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Friday, August 10, 2012

Are Church's Doctrines Confusing Youth and Driving Them Away From Christ?

As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby: (1 Peter 2:2  KJV)

I have never touched doctrines in my writings at all, I keep my messages under the theme, HOPE  FOR ALL. Interestingly, after I realized how the various church doctrines seem to be confusing youth, I had to share my view.

"Brother Khrystus - Brother Khrystus," the person shouted from across the street in an almost extra happy voice. I turned around to see who was calling me and drew a bit closer. I really didn't recognize the who it was, but when they were close enough, they gave me a big hug and said, "You're doing are GREAT job!" with a big smile on their face.

After wondering and looking, I still didn't recognize the person and then they identified them self. "Don't you remember me? I'm _______ from Training Union." I was astonished, the child had grown into quite a mature person. I began to smile too. I had an impact on their life while I was president for six years at my former church. I served as president of that kid's club when I was age 15 until 21. I have indeed been working with children and youth all my life.

"Brother Khrystus, do you remember the fun times and serious times we used to have in Training Union? You were serious with us and trained us well, but you managed to come down to the level of a child and have alot of fun with us. Well look at it, you were a child yourself. Just a child with special leadership skills.

Do you remember the hard work you use to put into all our our concerts and how you always advertised them and packed down the church every time? You are like superman. You had alot of energy to handle so many of us and always produce a top-class, high-standard, well attended event. 

Do you remember that you always had some outline to give us as you taught us. It seemed like you sat and prepared every lesson and you always let us ask as many questions just to ensure that we understood and were clear? You're the BEST!

Do you remember coming to my home to practice my recitation just so that I could say it well at the Easter Programme? You used to do alot for real. You always went the extra mile. If you were Training Union President still, that would have been the biggest Youth Organization in St. Kitts-Nevis now. I always loved when ever you directed dramas, you always had a very high standard every time. Remember I acted in one of them that you wrote? You're just blessed."

I never knew the youth or anyone ever remembered all of that because nobody ever said so or said thaks until now. You really don't know everything that children take in at all. The person continued, "Do you remember your last Training Union with us? It's like you knew you were leaving? Did you know and not tell us? You bought the entire Training Union lots of Dominoes Pizzas and Ice Cream. We ate until we were filled and there was left overs. Did you know you were going and not tell us?"

I smiled and responded, "Not at all. I really didn't know that I would have submitted my resignation letter a few days after." The person carried me back down memory lane indeed. I said, "One of these days, you can come by me and we watch some of our training union sessions or concerts together. I have years of videos and pictures in my archives. When I look at them, I always bless God for using me so tremendously and for the impact that I made during the 6 years while I served. I'll show you a picture of you when you were much younger."

The young person then got a bit down and said, "Brother Khrystus, I'm all confused though. I'm all confused. I'm not sure I'll make it to heaven because I don't know what is right from wrong in the church." I honestly didn't understand the statement and so I engaged the person further and these were the additional comments.

"You see Brother Khrystus, I've visited several other churches too since you left and alot of them have different beliefs, yet we say we're serving ONE God. Some churches say do not eat pork, others say that you have to be full of the spirit and talk in tongues. Some don't celebrate Christmas. Some churches don't worship with other churches at all. Some say that we should worship on Saturday while some worship on Sunday. Some preachers say that we must give and give and give in order for God to hear and answer us and it's a whole lot of confusion. The church is doing a good job at confusing me. If I don't fall down or talk in tongues or go to church on Saturday - Will I go to HELL Brother Khrystus? If I get saved and sin or fall out of fellowship, will I need to get saved and baptised again?"

I felt like holding my head and pounding it on a wall. I understood the youth so well. Then I was asked, "Brother Khrystus - What do you believe?"  I wasn't going to confuse the person with my beliefs and tie them up more. I did say though, that one day we can meet and discuss further. I continued,  "as for now, I want to assure you that with JESUS - There is HOPE  FOR ALL. That includes you! I would never like to hear that you die and go to hell. I know you know about Jesus and the salvation plan. Why not give Him a try today - right now?"

The person responded and said, "Brother Khrystus, you've always been a great influential figure in my life and in the lives of others, but I have to think about which church and doctrine I want to be apart of before committing myself. Do you notice that to be in the world, it's not all that complex? All the worldly people believe the same thing and get along."

It wasn't a scheduled Hope Session where we had all the time in the world. It was just a short street conversation and they had to rush off. As the person walked away, I shook my head because I felt I had lost another one who already knew the word but just needed to committ. I had to ask myself the question - Are Church's Doctrines Confusing Youth and Driving Them Away From Christ?

Between ages 10 (when I got saved and age 14, I read and studied the Bible for myself about two times and wrote my own commentaries. I did it again after age fourteen. I wrote what I understood from almost each chapter I read in the Bible from a Child's Perspective. One day when you stop by me in St. Kitts, ask to see, it's so cool! What was I doing at so young of age writing Biblical Commentaries?

Interestingly enough though, throughout the pages of the Bible, I never read or heard much about the church divided into several doctrines and beliefs as we are today. I know the Scribes and the Pharisees stuck to the laws and carried them out, but when Jesus came, he brought HOPE  FOR ALL.  Don't you remember when the LAW wanted to condemn the adulterous woman - Jesus dealt with it so much differently? He didn't confuse people - He offered HOPE! Am I not correct?

As the person walked away swiftly, they shouted, "Continue to do the great work Brother Khrystus, I listen you on Dominion Radio and I get your emails and follow you on face book and visit all your websites. We'll chat another time."

Let us not continue to confuse our young people so early in their lives. Let us spread the MESSAGE  of  HOPE  FOR  ALL as we do at our Dare 2 Be Different International Ministry in St. Kitts-Nevis ( and Kenya ( .

Let's not get too deep with our young people INSTANTLY when they are contemplating a change to CHRIST. Peter encourages us to teach new Christians and those in the process of conversion, the basic things about the WORD of GOD.
As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby: (1 Peter 2:2  KJV)

 Are Church's Doctrines Confusing Youth and Driving Them Away From Christ?

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