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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tell Them Now (Tribute to Sister Icilma Penny - My 1st Sunday School Teacher)

And he said, Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all: (Luke 21:3 KJV)

We should commend and pay tribute to people while they are alive too - not when they are dead only.

I started penning this devotional using my phone while the driver took me home from Sister Icilma's funeral. I felt the urgency of telling you now that you should express your gratitude to people while they are alive.

You see, a few minutes ago I walked away from the cemetery, having attended the funeral service of one of the first people who made a spiritual impact on my life. That was the late Sister Icilma Penny. She was apart of a duo who taught my first Sunday School class. As I write, I vividly recall her telling us to repeat after her, as she taught memory verses.

Many of these verses I use today as I write to encourage hundreds of people around the world on My audiences also hear me declare them from the microphone while I preach at churches or to the world through the Caribbean's First Fully Dedicated Internet Church that I founded at 

Many of the HOPE  SESSIONS where I teach, counsel or empower, I have to pull stories and scripture verses from the Bible, some of which were taught to me by Sister Icilma.

No. . .I didn't sit and learn all of them alone. Many of these verses, I repeat, were taught and explained in my Wee-Wisdom beginners class by the late Sister Icilma and her colleague Teacher Adelaide (still alive).

Honestly, I wish I had told her thanks for the impact that she made on my life while she was alive. As I walk up the hill to my home and write this devotional, I wipe the tears from my eyes.

I don't cry because she's gone. I know she's in Heaven, a much better place. I cry because I never told her thanks for the impact she made on my life. I resolve today to never let that happen again. I have my faults and so do you. There is some GOOD in me and GOOD in you too that ought to be commended. Let's resolve to give praise where praise is due from today.

Shall we?

Sister Icilma, as we called her, wasn't the richest of women around while she lived, but she had a golden heart. She had a heart of compassion, mercy and love. When I heard that she had passed on early the other morning, I laid in my bed and reflected on the brevity of life. I later wrote a brief tribute, which I shared on a few bookmarks that were sponsored by Dare 2 Be Different International and distributed at the funeral. This is what it said.

She Made Her Impact

Icilma’s melodious voice would forever
replay in our hearts when ever we think of her.

Her dedication to God and service to His
work would always stand out as a great
example of how Christians ought to be.

Her meek and humble spirit always showed
that she believed firmly that a
soft answer turneth away wrath

Her simple smile was always sure to bring
encouragement to every downhearted person

Although we miss her tremendously, we
can peacefully rest assured that she’s in
a much better place --- HEAVEN

I wished I told her then, all that I have written now! Don't live to feel like me. Commend and support those that ought to be commended and supported while they live.

Memories of Sister Icilma will forever live in hearts everywhere. To my worldwide readers, I have no regrets comparing this great Sister to the widow woman mentioned in Luke 21:3. With the little that Sister Icilma had, she ensured that she gave ALL in SERVICE  TO  CHRIST. Why not learn from her example and give your life to Jesus today?

To Sister Sylvia Penny (mother) and the entire Penny Family, I've just instructed a team member to add your family to our Prayer Box. This would ensure that you are constantly covered in prayer for as long as God allows our ministry to last.

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