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Monday, February 27, 2012

Good Soldiers Never Give Up (Video Devotional)

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"Even when you are knocked down – Dust Off and Get Back Up!

Even when you are discouraged – find some strength WITH-IN to encourage yourself!

Even when they are badmouthing you – still greet them with a smile even though you know what they are doing. Never let their words cause you to give up"

Those were some of the motivational words that I used while preaching yesterday. God had given me the word during the WEE HOURS of the Saturday morning before and energized me to deliver.

Friend - you missed it!

God truly moved during the service that I ministered at yesterday at The Charlestown Wesleyan Holiness Church in Nevis, West Indies. To see young people willingly walk out at the altar call meant that something NEW was about to happen.

Kezel Chapman, who didn't seem more than 16 years old, energized me even more with her sterling rendition of Great is Thy Faithfulness just before I was invited to the podium. SHE  COULD  SING!

After the word was delivered, Pastor Salome James couldn't get to end the service, as she felt other persons who were in bondage still amongst the gathering. I'm totally excited but must stop here. Here's a clip from Yesterday's Service. Be Blessed!

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Be sure to pass this You Tube clip ALL  ACROSS  THE  WORLD. Get someone encouraged and re-motivated, they may probably at the point where they just want to give up! It's your duty to help to make a difference in their life.

Be Blessed!

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