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Saturday, February 11, 2012

US Doctor Pays Courtesy Call On Caribbean Based Dare 2 Be Different International Youth Organization

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US Doctor, Michelle Ward changed her itinerary to ensure that St. Kitts in the West Indies would be one of her stops while on a charity exercise to the Caribbean because she wanted to pay a special visit to see some of what  Dare 2 Be Different International has been doing first hand before her eyes.

The US Doctor appeared at Dare 2 Be Different’s Fun Friday Youth Event on 10th February, 2012 a little after 7pm Eastern Standard Time. President of the ministry, Khrystus Wallace was startled and humbled by the visit. He said, “I saw the person standing out among the crowd of youth gathered at our event and I quickly approached and noticed who the visitor was. I know through email contact sometime back that she did promise to make a surprise visit, but I never thought the time would be so soon.”

Dr. Ward was taken on a tour of the Dare 2 Be Different Home Based facility and got to see youth of ALL  AGES use the computers, hang around in a fun, positive environment and also eat and be filled. She was wowed by the ability to see all that she had been reading about before her very eyes.

She interacted with some of the youth and took pictures too because the work of the Ministry was truly a blessing to her heart.

She said this project is similar to the USA Based YMCA organization and agreed that the Dare 2 Be Different Mission Centre was a great idea and an IMMEDIATE  NEED for the youth.

Dr. Ward greeted some members of the Cast from Dare 2 Be Different Videos posted on youtube with big hugs of commendations.

Wallace thanked her for her surprise visit and meeting and promised that he would continue doing all in his power to make an impact on the youth and also encourage the world.

He said, “This visit tonight means a whole lot to me. I receive dozens of emails, facebook contacts, blackberry messages etc from persons all across the world who are particularly blessed by what Dare 2 Be Different Int’l is doing and who are empowered by our hope messages on . I never expected to ever have a surprise visit from one of our supporters from all the way in the USA just like that.”

Dr. Ward said that this would certainly not be her last visit to check up on our happenings.

Wallace continued and concluded, “Interestingly enough, last night was also packed with Parents and Elders who passed by to see what we were doing and to get information about their children attending our Victory Camp in Anguilla in July 2012. I am just humbled to be doing God’s work and making an impact on our youth. This is simply what gives me my joy.”

Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace

Dare 2 Be Different International - 
President & Founder - Since June 2008 

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