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Monday, December 19, 2011

Khrystus W. publishes 2nd Book

In his quest to motivate and inspire the world to STAY  HOPEFUL and depend on Jesus for help, Khrystus Wallace from the 68 square mile country of St. Kitts in the Caribbean has published his second motivational book.

The Book has the same title as his first, God's Prescription For Positive Living II

This second publishment also has 40 devotional type entries and a journal to track the blessings God will send as persons read the book and remain HOPEFUL and POSITIVE about life.

A buyer of Wallace's first book said that he will ensure that he gets a copy of the second book because the first one is a WALKING  COUNSELOR and it sits next to him on his office desk. He stated that when ever he is feeling down or just needs some encouragement, he picks it up and reads and when he is done, he feels RE-MOTIVATED and ready to face his tomorrow.

Interested persons can purchase any of Khrystus' books by visiting:

According to Internet Website Analysts, Wallace has built a consistent readership of his website from the United States, Russia, Canada, France, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Dominica, Hungary, South Africa, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Zimbabwe, US Virgin Islands, Antigua, Latvia, Grenada, Signapore, Australia, Egypt, India, Dominica, South Korea.

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