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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

4 Youth Kingdom Ambassadors from The Tiny Caribbean Island of St. Kitts Commit to Impact The World For Christ

Out of the tiny 68 square mile island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean, comes four Small-David-Like youths with a Big-Goliath-Like goal to Impact The World For Christ.

Twenty five (25) year old Khrystus Wallace, twenty two (22) year old Lemercius Wallace, twenty two (22) year old Joy Codrington and twenty four (24) year old Kerese Dias have rallied together their different God-Given skills under Dare 2 Be Different International to reach out primarily to other youth across the world along with seasoned adults.

The ministry was founded in June 2008 and celebrates it’s fourth (4th) Anniversary in June 2012. The team has felt the call to begin to market it’s ministry to the world, as from it’s 4th Anniversary Month and believes the marketing will open up opportunities for them to travel together at times to make a global impact.

Blessed with different skills, the Quattro is always ready to answer any ministry call as it has been doing for years across St. Kitts - Nevis. President Khrystus Wallace, is a powerpul, enthusiastic, bold, versed minister of the gospel who is blessed with the skill of capturing and keeping the attention span of children, youth and adults. He is a born motivational speaker and has been the featured speaker at graduations and other motivational events. He is also a gifted writer and writes almost daily on the ministry’s Hope is Ahead Devotional at which has an international readership. Wallace has published 2 books titled God’s Prescription for Positive Living I and II so far, and hopes to publish III, IV, V, VI and VII by September 2012. The ordained minister designs and maintains all of the ministry’s websites. Wallace released a Dramatic Video Sermonette to the world as a New Year's Gift in 2012 titled Don't Give Up - Hope's Ahead. See it below

Lemercius Wallace is a gifted Worship and Music Minister. He plays the keyboard and guitar. His ministry of singing and playing has caused him to be a well sort after youth since he was 15 years old, to play for crusades and other church events, weddings, hotel entertainment and the like. He operates everything to do with Music and Sound with regards to Dare 2 Be Different. God has blessed him with his own mini-studio called R.E.P – Righteous Entertainment Productions ( . Lemercius’ studio recorded his brother Khrystus’ debut album titled – Don’t Give Up – Hope’s Ahead. Lemercius serves as back-up technology support to his brother.

Joy Codrington, who joined the ministry soon after it’s inception, is a gifted poet and natural dramatist. She writes poems and dramas to fit into event themes and also for special occasions. She heads up the Dare 2 Be Different Drama Club which will be doing much more productions as time progresses and is always willing to dramatize while the President preaches. Joy “Lady Smilez” Codrington Co-Hosts The Dare 2 Be Different’s Youth Rap Programme on Dominion Radio 91.5FM in St. Kitts every Saturday at 11am EST ( with President Khrystus Wallace.

Last but not least, is Kerese Dias. As part founder of the ministry, Dias is a talented dancer. She choreographs dances for Dare 2 Be Different Concerts and events and loves to minister through dance especially at Street Meetings where she believes we impact the most. She loves working with children with regards to teaching dance. Kerese is currently doing the final ground work before launching The Dare 2 Be Different Dance Theatre. She is Finance Director for the ministry.

Lemerce, Joy and Kerese have started their own small businesses having been empowered by a Ministry program called Mission Mobilization -, directed by the President. The program seeks to empower youth to use their skills to make life during trying economic times. Lemerce owners, Joy owns and Kerese owns

Since Dare 2 Be Different’s Inception, it has lived up to one of it’s mandates to reach the world using the technology at hand. Two years ago in 2010, the ministry agreed that the timing was right to carry out a vision of it’s president to establish The Caribbean’s 1st Fully Dedicated Internet Church called The Victory Centre – www.thevictorycentre. The mission of the church was not to have a large live gathering, but rather have a virtual gathering from across the world by advertising with smartphones, social networks and the technology. It has been successful with doing just that and has been reaching the lost and empowering the saved. So far has been it’s reach, that after a request from a minister in Kenya, it was able to establish Dare 2 Be Different Kenya – (The ministry is raising funds, food, clothes and other support to aid in its plan to visit Kenya in 2012 and welcomes any support interested parties may want to provide.)

This article is just a snapshot of what the ministry has been doing over it’s short 4 years in operation.  To write about everything would probably mean the start of writing a book. The everyday use of technology has allowed Dare 2 Be Different to reach a larger spectrum of people that any individual local church in the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis.

The team’s ultimate aim is to raise funds and pray for partners to build The Dare 2 Be Different International Mission Centre – (more information at: (  )

The team members, individual or collective, are currently accepting invitations from churches and youth organizations across the world to minister at evangelistic and youth crusades or church empowerment revivals or rallies.

The ministry prefers to minister during the evening at crusade events and spend the day time in the invitee country at schools, hospitals, orphanages and also train pastors, ministry leaders and other interested parties as to how to use the technology to reach the world. (Dare to be Different fully understands cultural differences and church procedures and practices and is prepared to fall in line also)

When the FULL  TEAM travels at times, they HOPE is to have break out sessions in the day where they teach dance, drama, music and poetry to the church youth and culminate with a Mega Concert.

Interestingly enough and probably God-planned,  the team has access to printing machines and come from a marketing and printing back ground which allows them to travel to Crusades and Motivational events with printed t-shirts, mugs, hats, bandanas, pens, pencils, Cds etc with the event’s theme which helps the HOST MINISTRY to raise funds to alleviate the cost of such functions.
Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace
Dare 2 Be Different International - 
President & Founder - Since June 2008 

Whatsapp: 1-869-661-0118
Other Tel: 1-869-765-7270

 SKYPE: kvkent

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