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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dare 2 Be Different International to Hold Historic 1st Internet Crusade to Celebrate it's 4th Anniversary

Hundreds of worlwide internet attendees are expected to log on to this week to hear Techno-Evangelist and Hope Messenger Khrystus Wallace speak at his ministry's 4th Anniversary Internet Crusade. The ordained minister is popularly known across the world for his inspiring and encouraging devotionals that he writes on Wallace will be ably supported by his team and the world is expected to see techno-evangelism in its fullest action
The Caribbean's Role Model Ministry with regards to Techno-Evangelism is  really at it again.

Dare 2 Be Different International ( out of St. Kitts, West Indies, announced that it was ready to host it's first (1st) ever Internet Crusade from the 4th - 8th June, 2012 as part of it's celebration plans to mark four (4) years of active youth ministry.

Music Minister and Technical Director, Lemercius Wallace recalled the ministry's 1st Crusade to mark it's launch from 4th - 8th August, 2008. Lemercius said, "My how time flies. I remember it just like yesterday. It wasn't an Internet Crusade like this one though, we had it under a tent at The Greenlands Park, Basseterre, St. Kitts. We started out well by carrying out one of our mandates to reach the world with technology. We led the way and carried the five nights live via our website and also on Trinity Broadcasting Network's Radio Paradise in Nevis. We installed a prayer line under the tent and received calls from all over the globe. It was totally amazing."

Bro Khrystus, Ministry Director was very quick to add. "They said we wouldn't last. Imagine Religious leaders encouraged their congregations not to attend and boycott our first crusade. Some went as far as to call around and speak NEGATIVE over what God was about to do through a small group of radical young people."

Wallace continued, "It is a truism that only what is done for Christ will last, and we must give him thanks for bringing us this far. Over our short 4 year span, the company that monitors our worldwide reach has reported that we have been reaching well over 50 countries on a daily basis, especially through our Hope is Ahead Devotionals on which is translated into over 50 different languages. The report showed us that we get dozens and dozens of daily visits to our websites and people who want to attend church are finding it quite interesting that they can do so now through The Caribbean's 1st Internet Church - ."

Technology allows internet users to view the ministry's 1st crusade held in 2008 still by visting

"When we heard and saw that report, it really pleased our hearts indeed. We give God the glory because we are not neglecting the importance of Technology in Ministry. We have been evangelizing to a larger number and variety of cultures than churches 5, 10, 25 or 50 years old in the Caribbean.

This 4th Anniversary crusade was another innovative idea from the ministry's visionary, Khrystus Wallace. He said, "We wanted to do something big, but we practically had no budget for a tent crusade. We also wanted to reach our global following because, most of our devotional readers and website visitors come from the USA, Russia and over fifty (50) different confirmed countries. We wanted to include and appreciate them. God then gave the word. Have an Internet Crusade! - He Said"

The President claimed that had to be a word from God because he knew that resources were very, very low. "With God's idea, we won't need to pay for a tent or chairs or a sound system or transportation or electricity. All we need is an internet connection and some electricity and we are all set to EVANGELIZE and SPREAD HOPE all across the globe.

Radio and Television stations across the world do not have to worry about rights to pull each night's service as they are allowed to do so freely. Dance and Financial Director Kerese Dias encouraged the youth and everyone to put their tehno-abilities in working action and use facebook, twitter, myspace, blackberries etc to spread word about this Power Packed Internet Crusade that will impact the entire world.

Joy "Lady Smilez" Codrington, Drama Director and Co-Host for the ministry's popular Saturday Morning Youth Rap Programme said, "Just be there from the 4th - 8th June, 2012 at You have no excuse to be absent as you don't need to leave your home or office. If you're sick, your healing is waiting. If you need financial help, attend to recieve your overflow. Marriage problems, children issues, no job - just come. We are believing God to move EVERYONE into a spirit of READINESS to receive ALL that belongs to them. People. "

"That's right!" Shouted President Wallace. "People cannot afford to be half ready when God is fully ready to Bless them!"

The world is encouraged to attend, sing along and participate and churches are encouraged to play the crusade on their church screens and televisions across the globe and join in with a small ministry out of St. Kitts, West Indies in the Caribbean that is doing a big things for God.

Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace
Dare 2 Be Different International - 
President & Founder - Since June 2008 

Whatsapp: 1-869-661-0118
Other Tel: 1-869-765-7270

 SKYPE: kvkent

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