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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

St. Kitts has lost a LEGEND - In Loving Memory of Masud Sadiki

The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot. (Proverbs 10:7  KJV)

When I woke up this morning, I scrolled down my cell phone directory to Masud's cell phone number. I almost pressed the dial button then I had to come to come to grips with reality, that Masud had really died - everyone couldn't be lying like that.

As I type, so many fond personal experiences between both of us come back to life. Masud was all about POSITIVITY. I don't look for accolades and commendations for the work that I do at all, but I must note on the record here, that this fine legend was among the HANDFUL of my local community that always cheered me on and encouraged me never to give up.

It's like I remember many of his telephone calls. "KVK - Masud here. How things?" In an all excited, bubbly voice. He would share his idea of what he wanted my printing firm to do or to donate to one of his activities and he would always end. "Bless Up Man. You're doing a Good Ting. Don't Stop!"

We go waaaaaaay back. I remember him selling me stuff from his mother's mini-superette and snackette in Verchilds, St. Kitts, close to the high school I was attending. He had heard so much about my first business that I started, KVK BICHANICS, and always promised that he would support it by telling others to bring their bicycles to me to repair. We were young and ambitious. We spent so much time in short conversations just DREAMING. He went on and said, when your bike shop becomes bigger, I'll let you order a motorbike for me. I left the Biking Business too soon and went into T-shirt printing. Masud was one of the first to order a T-shirt from me even before I had machines. His first shirt was printed using my mother's Hand Iron and some T-shirt Paper I had ordered from EBAY. We had dozens of fun, motivational talks to encourage each other.

I remember vividly when he passed by my homebased print shop at Boyds, St. Kitts, for me to digitize his new PULL PHACTOR ENTERTAINMENT  logo to be embroidered. He was with his wife at my business place. You should have seen the excitement when our embroidery machine was sewing it out and he finally got completed shirts. His wide smile told it all.

He had dreams. Many dreams. As I type, I smile. Before he had reached this far in his career, both of us always talked about where we would want to reach in life. We amazed each other with our ambitious dreams. The POSITIVE  ENERGY  from each of our spirits united us as brothers.

Masud was keenly interested in making an impact on youth, just as Dare 2 Be Different is doing. He was apart of community groups whose aim was to do just that. It was all about bringing out the BEST in the young people and encouraging them to go for their dreams.

I personally know that. One of our last lengthy conversations was while I was overseas. I didn't mind paying the HIGH  ROAMING  RATES to hear about his new idea. It was a great idea indeed and I had endorsed it immediately and promised to lend my support.

My heart is at peace now as I write because I feel good inside to have told him about the importance of Jesus in his life and always encourage him and motivate him and tell him that he can accomplish it all. As I visited his facebook page just last night, I saw dozens and dozens of comments and I wondered if many of those people took the time out to ever tell this fine legend how much of an impact he made on their lives through his words and songs and positive attitude, or if they just kept it to themselves like many of us are guilty of  ALWAYS doing.

He wasn't boasting! He was down to earth and easy to talk to. He was always available and busy with community work. If we NEVER told him, here again, we lost another GOLDEN opportunity to tell people about the GOOD they were doing while they are alive and even TALK  WITH  AND  ENCOURAGE  them if they were having a challenging time.

Look Around! There are many people who are hurting and need just a little bit of time out of our busy schedule. You are around fellow employees, businessmen and women, church members, entertainers, etc. From the outside looking in, it may just be different! We need to begin to show more love and compassion again. It may just make the biggest difference in impacting ONE life.

HOPE  IS  AHEAD once we aim to change how selfishly we live at times. Masud gave so much! What did you give back in return? Your ear? Your time? Your Support? Your Commendations? Your Thank Yous?

Or did you keep quiet and are only talking now?

Proverbs 10:7 is indeed TRUE - The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot.

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