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Sunday, February 14, 2016

The HOTTER The Battle - The Sweeter The VICTORY

29 year old Reverend Khrystus V. K. Wallace, Founder and President of KVK ENTERPRISES,  Dare 2 Be Different International - and The Blazing Star Movement -

Through thee will we push down our enemies: through thy name will we tread them under that rise up against us. (Psalm 44:5  KJV)

As a child of God, when ever you feel like you're in the HOTTEST part of you're life's trials, rest assured that VICTORY  FOR  YOU is just around the corner!

It’s OK – EVERYONE will turn their backs on you! Just like JOB, friends will talk about you and call you down. Family will even do and say some SHOCKING things. Remember they sold Joseph as a slave. All of this just makes the battle HOTTER, so a SWEETER  VICTORY  CAN  COME.

The young man couldn't take it anymore. The pressures of life seemed to be taking a toll on him. His face told it all. He couldn't get to concentrate in school. His parents were constantly on his case about choosing a wrong career. He was having relationship problems and was running low on money.

“What’s Next Brother Khrystus? – What’s Next?”

I knew he was a Christian so that made my response quick and EASY! I said, “The only thing left is a VERY  SWEET  VICTORY! 


He looked up and smiled! “I hope so Brother K, I really HOPE so.” I had no doubts in my mind. I prayed an empowerment-motivational prayer with him and he left smiling. I sat, relaxed a bit in my chair and commented, “Lord – I’m waiting too for my SWEET  VICTORY  AND  DELIVERANCE  TOO.”

I try not to worry myself too much about life’s happenings. I get concerned, but NEVER stress to the point of WORRY anymore. I believe that’s a SIN that many Christians are committing. That sin too, is sending up people’s pressure and killing them out faster. Ask your DOCTOR if STRESS isn't a SWIFT  KILLER?

We all make mistakes and make wrong decisions in our lives. ALL  OF  US.

DO  NOT  LET  ANYONE  MAKE  YOU  FEEL  LIKE  THEY  ARE  PERFECT! While they may know about your mistake, you probably don’t know about theirs, but someone else does. As a child of God, all we have to do is to PRAY and STAY TRUSTING AND WAITING for  GOD  TO  DELIVER.  Psalm 44:5  shows us that GOD  will DELIVER  BIG  TIME. Through thee will we push down our enemies: through thy name will we tread them under that rise up against us.

He has HELPED many times in the Old and New Testament. He has also helped many people, many times in this 21st century.  God has delivered YOU many times before. What makes you feel like he WON’T deliver you again!

Let them TALK  NOW! Do Not Bow Down in the Fire – Face it Head On! Like The Hebrew Boys, God is right in there with you and HE  WILL  HELP!

The Hotter the Battle – The Sweeter The Victory!

You are NOT  WORST  THAN  ANYONE  ELSE! Hope is Ahead for YOU!!!!

Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace
Dare 2 Be Different International - 
President & Founder - Since June 2008 

Whatsapp: 1-869-661-0118
Other Tel: 1-869-765-7270

 SKYPE: kvkent

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