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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BLOWING THE WHISTLE: Homosexuality is in Caribbean Churches Too

Friend, around the middle of May 2012, I wrote a devotional titled, HomoSexuality In The Church - It's Right in The Caribbean Too (My Near Close Encounter). I honestly didn't instruct our marketing company to do an email blast back then, I just let it sit on for who ever it would help.

When I received our report stating which Hope Devotionals have been read the most, interestingly enough, this was to the top of the list even though I didn't email-blast it and more young people started contacting me and thanking me for sharing. They wanted to talk, share and relieve their past hurts and stresses brought upon them by homosexual ministers of the gospel and high ranking church leaders.

I understand them soooo well simply because of my near close encounter too. So many boys and men have fallen prey. Do you know that girls and women have become victims of pastoral / high ranking church member sexual abuse too? When they went for counselling and needed some type of help, they took advantage of them. Are pastors today in it for the money or on kingdom business?

My 24-7 availability thanks to technology, keeps me busy counselling and encouraging folks right here in St. Kitts and also abroad. These are the students in uniforms. Some now work next to you. Some still attend the abuser's church and listen to them preach as they live in fear from day to day that if they talk - then. So. . . they HURT with a smile on the outside but paining deeply within.

When I try to get them to talk out their story so it can help stop future occurences, their responses, male and females are always quite similar. "No one will believe me. They will say I am just trying to bring down the pastor and instead of the pastor being ridiculed, society will tease and bash me forever. So I just prefer to tell you to get it off my chest and just leave it there."

As I write, it continues. My hands are TIED since it's not my personal case I am fearful, because many of them locally and regionally still serve. I know where to go and where to send my children if God gives me any. Do you?

Talk with your children from today. Don't talk to them - TALK  WITH  THEM. There's a big difference! Hear them out. Don't pressure them into talking. Become their best friend. Promise to work with them no matter what they tell you and mean it from the bottom of your heart. I know PERSONALLY. Too many of your kids are afraid to talk to you, so they talk to me instead about EVERYTHING. Do you know what it feels like to be counselling one of your enemy's children simply because they want to talk, but mommy or daddy is too caught up?

You know, since I've started writing, inspiring, bringing encouragement and bringing certain things to light and reaching the world, I don't get certain invitations to preach or speak to the youth anymore. I believe that's why God gave me the vision to open his Internet Church - The Victory Centre - so I cannot be censored anymore and so that God's Word through me, would not just stay in a 50 - 150 member congregation, but rather reach the world in a few minutes.

Probably, just probably, some church councils may try to come together to strip me of my Ordination because no one is suppose to talk out in the 21st century about wrong in and out the church anymore. The days of Noah and Abraham and Moses and Paul and Peter are gone. RIGHT?

Read about my close encounter in a previous Hope Devotional on:

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