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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Your Future Is What You Make It

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. ( Psalm 121:1 KJV)

You determine your destiny!

I always like to be around POSITIVE  HOPEFUL  PEOPLE. They help to add fuel to all my hopes and dreams as I listen to them. When they talk, they inspire me to keep on pushing and never give up. I had the privilege to dialogue with an owner of a successful business a few weeks back. He gave me some words of advice that were of much encouragement. He said as he smiled, "Boy, you just have to keep pushing. Your future is what you make it."

He recounted about having entered the world of business as a teenager. He said at around age 20 - 21, he had it all. His own car, house, money, EVERYTHING. Then - by age 25 - 26, he lost it all!

The business owner went on to state that he had to go to live and work on a construction site for some two years to regain himself. During that time, he reflected on his past decisions and mistakes and he took a leap at business again. He was determined to NEVER  GIVE  UP and have a Successful Future.

Today, this businessman operates a successful business, with several branches around the world and he owes it all to God's constant help, as many times, he couldn't see his way, but Jehovah Jireh always delivered.

Despite the trials that you face now, you can decide to be happy or sad. You can decide to still go after your dreams or remain bottled up in your little corner. Your future is what YOU make it.

May I encourage you to learn to FULLY  DEPEND  on Jesus all the time. The Psalmist admonishes us to always ensure that we always look unto GOD who can help. This distinguishes the true believer and hopeful person from all others.

God is just waiting for you to cry out and mean it from the bottom of your heart and he will help. Don't get down. Rise up and build for your future. You can do it with God's Help.

Your Future is What You Make It! May God's hand rest over ALL your dreams and ambitions once they fall under his will and may they ALL come to pass and bring you success!


Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace
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