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Friday, February 10, 2012

Revive Your Optimism - Never Give Up

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1 KJV)

If I ever write and say that I never get down and depressed at times, I'll be telling a blatant lie. What I can say though, is that when ever I'm going through my down moments, I've developed a strategy to REVIVE  MY OPTIMISM and force myself to NEVER  GIVE  UP.

Many of my worldwide readers got overly concerned this week as to whether or not I was OK because the last time I wrote a devotional on was Monday past. Contacts from as far away as Philadelphia, Kenya and other countries made contact to get an update on my well being. I didn't get lazy. I just decided to take a little break. Thanks for your concern – Thanks for constantly reading for empowerment.

While wearing one of the talents that God has blessed me with, I was able to put a smile on a Senior Citizens face having payed a CompuDoctor’s visit to the home. I was bending down underneath the computer table dealing with the wires when I heard the gentleman say – Mr. Wallace – Never Give Up.

Having finished doing that task, I sat on his computer chair and listened to him talk and inspire me for a considerable amount of time. When he was finished, I didn’t even charge him a cent because I don’t believe I could have paid for the wealth of information that he shared.

He said, “Mr. Wallace, I really don’t know how young people make it in business around here, but DON’T  GIVE  UP. I had it very hard coming up. There were many times I wondered if I had made the right decision and if I was doing the right thing in life.”

I smiled because I know that that crosses my mind ever so often with regards to business – not ministry.

He continued, “Things aren’t so bad you know Wallace. It’s just that in between you’ll always find some patches and hurdles and you have to know how to deal with them and push on in HOPE. You’ll make it. You can’t see it, but you’ll make it!”

He told me of his life's struggles. Well at least some of them. As he spoke, I thanked God for mine because I had not even begun to experience 1% of what he went through even though things are tough.

The gentleman didn’t brag about where he had reached in life, but I felt like I was sitting in a mansion. The only thing left to do was to rise to my feet IF Queen Elizabeth II walked out.

From where he told me he had come from because of his FAITH, I had to conclude that during the course of his life, he must have had many cases where he had to just Revive His Optimism, Energy and Hope and move forward.

As you read this devotional today, you may be feeling like there is nothing else left on the table for you. You may be feeling heart broken and depressed. You may just feel like it’s time to give up. DON’T!

During such moments, you have to find some way to stay HOPEFUL recognizing that that is just what FAITH  is -the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1 KJV)


So. . . if you’re feeling down now, if you’re worrying about something. Declare Your Day! Start speaking positive words over your life. Start praying and talking to God. Change your mindset. Revive your spirit. Revive your optimism.

Others would have passed your way before and made it – So too will YOU with all your FAITH and HOPE in God.

Never Give Up - HOPE  IS  AHEAD!

Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace
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