one week of radical services. Using the technology, it was carried live on the ministry's website for the entire world to see and hear and also carried live on TBN's Radio Paradise. Reverend Khrystus set history in The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis by having a prayer line installed underneath the crusade tent.

His mother, Mrs. Yvette Wallace answered calls from all over the world and prayed with individuals who called in and were blessed either from watching online or listening on radio. Many souls consented to follow Jesus from that week of services and are still following him up to today. One of the most touching calls came when a Prison Warden in another Caribbean country allowed an inmate to call in to receive SALVATION. This blessed the heart of Sister Yvette Wallace the most.

The Dare 2 Be Different International Academy has touched, taught, influenced and ministered to hundreds of adults and children over the years. Providing afternoon and evening classes and homework or project help for primary, secondary and tertiary students, everyone who was ever served by its tutors have always commended the LOVE and CARE with which each lesson was taught.

One noteworthy highlight of The Dare 2 Be Different International Academy over the years are the reading classes for children and adults hosted by Sister Yvette Wallace, retired teacher, head teacher and education officer and ministry adviser.

The ministry ran a computer school known as The CompuDoctors to empower both children and adults as to how to use the computer in this ever changing technological world. This was well supported over the years as the quest to become computer literate continues to be very high.

The Dare 2 Be Different International Academy's Computer Program has been so highly respected that Former Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis Dr. The Right Honourable Denzil Douglas contracted Reverend Khrystus and his team to teach over three classes of young adults for around one and a half years through a government run program known as The YES Programme.

It is noteworthy that Government History records that The Dare 2 Be Different International academy was the only private - charitable institution that was able to accommodate and train over seventy individuals per week at the three sessions.

The Dare 2 Be Different International Academy was also contracted many times by The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis Ministry of Education so that students could sit CXC Information Technology and EDPM exams.

The highlight of the Dare 2 Be Different International Academy computer program was to see a 79 year old take one year of classes and out perform many younger heads. This was totally amazing!

These classes, that were paused for a while will resume in September 2016 God's willing.

Dare 2 Be Different International does more than church work. It's outside the box and creative evangelistic HOPE  FOR  ALL appeal has caused the ministry to lead projects that recognized and publicly appreciated Former Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas, Former Governor General Cuthbert Sebastian, all police officers, all nurses, many of the nation's elderly on a continual basis and all bus drivers across St. Kitts and Nevis.

The ministry has lent much focus and emphasis on youth over the years through a variety of ongoing programs such as overseas camps, hikes, gospel parties, youth to youth training sessions, business labs and money making workshops, capacity strengthening initiatives, school assemblies and the sponsorship of school events that promote GOD, LOVE, TOLERANCE and SELF ESTEEM, Back to School Rallies, Vacation Bible School, Christmas parties to name a few.

On the 3rd of March, 2013, Reverend Khrystus, who had established an internet church in 2010 and sang and preached to the world through his studio at Boyds - St. Kitts with the full support of his team on Mondays, officially established The Victory Centre Church at Boyds - St. Kitts under Dare 2 Be Different International.

In May 2017, St. Kitts - Nevis Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris' Team Unity Administration officially approved the registration of The Victory Centre as an official church under Dare 2 Be Different International and gazetted it into law for the publication of marriage banns.

The President saw the need to develop a more ongoing and direct relationship with the children and youth in his community as they meet on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Wednesdays and Fridays are usually packed services, but since the Sunday Morning Worship Service starts at 8:30 am, many youths are not disciplined enough to wake to attend and many parents do not make the extra effort to ensure that their children are up and ready for church. This is quite saddening. With the handful that attend on Sunday Mornings, Reverend Khrystus still holds church.

The meeting place at The Wallace's home is now far too small and our ministry is in prayer for God to provide a new and bigger temporary space and the financial means to support this effort until the vision of building The Dare 2 Be Different International Mission Centre comes to pass.

It would certainly be unethical to not publicly recognize those locally, regionally and internationally who have been regular donors to the ministry in different ways over the years. Whether monetarily or with groceries, new or well conditioned used clothing or shoes for the youth we serve, your time and expertise or in what ever way - we say a big thank you.

In closing, I must make note of five partners of our ministry who share their wisdom, knowledge and expertise on our global posters. We say thank you for your daily time and effort. Brother Anthony Wiltshire, Sister Telca Wallace, Sister Verlyn Warner, Pastor Georgia Jackson of Jamaica and Reverend Maureen Shonga of Zambia - Africa.

Special thanks must be made to those who have served the ministry and who continue to be of service to GOD. God sincerely appreciates what ever you do. Do not get weary in well doing.

Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace
Dare 2 Be Different International - 
President & Founder - Since June 2008 

Whatsapp: 1-869-661-0118
Other Tel: 1-869-765-7270

 SKYPE: kvkent

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