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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

When We Are Obedient, We Are Blessed

Brother Khrystus and Sister Shania's 2nd Annual Dare 2 Be Different International Vacation Bible School Pageant 2016 with VBS King 2016 Brother Dujuniah Dias and Queen Sister Rene Piper (19/8/2016)

Matthew 1:24 Then Joseph being raised from sleep did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him, and took unto him his wife:

When we are obedient, we a blessed.

There is something that I like very much about God. It is this. From the very beginning of time, He gave us something called FREE  WILL. Let's examine that. He could have used his POWERS to ensure that Adam or Eve NEVER get to eat from the tree of knowledge of good or evil, but He didn't.

He wanted to test their willingness to be OBEDIENT. Of course, we know that they were DISOBEDIENT and sin entered the world and we suffer up until today because of their DISOBEDIENCE.

God could use his POWERS to ensure that EVERYONE walks a GODLY path and be blessed always and be SUCCESSFUL at everything they put their hands to, but He didn't. He gave us all FREE WILL and  FREE  CHOICE to choose to follow Him frankly and honestly and SHINE or to choose to deny him continually and suffer daily.

When it comes to a relationship with God, what choice are you making global friend? Your CHOICE determines the type of BLESSINGS and SUCCESS you get in this life.

Obedience yields BLESSING. Disobedience yields PAIN and HURT. Pause for a moment and look back at you life. Do you remember when mommy told you not to go outside the house and you were OBEDIENT and then someone got SHOT or was ROBBED or a boy from the group you hang with drowned or someone RAPED a girl in your community? You escaped the HURT because you were OBEDIENT and stayed inside.

You were saved from probable tragedy because you were OBEDIENT!

On the contrary, do you remember when you didn't follow the orders of your head teacher? You got lashes. Or the orders of your EMPLOYER? You were fired. Right? Right!

When we are obedient, we are BLESSED.

In the passage of scripture under review today, Joseph the carpenter was given direct instructions from God through an angel that he should not put away Mary because she was spiritually and miraculously impregnated. He was OBEDIENT and I do believe because of his OBEDIENCE, he has gone down in history as the earthly father who raised one of the most brilliant, life changing, miraculous Saviours to walk the earth.

Had he been DISOBEDIENT and put her away, his name would not have been POSITIVELY etched in global Biblical history.

When we are obedient, we a blessed!

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