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Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Never Too Late To Rise Again - Encourage Yourself!

Then asked they him, What man is that which said unto thee, Take up thy bed, and walk? (John 5:12 KJV)

You can rise again!

We live in a very strange world at times. When ever one makes a mistake, whether marital, financial, job wise or what ever it is, society expects you to stay down. People actually help with the process too. They bad talk you and criticize you morning, noon and night.

They literally make it their business to TRY and keep you down. Why do you think most prisoners seldom fall back into the main stream of society? Why do you think many simply keep returning to prison? It's simply because every time people see them, they say, "that person went to prison." Thus, they seldom get employment anywhere because of their record, so they feel more comfortable behind bars.

This isn't what I've heard people say, several young men to whom I've spoken, have told me this.

There is oft times no room for forgiveness and rehabilitation. That really shouldn't be so though. It's NEVER too late to RISE  AGAIN after a temporary fall. You must learn to stay positive, optimistic and HOPEFUL.

The crowd around the Pool of Bethesda was shocked that Jesus had restored someone to perfect health and allowed him to walk again. I believe the onlookers always expected the man to remain in his impotent situation. This is why they started questioning Jesus' actions on the Sabbath. So, hundreds of years ago, there were negative people. Things haven't changed much.

Hundreds of years ago there were people who had to rise above the negativity. What makes you feel that you can't rise too?

Friend, Jesus can show up anytime, anywhere and deliver anyhow he wants. With him on your side, It is NEVER too late to RISE AGAIN!

Jesus can allow you to RISE above the dirty names people call you and the dirty things they say about you. Jesus can allow you to RISE from your state of depression. Jesus can allow you to RISE from your past mistakes and STILL  SUCCEED!

You see friend, it's usually those persons who set in their mind to trust JESUS come what may, always have some type of difficulty in their life. This is usually the TESTING and PREPARATION STAGE for the TRIUMPHANT  and  SUCCESSFUL  LIFE  to come.

You will have such an AMAZING  TESTIMONY that it will impact people when ever you speak!

Smile - You have reason to smile! Your Time is Coming!

What happened after Joseph's time in prison? - He became Chief Ruler! He Became Successful!

What happened after Daniel ROSE from the Lion's Den? - He became Chief Ruler too and also Successful!

What happened after JOB passed his TEST? - He received a Double Portion Blessing!

Your time is coming friend! Very Very Soon! Your Enemies, Frenemies, Badmouthers and Naysayers will stand amazed that YOU  WOULD  HAVE  ROSE! Remember, it's not how man sees it, but it's how GOD sees it! God sees you as VICTORIOUS  EVERY TIME  once your trust is in him.

Mark my words today. Like Joseph's brothers, those who had all the bad to say to you and about you, they or their children or someone from their generation WILL come to YOU for help shortly after your situation changes. They will TRY everything to avoid coming, but will still end up asking for your help.

Don't give them the treatment they gave to you - Heap the coals of fire upon their head as Romans 12:20 says - Do Good Still!

It's Never Too Late to Rise Again - Just Encourage Yourself, Stay HOPEFUL, The Sun Will Soon Shine Again For You!

Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace
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President & Founder - Since June 2008 

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