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Friday, October 2, 2015

Beware of Dogs! Beware of False Teachers! Beware of Gossipers!

29 year old Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace, Founder and President of Dare 2 Be Different International -

Philippians 3:2 Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.

Beware of Dogs - Beware of False Teachers! Beware of Gossipers!

There are many pastors, evangelists, bishops, prophets and preachers, some who carry big titles such as DR. etc etc etc, who are leading people locally, regionally and internationally and do not know their Bible! 

Their main mission is to keep their following mentally enslaved and loyal to them, for personal and financial ambitions and NOTHING ELSE. People hate me for preaching the truth. Preaching thus saith the Lord. That's OK! They hated JESUS too. They persecuted and then killed him for PREACHING  THE TRUTH! They continue to persecute me too. The world knows that very well.

John 15:20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.

This certainly isn't new. It was the very same thing happening in Phillipi when the Apostle Paul used very strong words to the people when he wrote. He spoke in Philippians 3:2 Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.

During that time when the Apostle Paul wrote, there were many, many false teachers who adulterated and corrupted the doctrine of Christ, for their own personal grandeur and I assume financial benefit too. They also found very creative ways to justify THE  WRONG they were doing just as many preachers of today.

The Apostle Paul, a fearless Christ Warrior immediately spoke out about it.

It happened back then and it is happening again today. While I am never against gospel ministries finding very creative ways to raise income to carry on the work of God, I am always fully against GOSPEL  PREACHERS manipulating and making their following feel, that if THEY  DO  NOT  GIVE  AND   PLANT  A LITTLE  OR  BIG SEED into their ministry, that they are less than OTHERS who do and that they are going to HELL!


I am strongly against churches who give members and their children STATUS and ABILITY to serve and go on the stage by HOW  MUCH  MONEY  THEY  GIVE. That isn't BIBLICAL  AT  ALL!

Luke 21:3 And he said, Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all: 4 For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God: but she of her penury hath cast in all the living that she had.

Our Dare 2 Be Different International - philosophy that we teach to those partners who are establishing our branches around the world is simply this. DO  THE  WORK  OF  GOD  AND  HELP  OTHERS, LOOKING  FOR  NOTHING  IN RETURN  AND  GOD  WILL  ALWAYS   END  UP  SUPPORTING  THE MINISTRY  AND  BLESSING  THE  MISSIONARY  IN  EXTRAORDINARY WAYS.

This devotional is certainly not a theology class, so I certainly won't delve too much more deeper into the scripture under review today. What I will do though is ask you this as I close. Is your spiritual leader a DOG? A False Teacher? A Gossiper? Reading scriptures to his / her congregation as a SHAM, but merely seeking after MONEY more than teaching BIBLICAL  TRUTHS and empowering his or her FLOCK?

Sometimes our blessings and deliverances in our personal, family and business lives are not forth coming because we are APART  OF  THE  WRONG  SPIRITUAL  GROUP and not obeying the Apostle Paul's admonition to us. Philippians 3:2 Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.

As we seek after SPIRITUALITY, a direct and personal experience with GOD and not with RELIGION and its strict laws and man made rules, let us all aim to check the spirits of our leaders and preachers.

No preacher is PERFECT and we all have different and creative leadership strategies and techniques to reach the people that God wants us to reach. Some methods are orthodox and like me, many of my ministry's methods are UNORTHODOX - outside the norm - and cause folks to call me C-R-A-Z-Y, but they work! Our ministry reaches those that need to be reached MOST and we've been impacting hundreds of lives since we started on 1st June, 2008.

False prophets appear as REAL  PREACHERS  too. BEWARE! We must remember that there are MANY, MANY, MANY false prophets on the loose. You can only recognize them and discern them if you are in  SPIRITUAL and PERSONAL relationship with GOD and not with religion.

1st John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

STAY  BLESSED! Hope is definitely ahead!

Beware of Dogs - Beware of False Teachers! Beware of Gossipers!

Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace
Dare 2 Be Different International - 
President & Founder - Since June 2008 

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Other Tel: 1-869-765-7270

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