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Friday, February 17, 2012

Return Unto The Lord

O Israel, return unto the LORD thy God; for thou hast fallen by thine iniquity. (Hosea 14:1 KJV)

When I was younger, I don't know why, but it always thrilled my heart to see my parents uncover our LP Record Player and play one of the songs from the many records they had. I loved the 'oldie-goldies.' Probably that's why I still love them today. I remember vividly, some of the words of a song that encouraged persons to stop running from God. This is what one verse and the chorus said.

You've been running running for a long long time,
You've been running running with no peace of mind,
You regret the day you turned away and became...  a fugitive from God


Why don't you turn turn turn around, why do you roam?
Can't you see God the Father, waits to welcome you home 
You were never meant to walk the path you've trod,
How long will you run away...a fugitive from God? (AUTHOR  UNKNOWN)

Friend, we all make mistakes in life. We do things we shouldn't do. We say things we shouldn't say. We go places where we shouldn't go. Et cetera,  Et cetera, Et cetera.

Ever since Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden in the book of Genesis, sin has constantly shown it's ugly face in the lives of many. From Cain slaying  his brother to the stealing of Esau's birthright. From David sinning with Bathsheba to Peter cursing and saying he didn't know The Christ.

There is something that should encourage all of us though. When Jesus came to earth and died on the cross - Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth came along. Forgiveness and grace were also part of the package too. You know friend, you can have God's peace TODAY. You can have a new HOPE today.

I am fully aware that all our our devotionals and blog entries are translated into over 53 diffrent languages and distributed GLOBALLY. You may be reading this Hope Devotional in a country where you don't have freedom of worship. I want you to know that God still loves you and he wants you to TURN  TO  HIM.

Probably, you once sang in a church choir, served on the deacon board, preached from the pulpit, witnessed on the street, attended church regularly. Then somewhere along life's road, you slipped up and fell. When you fell, no member or minister or pastor came and looked for you to restore you and you fell deeper in your hole. You probably got pregnant while in church or cheated on your husband or wife and felt too embarrassed to ever go back.

I know what you're talking about. It was just a few weeks back, I was able to help restore a backslider and encourage HIM to RETURN  UNTO  THE  LORD while on a hospital bed at The JNF Hospital in St. Kitts. This is what he said. "You know brother, I made my mistake. I did my wrong and I know it wasn't right. I felt ashamed and wanted to change long ago but just needed some encouragement. The Pastor or Leaders NEVER came to see me. Honestly I think the Churches of TODAY are too busy with activities and making money, but not busy trying to save a soul like you are doing today. You don't see pastors much on the road now. I've always hear of your ministry Dare 2 Be Different International everywhere and how involved you are with all sorts of things. It is shocking, really shocking to see that you still have time to come visit the hospital as you're doing now. Pastors of today are too busy for us folks. They are on the pulpit, in their big rides, or in their offices. Things have changed a lot from my day."

The gentleman was alone in his room and this is what he said as he closed. "You know sir, God sent you here for a reason. To find this one lost coin. You are doing a good work for a young man- Don't Stop and Don't turn like them!"

Honestly, that was a day that I didn't feel like going to the hospital. I was busy on my computer. Thank God I went. As I gave the man encouragement then, I give encouragement to you now.

God still loves you. No matter what you've done, or the state that you're in. No matter what the 'bad mouthers' and 'pull-downers' are saying. There is probably one sitting next to you right now in your office. When you look out your bedroom window, you can see them hanging out some clothes. Stop letting PEOPLE make you afraid of connecting to JESUS - THE  TRUE  HOPE.

He longs to RESCUE you once you ask him and mean it from the bottom of your heart. Stop running from the LORD - RETURN!

Accept him as Lord and Saviour Today - Click  to learn how you can get saved.



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