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Sunday, May 20, 2012

HomoSexuality In The Church - It's Right in The Caribbean Too (My Near Close Encounter)

Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. Leviticus 18:22 KJV

When the young man told me about his experience. I got angry within. I felt like taking up some chairs and throwing them across the room. I felt like smashing some items around. I was totally, totally appalled but I maintained myself.

Why? You probably ask. Simply because I nearly had a similar encounter with a Minister of The Gospel too. It's just that he or should I say she. . .. .(I don't even know what to say), never got to take control of my mind and subdue me.

When we spoke, the young man told me upfront that he didn't trust me, but would speak to me still. He said from reading my devotionals on, it seemed like people got encouragement and empowerment when they had a HOPE  SESSION with me, so he wanted to us to talk too.

Having agreed not to tell anyone about his encounter, but share it to help others without mentioning the happenings,, he spoke to me about everything in detail and how worthless he was feeling. I know that it was certainly not going to take one session to help the young man though.

I always like to find some common ground with clients where I can connect. So I like to share my own stories. They are the best when counselling. It wasn't hard to do this at all, as I remembered a near call with homosexuality if I didn't put a stop to it in the earlies. I shared it with the young man and I'm sharing it with you today to let you know just what is happening in little St.Kitts - Nevis too and how we should all be on the lookout.

Very early at mornings, my cell phone would ring. On the other end, it was a particular Minister of The Gospel who claimed that he was just checking up on me. At first, I felt good in my spirit that a man of God was doing his checkups and I was on his list. I actually felt that this was confirmation from God that he was connecting me to a man of God as he knew that I wanted to become more involved in Kingdom Work in the future.

My mind quickly changed sometime after, when the calls continued coming quite frequently and the focused conversations became unwelcoming.

"Goodmorning Brother Khrystus, how are you today? Did you dream about me?"  or

"Goodmorning Brother Khrystus, I just got up early and I was thinking about you?" or

"Goodmorning Brother Khrystus, I was just checking to see if you needed anything." and I will stop there.

I am always happy that I have a good relationship with my mother and can talk to her about ANYTHING. I shared the happenings with her and she quickly warned me about Homosexuality among Church Ministers and how they are very scheming and cunning and how they first aim to control the mind then body and soul with their extra caring attitudes and special gifts. She showed me news articles around the world and warned me.

I was happy mommy warned me about that in the earlies. I was a Christian then, but I'll tell you just what was going through my mind as a young christian. I hope the Commissioner of Police doesn't come looking for me for sharing just what was going through my mind.

But, I thought, "let me take matters into my own hands just to save other youth who are probably falling prey or have fallen prey already." It wasn't a good thought at all, but what else do young people think. I am only learning now how to empower and encourage myself during trying times at 25 years old.

In closing our session, I said, "young man, I totally understand why you don't trust me as a minister. It's quite OK. I think I have an idea just how you feel. I wasn't molested though, so I would never know how that part feels. The fact that you are here talking out, is actually ONE  STEP towards your healing. Dare 2 Be Different will carefully work with you."

I was still ANGRY inside but had a smile on my face outside. I wanted to go and find that minister and deal with him myself. But again, this wasn't the right way to deal with it, God would fight and win that battle. I always wondered, how could he take away the youth's innocence just like that and still preach like nothing ever happened.

With so much fighting here and there about whether it s OK for a man to marry a man and a woman to marry a woman, the word of God still stands. Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. Leviticus 18:22 KJV

The Bible is the Ultimate Authority and what it says doesn't change AT  ALL. To have significant world leaders shifting  on what the Bible says shows that we are nearing the end of time and people need to REPENT of their sins and ask Jesus to Save them immedately for Trumpet of God will soon sound.

Friend, if it wasn't a requirement for ministers to be ordained to serve, I would have probably not accepted the certificate. There is a stigma attached to the word Minister and Pastor now-a-days. I honestly don't even like to be called those names. Just call me Brother Khrystus. I am never a supporter of names by the way. We are called to be servants and no where in history pages of the Bible do you see Jesus referring to himself as KING  JESUS  OR  PASTOR  JESUS  or  BISHOP  JESUS or EVANGELIST  JESUS. It was simply and humbly - JESUS  OF  NAZARETH. Am I wrong? Of course, these are my views and I may be possibly bashed for them.

What I've noticed at many HOPE  SESSIONS, is that if I say that I'm a Minister, my clients, youth and adults, get reserved and scared about talking to me and sometimes even being in my presence. Therefore, I have to spend more time calming them and telling them it's ok to express themselves how ever they wish.

When I say, I'm Brother Khrystus, I don't go through that at all. People just talk to me. I believe because they see me on the same level with them with similar issues too. So. . . .you know from now it's OK to call me Brother Khrystus or Khrystus can do.

I asked the gentleman why he waited until now to talk out privately to someone. He said, I couldn't tell anyone close to me because they see the Minister who Raped me as THEIR GOD. I understood him sooooooo well. That's why many of our youths are not talking out. Many people seem to have stopped worshipping JESUS, but are now worshipping THEIR  MINISTERS. I sometimes think very soon we may see another Jim Jones happening because there are churches out there and there are CULTS too

The gentleman further stated, "if I chose to go public, society will bash me and call me all sorts of names instead of crucifying who really should be crucified. So let's keep it between me and you. I have faith that you can help me through this."

I shook my head, feeling all powerless, because this is the very same thing other clients who have gone through similar cases always say to me. Boys and Girls Alike. Abused by Ministers of the Gospel, Family Members, Teachers, Employers etc. They feel like there is never Hope For Them if they go public because society will condemn them and NOT  THE  ACCUSED.

Friend. . . I say my favorite three words as I end this Hope Devotional, not with so much enthusiasm as I always end with. There is HOPE  AHEAD once church members and employees and parents and guardians keep their eyes OPEN to the possibility of RAPE and HOMOSEXUALITY in the church, workplace, home and school.

There will be even more HOPE if YOUTH who've been HURT begin to speak out and Adults who are bold enough and grown enough now, who care about the Future of Young People, come out of the closet to help stop the happenings of RAPE and HOMOSEXUALITY by prominent men and women in society.

When you call me on the street or invite me to your church to preach, don't call me Pastor or Minister. . . . I'm simply Brother Khrystus. I'll be honest, God is still in the process of emptying out the anger that lies within and when I have to help with such cases during Hope Sessions, my anger level climbs the thermometer again.

Don't Give Up - God doesn't sleep or slumber. In his time. This right time. He will take care of the sexual predators and the issues that are happening in our Caribbean Community already.

Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace
Dare 2 Be Different International - 
President & Founder - Since June 2008 

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  1. Thank you for the clarity of the word and your position to stand firmly on the Word of God. I agree wholeheartedly with you and would partner with you in prayer for the will of God in your life for His service.