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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Feel Like Having SEX

Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart. (2 Timothy 2:22 KJV)

BLING -My BlackBerry went off a few minutes to 12 midnight sometime ago. When I took it up and checked the message, it said, "Brother Khrystus, I feel like having sex." I opened my eyes a bit wider, read it again and wondered what my response should be. If I say something to lead her on, she could have it in her phone and show others what the preacher was telling her. If I didn't respond, I might be leaving her susceptible to fulfilling her lusts.

Should I respond in an all self righteous way and say, "Lady, I'm a preacher, ministry director and sunday school teacher and you're out of place to send me such a text. I'm deleting you from my BlackBerry." or

Should I be much more patient and engage her some more? I decided to do the latter and see where the talk would go. DO  NOT  JUDGE  ME - As Christians we are responsible for letting many newly saved fall PREY  AGAIN!

And so, I asked, "What do you mean young lady?" She answered and went into detail. "Brother Khrystus, I recently got saved and want to do my best for Christ. I want to do everything right. I go to church, Sunday School, Bible Study, and nearly everything the church is doing, I am involved, but there is something I still haven't managed to get over. I've stopped swearing and doing alot of wrong things but there is still something that remains."

She was a bit hesitant to go into detail, but after I encouraged her to talk to me since I never portray myself to young people or anyone as MR. SELF-RIGHTEOUS, she went on and said. "I know that Brother Khrystus. I listen to you on Dominion Radio 91.5FM every Saturday from 11am and you really just talk down to earth and you sound like someone any young person can talk to, that's why I decided to send you a Black Berry message so late, but I was still afraid whether or not it'll be disrespectful."

I smiled, even though she couldn't see me because we were talking via BlackBerry Messenger and said, "Go On!" The young lady continued, "Brother Khrystus, before I got saved, I used to have ALOT of SEX. Alot, alot, alot, alot of sex. I was overly freaky and would sometimes not only do it with my boyfriend, but with others too. Sometimes I would get excited and do it with females or with three people. I'm messed up!"

She stopped messaging me for a while - a long while and I took up my phone and called. When she answered, I could hear in her voice that she had paused to cry. I comforted her and said, "It's OK! It's OK! I'll help you get through this. You are not worst than anyone else and God is going to help you."

She went on to explain that she was still battling with sexual lusts and she thought she was living a lie, since she was newly saved and would sometimes have sex the Saturday Night before coming to Sunday Morning church.

She said some of the guys that she would have been with before she was saved, knew of her weakness and played on it and didn't respect her salvation. She was crying and crying now.

The young lady then made a statement that severely stung me and got me thinking. She said, "Brother Khrystus, for the past couple of months I've been looking for someone in Church to talk to, to help me through this, but everyone looks and acts so RIGHTEOUS. They act like they've never sinned or made a mistake in life. When a close girl friend of mine told me to try and talk with you because you help young people, I wondered if to send an anonymous question to or just be bold so you know who I am. I am really happy I did that, because I'm beginning to feel like you would help me through this simply because you don't sound angry and you are not CONDEMNING ME."

I felt really bad as she continued, "Brother Khrystus, this christianity thing isn't easy you know and I know this for myself, because after I went to the altar and said the sinners prayer, the church CLAPPED and rejoiced and left me ALONE to find out for myself what this new life is all about. Church members hug me but never check up on me and guide me and help me. Those who preach do not break down the word of God for newly saved like me to understand. So I feel I go to church just for going sake and I come back EMPTY - many times.  The same night I got saved, the same night I had sex and it has been happening all along. Please help me."

I paused, took a deep breath and said, "You know my friend, what you have said is ALL RIGHT. The church has failed with regards to ministering to HIGHLY  SEXED  individuals who get saved. We have really failed. We have also failed with regards to following up many times. Some churches do, but many DON'T and this is bad when we want newly converts to remain in Christ. We have also failed to remember that everyone isn't at the same understanding level in Christ and we should break down to word to a level that even a child could understand. I will discuss with my Dare 2 Be Different Team to establish a department that would be a support to newly converts suffering with sinful issues. You are so right."

She then said, The Bible says to " Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart. (2 Timothy 2:22 KJV)  Brother Khrystus it sounds so good, I keep reading it over and over and over again thinking that it will change me instantly. How can I begin to flee these sexual lusts so that I can grow in Christ?"

The young lady was so right, over my years in ministry and dealing with young people, I never had such a BOLD  ENOUGH  YOUNG  LADY   approach me so openly about their sexual life. I know she is certainly not alone, many newly saved and many singles, maybe even YOU, who have been saved for sometime now are  battling with this and other lusts, but hiding it secretly and playing all SELF  RIGHTEOUS as the lady explained.

The church and of course, my Dare 2 Be Different Ministry needs to do more to minister to the HIGHLY SEXED  individuals who are saved. It is a Spirit that many need to get rid of and it can only be rid with MUCH  PRAYER  and  COUNSELING.

Here again, I must begin to take more time out to pray that God sends me a Godly wife from St. Kitts or anywhere across the globe, before I too fall into sin as I deal with such issues. The Bible teaches us and warns about that, " Galatians 6:1 ¶ Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted."

 Our young people need help! Let's not write them off as NEWLY  CONVERTS. Let's show them too that all of us have some issues that we need to let God deal with in our lives and when we humble, yield and take counsel and get deliverance, we'll ALL  MAKE  IT  TOGETHER

Hope is Ahead for the Highly Sexed new converts, as you read God's word, get guidance from someone spiritual and not let them take advantage of you, continue to trust in God and make the effort that is required.

YOU  ARE  NOT  WORST  THAN  ANYONE  ELSE! That's what I tell everyone who engages me at one of Dare 2 Be Different's Hope Sessions, via Telephone, BlackBerry Pin: 220067D8, WhatsApp, Email, etc

YOU  ARE  NOT  WORST  THAN  ANYONE  ELSE - I do believe that's the same thing Jesus would have said to you too - He didn't condemn the adulterous woman that society wanted to STONE to death. Neither did he condemn the woman at the well. HE  HELPED  THEM  AND  SAID - GO  AND  SIN  NO  MORE!

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