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Friday, May 18, 2012

Politics: My View: We Don't Need A Government To Turn Things Around

But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him? ( 1 John 3:17  KJV)

When I was younger, I was totally excited about running for elections. I wanted to have the YOUTH  PORTFOLIO when I was elected. I wanted to show that Big Things Can Still Happen with a small budget and then force Parliament to increase the funds allocated to the youth department yearly so the Youth Director could do more.

 I later got involved in church work and started searching through history pages to find out the end result of Christians or Religious people around the world who entered politics. Look at the sudden shift of President Obama's views on gays simply to win over a certain type of voters at the November 2012 elections. You call that compromise. Mr. President, for the record - Many Christians across the world DO NOT  SUPPORT  YOUR  SHIFT  ON  YOUR  GAYS and GAY MARRIAGE. God's Word Still Stands! 

So, unless God sends an angel down, as he did with Mary, my name would NEVER be on a ballot. I prefer to continue what I'm doing - spreading the message of hope, empowerment and salvation all across the world using technology and visiting ministries and preaching. I am totally surprised with how God has made that happen in four short years.

Everywhere I turned this week to get some t-shirt printing business  or deliver a package to a customer from my courier business, I heard there was going to be some type of march today in St. Kitts.

I will be clear here. I don't like marches and I seldom participate in them. Even gospel related marches. I don't call in on secular talk show programs because after wasting an hour or an hour and a half, it's back to normal again. Politics will always be Politics no matter which government is in power across the world.

I am an ACTION  PERSON. If something isn't going to bring immediate change or change very soon, it's a COMPLETE  WASTE  OF  TIME. These are my own personal views. Look - Let's See - Let's see if there will be a change on the issue people will march about today - Let's see! Then kindly respond to my email with the change enacted after the march.

When God created each of us, he gave us all something called WISDOM and placed in us HEARTS  OF  COMPASSION. Across the world, many people are not using wisdom and many of us are guilty of closing up our bowels of compassion.

We Do Not Need A Government To Turn Things Around. If we work together as God's People and Use our God Given Wisdom, we will shove recession out of our countries and states and world and we will begin to see a decrease in National Debt and a surplus in our treasuries again.

It just takes a bit of working together and an opening of our bowels of compassion. The world is like this because we have grown too greedy and selfish and non caring.

* Let's stop talking and crying about Electricity Rates and make a ONE  TIME investment in solar panels and small windmill turbines to power our own houses. Even if government charges a tax, it will still be cheaper than what we are paying now. I am not just talking. About six months ago, a client asked me to source an 8 foot windmill and import it for him. A few weeks ago, I called him to see whether it was really powering his house and it was. Imagine if 40% or more of our society does that, The Electricity Company would have a surplus, then possibly reduce their rates, just to beg consumers to use their services. That's an ACTION   PLAN!

* We cry out for the cost of local food at our supermarkets and complain about VAT. If we use our God Given Wisdom, we'll go around that. Through my USA company,, I became a registered member of several wholesale food chains in the USA. If you think retail food is cheap in the USA, check the wholesale prices. So, when I buy locally, it burns my heart, because I know, even after paying due taxes, our grocers can do better. Yes they are killing the poor. So, it's simple, here's what to do. Order your food online or shop overseas and ship it back. Remember, you pay no duties on 100 lbs of food and trust me, you'll have a surplus and possibly more money in your pockets. Stop buying vegetables in the supermarkets. Buy from the farmers and put money in their pockets so they can feed their families. When grocers see our new move, they will possibly have compassion and lower prices. It hurts my heart when I see mothers buying pampers locally, when I buy a case of 222 Huggies pampers for US$38 + shipping and 20% customs charges.

* We complain about bankers. If we cut away the selfishness and develop in our minds to HELP each other, we will make it. and seeth his brother have need, ( 1 John 3:17  KJV). Honestly, our Credit Unions are acting like Banks Now - Non Caring. Just Imagine - If 30,000 of the 50,000+ people we have in our little St. Kitts-Nevis agree to add $5 monthly to a fund for 1 year, we would have saved over 1.7Million dollars. We elect a board and start a small cooperative that gives us 1% - 2% loans, imagine the difference. I believe less people would be delinquent when they see this body is about helping NOT  PROFITING. More businesses will start. More people will have money in their pockets from small loans. That's an ACTION   PLAN!

I can go on and on with my views which I know, if put in place would help to make a big difference not only in our Federation of St. Kitts - Nevis, but also across the world. In my little St. Kitts-Nevis, I see new churches seem to be opening faster than rain drops now. Churches NEED  TO  ACT  TOO! We are placed on earth to help make an impact. If we stop crying about EMPLOYMENT for our young people, and encourage each of our churches to INVEST into the lives of at least TWO young people per year to start a small business, this will start injecting money back into worldwide economies and will help get them working again. Imagine if we had 10,000 churches worldwide (and I know it is more). That would mean that we would have 20,000 new businesses each year. Once we teach them and guide them well, the businesses would never fail because they are being guided well by other talented business church folks. That's an ACTION   PLAN!

I would stop here.

I have my views on health care and law enforcement and education and church etc. I say this though with no water in my mouth. I firmly believe that many governments and NGOs select and pay the wrong advisors who advise wrongly. Many of these advisers DO  NOT  care about people. They care about their own well being.

Let's work together from TODAY! Let's hold those who are not listening to our views - HOSTAGE. Buy among ourselves. Sell among our selves. Eat food from our farms. Order our food and vehicles. Use renewable energy. When they start listening, then we may give them a chance.

We don't need a government to turn things around. Let's abide by Scripture. But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him? ( 1 John 3:17  KJV)

I know, like you know, that my views here will never be taken into consideration because it's just like marching or talking on radio. Those who should listen - DON'T. What I do know though, is that I will do my little, until God sends my surplus and make my impact where I can.

Pray for my wisdom, for when God gives me more of it, and sends along my surplus, I guarantee that things will change around here. Dare 2 Be Different would definitely be looking out for you and live up to our INTERNATIONAL  MANDATE to impact. 


Brother Khrystus V. K. Wallace
Dare 2 Be Different International - 
President & Founder - Since June 2008 

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