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Friday, August 26, 2016

God Can Provide You With A Job And Money

Brother Khrystus and Sister Shania's 2nd Annual Dare 2 Be Different International Vacation Bible School Pageant 2016 with VBS King 2016 Brother Dujuniah Dias and Queen Sister Rene Piper (19/8/2016)

2 Kings 4:7 Then she came and told the man of God. And he said, Go, sell the oil, and pay thy debt, and live thou and thy children of the rest.

God can provide you with a job and money.

Across the world, the main cry from many young and older folks is, "I need a job. I need money." Some people are so low that they go into a state of depression and some get mentally ill because of the state of some economies. There are those with bills so sky high and under pressure that they simply choose to commit suicide and leave this world.

Can I assure you of something today global friend? God can provide you with a job and money. The problem with many people is that they KNOW and ACCEPT that God is for real, but they don't choose to take Him seriously and have all sorts of excuses why they should not. You say to me preacher, I go to church, I pay offerings, I sing in the choir and I'm still struggling. Can I open your eyes? You are probably not in a relationship with GOD and you're probably not really SAVED. You are in a TRADITIONAL relationship with your church, its members and PASTOR and have no real, frank, down to earth spiritual connection with GOD.

Those with a true spiritual connection with GOD always come out WINNERS - always come out SUCCESSFUL no matter the pain, stress or struggle they would have been through in their life. GOD  FIGHTS  FOR  THEM  AND  HE  ALWAYS  WINS.

Let's meet a lady who was in a real, down to earth, frank and spiritual relationship with God. In the book of 2nd Kings in the Old Testament, a Shunamite woman is down to her knees and totally stressed out. Her husband, who was the sole breadwinner of the house died and left the family in debt. The creditors had come to take her sons away as SLAVES to repay the debt. She doesn't run to a lawyer or to her friends for help. She turns to Pastor Elisha, A  TRUE  GODMAN and asks his advice.

Pastor Elisha tells her exactly what to do. Gather containers and use the little bit of oil she had in her cupboard, fill all the containers and then sell the oil, pay her debts and live off the rest.

Did Pastor Elisha work "OBEAH?" Of course not! Ludicrous! He worked with God's Holy Spirit and worked yet another Godly miracle deliverance. The Shunamite lady got her ANSWER because she patiently, faithfully and hopefully TRUSTED  THAT  GOD  CAN.

Those of us who work with The Holy Spirit and trust God usually get such MIRACULOUS deliverances too. Why not start TRUSTING  AND  FOLLOWING  GOD  TODAY?

Friend, as I continue to do daily, let me encourage you once again to turn your life fully and completely over to GOD - not over to TRADITION - but over to GOD and watch Him do wonders in your life. Until you do, things would NEVER get any better for you. That's a FACT!

God can provide you with a job and money.

Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace
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President & Founder - Since June 2008 

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